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Reginaldo L. Ru...12/18/10
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How to Solve "Integer cannot be cast to Long" Problem on Spring Roo

I'm a newbie to Spring Roo and while trying to create an application using Spring  Roo and Vaadin, I suddenly started getting the following message from Spring Roo Shell:java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to java.lang.Long And all my Spring Roo environment...

Avi Yehuda12/17/10
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Freeware for generating UMLs

I was looking for a simple freeware for generating UMLs and class diagrams spesifclly. Here is some of the better ones I have found: ArgoUML open source UML modeling tool.

Manik Surtani12/17/10
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Infinispan: Maven Archetypes

To help you jump-start a new project using Infinispan, we now have Maven Archetypes you can use.  If you don't know what a Maven Archetype is, you should read this article which explains archetypes in more detail.  Of course, this assumes that you are...

Howard Lewis Ship12/17/10
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Announcing Tapestry 5.2

I'm very proud to announce that the next major release of Tapestry, release 5.2, is now available as Tapestry version 5.2.4.

David Bernstein12/16/10
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Under-Design and Over-Design

One of the biggest challenges I’ve had in my career as a developer was over-design. I used to just dive in and code on projects but soon afterwords I would end up stuck. To compensate I would spend a lot of time in the design phase only to discover later...

Wayne Beaton12/16/10
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WindowBuilder and CodePro Profiler are Coming to Eclipse

A few minutes ago, I posted two exciting new project proposals.

Axel Rauschmayer12/16/10
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Why the New JavaFX Makes Sense

Thankfully, Oracle recently changed course and turned JavaFX from a dedicated language and a library to just a Java library (with some really cool stuff). I welcomed the change and thought it was for the better, but my opinion could not be called informed,...

James Sugrue12/15/10
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Making A Good Thing Even Better: Google Open Source WindowBuilder and CodePro Profiler

Back in September, when Google announced they were to make the Instantiations tool suite free for all, I thought things couldn't get better than this for Java developers. Well I was wrong, today Google trumped that announcement with their latest plan to open...

Brian Fox12/15/10
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Now Available: Central Download Statistics for OSS Projects

Maven Central contains over 260,000 artifacts and serves over 70 million downloads every week. It has become the principal resource for exchanging Java artifacts with demand doubling year over year. Getting artifacts into Central is the most effective way...

Hamlet D'Arcy12/15/10
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Mockito – Screencasts for Stubbing, Verifying, and Argument Matching

We're rolling out Mockito and trying to raise our testability at work and I'm set to give a presentation/training session tomorrow to a few new teams. In case you don't know, Mockito is a mock object framework for Java. It's competitors are EasyMock, JMock,...

Cedric Beust12/15/10
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Lazy Programming

This blog post shows some interesting data confirming some thoughts that I have harbored about dynamic languages for a while. In a nutshell, so called “dynamic languages” seem to be more used because they allow you to type less than because they use...

Axel Rauschmayer12/14/10
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The cloud and how it changes mobile computing

The cloud lets all of your computing devices work together like a single system. This post explains what cloud computing is and how it changes mobile computing. It gives several examples of cloud-enabled applications that already exist and outlines future...

Giorgio Sironi12/14/10
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Technical Investment, or quality vs. time

A fundamental question of software development is: can we trade quality, sacrificing all we know about writing clean code, to gain time?This expression means, can we take up technical debt and hack together some code, throwing away our test suite, which after...

James Sugrue12/14/10
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EclipseCon 2011: A Taste Of What You Can Expect

With EclipseCon just over three months away (March 21-24), it's time to think about registering.