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Matt Raible06/05/10
2 replies

Versioning Static Assets with UrlRewriteFilter

A few weeks ago, a co-worker sent me interesting email after talking with the Zoompf CEO at JSConf.

Slim Ouertani06/05/10
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Tips : Wicket and JEE 6 With Servlet 3.0 Annotations

JEE 6 and especially Servlet 3.0 introduce many features such as pluggability and asynchronous processing. In this post, I will show a how to use Wicket filter with servlet 3.0 annotations. The deployment descriptor web.xml isn't mandatory for JEE 6 and one...

Joseph Randolph06/04/10
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Handling Exceptions in Java Using Eclipse

What exactly is an exception? Exceptions are irregular or unusual events that happen in a method the program is calling which usually occurs at runtime.  The method throws the Exception back to the caller to show that it is having a problem. If the...

Mitch Pronschinske06/04/10
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Metawidget 1.0 Coming Soon

Metawidget is a UI tool that circumvents many of the disadvantages in code generators, visual tools, or UI languages while still avoiding much of the manual coding.  Currently at version 0.95, Metawidget will be showcased at this month's JBoss World...

Daniel Rubio06/04/10
2 replies

The ABCs of JDBC, Part 4 - Stored Procedures

This week's installment in our JDBC FAQ series provides a quick overview of stored procedures, how to execute them, and how to receive ResultSets from them. Be sure to check out the other parts in our series (future installments will cover topics such as...

kent tong06/04/10
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Architectural improvements for JVM to be enterprise ready

Time proven architecture for long running services I’ve observed that once in a while our long running Tomcat instance will get slower and slower, until it (the JVM) is restarted. Obviously the Tomcat developers are experts in enterprise Java, why is it...

Puneet Monga06/04/10
8 replies

Important Factors – Evaluation of Java Based Web Development Frameworks

With so many Java based web development frameworks available today, which one to select and which one not to, can be really tough at times. Even though there are well established frameworks available today, there can be some specific requirements which can...

Matt Stine06/04/10
4 replies

Don't Build Software That's TOO Smart!

I had an extremely successful meeting with one of our clients yesterday. We were discussing how we wanted to go about migrating her laboratory from its current system (one that we built several years ago) to our new lab management platform. At some point...

Rickard Oberg06/04/10
3 replies

OSGi and Classloading

For the past couple of weeks I've been porting my Streamflow app to use OSGi, with Glassfish/Felix as the container. It's been going pretty well with actually running the app, but the one thing I can't get to work consistently is classloader GC. Basically, if...

Mitch Pronschinske06/03/10
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WSO2 Fights Cloud Lock-in With Stratos PaaS

This week, WSO2 launched what it is calling the first 100% open source PaaS cloud platform.  The SOA and developer platform is called WSO2 Stratos, and it is offered as a self-service, multi-tenant, cloud native, elastic runtime (based on WSO2's Eclipse...

German Viscuso06/03/10
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Book Review: Language Implementation Patterns

I was terribly interested in getting my hands on this book since I'm taking a formal course on Compilers and Interpreters at university and I really wanted to know: What's the difference between...

Mitch Pronschinske06/03/10
1 replies

The New Modular RIA Suite - A Thin Client Supporting Swing

The Swiss software company, Canoo Engineering AG, recently finished its beta program for RIA Suite and just released the first version of their modular framework.  At the core of the RIA Suite is the ULC (Ultra Light Client) Core, which is a software library...

Allan Kelly06/03/10
4 replies

Things to do to improve code quality

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I was recently out in Oslo teaching a course on Lean software development. One of the points I make is: Quality is free (or at least cheaper) provided you invest in improving quality. This section of the course...

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz06/03/10
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Who needs an architect anyway?

Not all projects need architects. There, I’ve said it. Not all projects need architects and I am not talking here just about trivial projects. There are cases (maybe even many cases) where you can get by with what I call “off-the-shelf” architecture...

Fabrizio Giudici06/03/10
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Java Performance at Jazoon Keynote

Just followed the Keynote at Jazoon: William O'Mullane talked about Gaia, the European Space Agency's astrometric platform, and why they mostly use Java for it. I mean, these guys are concerned about performance, right? Well, look at this slide: