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Brian Swartzfager05/22/11
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ColdFusion Builder 2: Improving the Coding Experience

As a user of the first release of Adobe ColdFusion Builder, an Eclipse-based IDE for doing ColdFusion development, I was quick to download the beta version of Builder 2 when it was released in early March on the Adobe Labs website. After having used it...

Sandeep Bhandari05/21/11
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30 SQL PL/SQL Questions

Here are a mix of SQL and PL/SQL questions. These can be treated as SQL and PL/SQL interview questions or a Database FAQ.Many of them may be specific to Oracle database. Please  drop comment if you are unable to get an answer to any of them.Also please note...

Michael Mccandless05/21/11
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Using Finite State Transducers in Lucene

FSTs are finite-state machines that map a term (byte sequence) to an arbitrary output. They also look cool:

Sagar H Ganatra05/21/11
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Forget the mouse, keyboard shortcuts are here - ColdFusion Builder

ColdFuison Builder 2.0 is all about productivity, it has introduced a lot of keyboard shortcuts, about 42 of them. Shortcuts have been provided for inserting text, invoking wizards, shortcuts for all new editor features and shortcuts for Extensions. Want...

Daniel Ackerson05/21/11
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Prerequisites for Continuous Deployment

Although we’ve skirted around the edges of Continuous Deployment on this blog, we haven’t really gone into any details. The main reason for this is simply that neither Matthias nor myself have ever continuously deployed to our production environments....

Mark Needham05/20/11
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XP 2011: How complex is software?

The last session I attended at XP 2011 was a workshop run by John Mcfadyen where he introduced us to Dave Snowden’s Cynefin model, which is a model used to describe problems, situations and systems.

Sandeep Bhandari05/20/11
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Specifying XML Tag Attributes with CXF Rest Web Services

CXF comes with a reference implementation of JSR-311which is the specification for Restful web services also known as JAX-RS.We can generate XML output using Rest web services using CXF framework. Please note that CXF is a framework which is being...

Mitch Pronschinske05/20/11
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Using Solr/Lucene for High-Performance Comparative Metagenomics

JCVI Metagenomics Reports (METAREP) is an open source web application designed to help scientists analyze and compare annotated metagenomics data sets. It utilizes Solr/Lucene to quickly query large data collections. The web logic is implemented using the...

John Whish05/20/11
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ColdBox Event Chaining

This is probably common knowledge to seasoned ColdBox developers, but I wasn't sure how event chaining worked with runEvent, so I did a simple test. First off you may wonder why I'd want to run multiple events from one http call, well, I have several...

Jim Moscater05/20/11
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Deploying MongoDB on OpenShift Flex

OpenShift, a free, open source PaaS from Red Hat, allows you to use a MongoDB cartridge to simply deploy and manage applications with a MongoDB backend.     Nosh Petigara, Director of Product Strategy at 10gen (the company that sponsors and...

Bas De Nooijer05/20/11
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Complex Solr Faceting

When using Solr faceting sooner or later there will be a request for a complex facet, one that at first sight seems impossible using standard Solr faceting. However with some creative use of facets and a small bit of extra logic in your application you can...

Sam Farmer05/20/11
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debugClean, a ColdFusion Builder Extension to Check for Debug Free Code

Recently I wrote some code that ran beautifully on my machine. So beautiful in fact that if it was a painting it would be the Mona Lisa. I pushed it to stage and no one could get it to run. The reason? I had left in a console.log and cfdump output to...

Jesse Warden05/20/11
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How Recruiters Can Hire Flex Developers

The following article is for both recruiters, and interviewers. After doing hiring, getting hired, and helping facilitate others getting connected, there seems to be a lot of confusion in our industry about how Flex Developers work. The following article...

Aamir Iqbal05/20/11
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Complex Algorithms: Are They Still Something That Young Developers Should Know?

I've been a Java developer for the last three years, and I have developed many applications. What I have oberserved over the time was that the most of thecoding is just simple if-else and/or loops. You rarely have to code a really complex algorithm.So I am...

Kai Wähner05/20/11
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Java / JVM – When to use Multicast (e.g. Tibco Rendevous) instead of Point-to-Point Messaging (JMS Implementations)

Several solutions are available in the Java / JVM environment for messaging. All have in common that they exist for many years and still do its job in mission critical systems: Sending remote messages fast and reliable. There exist two different concepts...