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Felipe Gutierrez05/26/10
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JMS Clustering by Example

It's amazing how the JBoss Team put together an easy way to do JMS Clustering, out of the box!!. I'll start with an easy example, creating a Queue named "MyClusteredQueue".

Ramsundar Kuppusamy05/26/10
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Handling concurrency using optimistic locking technique

In a real world scenario, we deal with concurrency mostly during a database update .To be more specific, if a specific row in database table is being processed by two concurrent threads/process one should not update the stale data. Personally, I never...

James Sugrue05/26/10
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Your Refcardz WishList: What Cards Would You Like To Appear in the Series?

As you know by now, we're celebrating the launch of our 100th Refcard at DZone this week. Today I have a simple question for you: are there any Refcardz that you would like to see in the series? If you've ever thought "there should be a Refcard for...

Fabrizio Chami05/26/10
3 replies

Getting Started With YouTube Java API

In this tutorial I am taking a look at Google's YouTube API which allows you to empower your application with YouTube's features. YouTube is one of the “killer” Internet applications and its traffic comprises of a huge portion of the total internet...

Fabrizio Giudici05/26/10
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Pros and Cons of Modular Android Apps

Android has got some powerful characteristics that, paradoxically, are posing me some serious decisional issues. For instance, the Activity/Intent facility is very suitable to create modular applications and to foster cooperation among multiple...

John Ferguson Smart05/26/10
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Running Hudson Behind an Apache Server: a Primer

If you are running Hudson in a Unix environment, you may want to hide it behind an Apache HTTP server in order to harmonize the server URLs and simplify maintenance and access. This way, users can access the Hudson server using a URL like...

Collin Fagan05/26/10
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Using StringTemplate: Part 1 'An Introduction to StringTemplate'

Please note: I put forth SQL examples because they can be short and are easy to understand. As other have pointed out it is not advisable to build SQL with Strings, regardless of the technique used.

Mitch Pronschinske05/25/10
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A Call for 'Fresh Scala'

With the GA release of Scala 2.8 getting very close, David Pollak, the creator of the Scala-based web framework: Lift, has announced a Scala community initiative that  will have an equally large impact on Scala developers.  The Fresh Scala Initiative aims...

Mitch Pronschinske05/25/10
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Mule 3: A New Deployment Model

MuleSoft has published the third milestone for Mule ESB 3, an open source Enterprise Service Bus with over 1.5 million downloads to date.  This is one of the most significant milestones for Mule because it constitutes a fundamental change in the way...

Mitch Pronschinske05/25/10
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Ehcache 2.1 Gets Support for All Hibernate Strategies

It's been one month since Terracotta announced the Ehcache 2.1 beta, and now the GA release is here.  The open source company's release schedule has been 'pedal to the metal' since the Ehcache and Quartz acquisitions late last year.  Today's release...

Eric Hagan05/25/10
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Advanced Debugging Tips and Tricks

Most developers define debugging as an 'after the fact' solution for finding bugs after they've already caused problems.  Bilal Soylu's definition includes...

James Sugrue05/25/10
3 replies

DZone Refcardz: There Will Be An App For That

Ever since I got an iPhone, I've thought that our Refcardz would form the basis for a really useful app. So, over the past few months, I've been working on a project to write such an app. Our original plan was to have this ready for you this, to coincide with...

Masoud Kalali05/25/10
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Introducing OpenESB From Development to Administration and Management

The OpenESB project was initiated by Sun Microsystems to develop and deliver a high performance, and feature rich implementation of Java Business Integration (JBI) under an open source friendly license. Basic task of JBI implementations is connecting...

Nicolas Frankel05/25/10
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CDI - An Overview: Part 1

I may be a Spring fanboy but I’m also convinced a technology should embrace standards. Although Spring is now a de facto standard, it is in competition with other products, like Google Guice for example. It makes my work as an architect harder since my...

Rickard Oberg05/25/10
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DCI is not MVC

The NetBeans project has produced a screencast about DCI and MVC, where DCI is "Data, Context, Interaction