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Andrew Spencer11/12/10
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Autogenerated Comments Rant

Let me clear up potential confusion right at the start. My rant is not auto-generated. Auto-generation of comments is its object. What I have to say about this abomination can be summed up in six words: why, why, why, why, and why? Oh, and a seventh: WHY?

James Sugrue11/11/10
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Check Out Our HTML5 Refcard

My latest refcard, which was published this week covers HTML5 - one of the hottest topics going. Of course, the specification isn't complete yet, but a lot of the features can be used in the latest versions of web browsers.

James Heggs11/11/10
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Spring JS – Ajax Popup With List Refresh

From: http://eggsylife.co.uk/2010/11/08/spring-js-ajax-popup-with-list-refresh/ I have been working with Spring-JS for a while now and have noticed that there doesn’t seem to be too many examples out there. This tutorial should hopefully address one...

Andy Gibson11/11/10
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Considering Thick Client Javascript Applications

A post on Javalobby (Are Serverside Web Frameworks Becoming Irrelevant?) got me thinking again about javascript based web apps also called SOFEA or SOUI applications. While I don’t believe that the end is near for server side frameworks, (after all a...

Paul Fremantle11/11/10
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Using OSGi as the core of a middleware platform

Ross Mason of Mulesoft recently blogged: "OSGi - no thanks". Ross is a smart guy and he usually has something interesting to say. In this case, I think Ross has made a lot of good points: 1. Ross is right - OSGi is a great technology for...

Giorgio Sironi11/11/10
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It's just like putting LEGO bricks together... Or not?

I once heard a speaker saying that Lego bricks are one of the most abused metaphor in computer science. I like this quote very much, but I also like the Lego metaphor as it is very effective in explaining patterns like Dependency Injection even to higher...

Daniel Kec11/11/10
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XML Pipelines: the Process Description

The world of XML is moving fast, in its twelve year old history has raised many technologies. Many ways to validate, transform or query the data carried by the XML. Actually the validations and the transformations are commonly used together in the processes...

Ian Skerrett11/11/10
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The Changing Nature of Open Source Companies

Matt Aslett, from 451 Group, is one of the best analysts in the industry for studying the business strategies of companies related to open source.   His 2008 report ‘Open Source is Not a Business Model’ correctly pointed out that companies did not...

Mark Needham11/11/10
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Distributed Agile: Communicating Big Design Decisions

Although we mostly split the work on my project so that there aren't too many dependencies between the teams in Chicago and Pune, there have still been some times when we've designed major parts of the code base in Pune and have needed to communicate that...

James Sugrue11/10/10
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Have Mobile Apps Made You Rich?

I've often wondered if developers can make a decent living creating mobile applications. Reading the Android Developers Income Report post, it's clear that it's difficult to make thousands, but not impossible to have a...

Jakub Holý11/10/10
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Implementing Retries With a MDB or an MQ batch job? (WAS 7, MQ 6)

We need to listen for messages distributed via Websphere MQ to get informed when an employee joins or leaves IBM. And because the resources used in the processing (a database, a webservice) may be temporarily unavailable, we must be able to deal with such...

Steven Lott11/10/10
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"Might Be Misleading" is Misleading

My books (Building Skills in Programming, Building Skills in Python and Building Skills in OO Design) develop a steady stream of email. The mail falls into several buckets.Thanks. Always a delight. Keep 'em coming.

Ilan Kirsh11/10/10
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New JPA Performance Benchmark

This article presents a new open source database performance benchmark for JPA that covers Hibernate, EclipseLink, DataNucleus, OpenJPA and ObjectDB. My name is Ilan Kirsh and I am the founder of ObjectDB Software, a provider of ObjectDB, a high...

Mitch Pronschinske11/09/10
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Apache Bares its Teeth, Threatens to Vote Against Java SE 7

Apache knows it has the support of the Java community with 95% of JCP election voters choosing them for re-election.  As a result, the Apache Software Foundation Board members renewed their resolve today in a statement that criticizes Oracle for not...

Mitch Pronschinske11/09/10
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A New Age of Portlet Bridges - A JUDCon Interview

A portlet bridge allows JSF (Java Server Faces) to work under a portal environment.  Wesley Hales, a portal designer at JBoss, says that new portlet bridge...