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Kelvin Tan06/13/11
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Dynamic facet population with Solr DataImportHandler

Here's what I'm trying to do: Given this mysql table: CREATE TABLE `tag` ( `id` integer AUTO_INCREMENT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, `name` varchar(100) NOT NULL UNIQUE, `category` varchar(100) ); INSERT INTO tag (name,category) VALUES...

Jakub Holý06/13/11
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Hacking Jasper to Get Object Model of a JSP Page

To perform some checks and statistical analysis on my JSPs I needed a DOM-like, hierarchical model of elements contained in them. But parsing JSP pages isn’t trivial and is best left to a tool that excels in it – the Jasper JSP compiler used by Tomcat,...

Mark Needham06/13/11
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Scala: Setting a default value

We wanted to try and generate a build label to use for the name of the artifacts archive that gets generated each time we run the build but wanted to default it to a hard coded value if the system property representing the build label wasn’t...

Antonio Goncalves06/13/11
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[Debate] – And what about configuration in Java EE 7 ?

How do you configure your enterprise application ? Or to be more precise “what is configuration,  what can you configure in Java EE and how can you configure it ?“

Martijn & Ben V...06/13/11
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Lambda Syntax Alternatives

The discussion on the lambda-dev mailing list has started to address the issue of what the Java language syntax for lambdas / function literals ought to look like. Let’s look at a slightly non-trivial example and try to tease the issues out.

Rob Williams06/12/11
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Logback Config Files Not Being Found

Anyone who has a project set with a bunch of jar projects and an outer war one has probably had occasion to be working along and then suddenly, trying to raise the log level doesn‘t work. The main way this occurs is that logback is an implementation of...

Taha Siddiqi06/11/11
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Tapestry Magic: Integrating With Flying Saucer, Generating PDF

Even Tapestry has limitations!!. One of the limitation is not being able to get hold of the generated response for use, e.g. to send as an email or convert to PDF/Image etc. There are two ways of doing it(atleast Google search results say so). One is to...

Joachim Hofer06/11/11
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UI Testing with Eclipse Jubula: Preparing the Test Object

Recently, Bredex created an interesting product at the Eclipse Foundation: namely, Jubula, a tool for UI testing Eclipse RCP, SWT, Swing and web applications.

Sam Farmer06/11/11
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ORM and Dates? You probably want timestamp

Data types for dates and times are slightly different across databases which often makes life difficult for us developers. ColdFusion ORM makes this pretty simple: For a date with time use ormtype="timestamp"Just a date use...

Rafał Andrzejewski06/11/11
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”Car sale” application – WordDelimiterFilter and PatternReplaceFilter, helping to improve search results (part 2)

In the first part of our ”Car sale” application related posts we created some standard index structure by properly configuring schema.xml configuration file. It didn’t take long to hear the first complains from the website users with this kind of...

Rafał Kuć06/11/11
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Solr Optimization – filter cache

Today’s entry is dedicated to one type of cache in the Solr – filter cache. I will try to explain what it does, how to configure it and how to use it in an efficient way. What it is used for ? Let’s start from the inside. FilterCache stores ...

Israel Gat06/11/11
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Boundary Objects in DevOps

The following recommendation was given in the post How to Initiate a Devops Project:

Mark Needham06/10/11
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IntelliJ: Adding resources with unusual extensions onto the classpath

We’re making use of MarkLogic and therefore xquery on the project I’m currently working on and recently wanted to add our xquery setup files onto the classpath so they could be used in a test. We added them into ‘src/main/resources’ and set that as...

Joachim Hofer06/10/11
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A few short notes on converting SBT plugins to 0.10.x

I just finished converting my FindBugs SBT plugin “findbugs4sbt“ to SBT 0.10.x. FindBugs? What’s that? – Go have a look at its website, and then use it, always! One caveat though: It doesn’t support Scala source code. So use it with all your Java...

Ian Skerrett06/10/11
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Trends from the Eclipse Community Survey 2011

We have just published the 2011 edition of our Open Source Developer Report, the results of our Eclipse Community Survey.  I always enjoy going through the results and discovering new trends that are happening in the Eclipse community.  Here are some...