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Debasish Ghosh07/07/10
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Refactoring into Scala Type Classes

A couple of weeks back I wrote about type class implementation in Scala using implicits. Type classes allow you to model orthogonal concerns of an abstraction without hardwiring it within the abstraction itself. This takes the bloat away from the core...

Mitch Pronschinske07/06/10
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Apache Cayenne 3.0 and the State of the Project

After 9 years as an active Top Level Project at Apache, the Cayenne project released version 3 of its ORM and remoting services persistence framework.  Cayenne VP Andrus Adamchik believes that Cayenne 3.0 has what it takes to compete with the best Java ORMs...

Paul Umbers07/06/10
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Clojure In Action MEAP

Earlier books on Clojure, such as Programming Clojure by Stuart Halloway, suffered at the time from the fact that the language had only just attained a stable 1.0 release and was still in flux....

James Sugrue07/06/10
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Effective Teamworking With Eclipse: Highlighting Local Changes

Eclipse can make your life really easy when it comes to working with version control systems. Over the next few articles, I'll be sharing some of the tips that I've picked up while using Eclipse (with CVS).  When you make changes in your local workspace, the...

Mark Needham07/06/10
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Coding: Having the design influenced by the ORM

I wrote a few weeks ago about incremental refactoring using a static factory method where we ended up with the following code:public class LookUpKey{ private readonly string param1; private readonly string param2; private readonly string param3; public...

Stoimen Popov07/06/10
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Four Things to Know when Writing Comments

Every developer has been learned from his teachers how important is to comment his source code. You should comment the classes, the methods, the logic, etc. However nobody explained how exactly to code with comments between the lines. Have you ever seen...

Giorgio Sironi07/06/10
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Software engineering in the rail system

During my trip to Corropoli for the phpDay 2010 I took six trains to cover a total of 1000 kilometers. During the waiting periods in the train stations, I got to observe how the system is built and I found out that it reflects some principles of (software)...

Baptiste Wicht07/06/10
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Getting Started With the Play Framework

It’s time for me to test the Play Framework and I’ll try to make some posts during my tests about this web framework. The Play Framework is a framework for creating web applications in Java. The main goals of this framework are (according to the official...

Nicolas Frankel07/06/10
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Safely Give Away Your Demo Applications

Last month, I had to develop a Proof-of-Concept web application for a potential customer. Everything went fine, but at the end of the meeting, the customer asked “Surely you will give us the demo so we can play with it further on our own”. I was pretty...

Kai Tödter07/06/10
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OSGi 4.2: Extender Pattern and BundleTracker

Today I updated my dynamic OSGi demo (see screenshot below),  in particular: the extender bundle. The extender pattern is a frequently used pattern in the OSGi world. The idea is to extend the semantics of bundles by adding custom manifest headers and react,...

Mitch Pronschinske07/05/10
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Can the EU Make Apple, Adobe, and Others Interoperate?

We haven't heard much from the European Commission and its current VP Neelie Kroes since the Oracle/Sun-MySQL fiasco, but quietly Kroes is preparing an initiative that could bring major changes to the IT industry.  Open Source advocate Florian Mueller wrote...

Shekhar Gulati07/05/10
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Pragmatic Look at Method Injection

Intent Allows container to inject methods instead of objects  and provides dynamic sub classing. Also Known As Method decoration (or AOP injection) Motivation

James Sugrue07/05/10
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Java Still At Number One

Java remains the most popular programming language. At least that's the case if you follow the latest TIOBE index results which show Java remaining at the top spot. The latest chart is a big indication of the popularity of mobile app development, and the...

Robert Diana07/05/10
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Are You A Starter, A Finisher Or An Implementer?

There are three parts to every project, starting, finishing and everything in between. Two parts of the process are very difficult to complete, starting and finishing. This is not a tutorial on project management, as much as it is a general guide for people...

Rickard Oberg07/05/10
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Using Systems Thinking to Improve Service Performance

Since I've been studying and applying Systems Thinking for some time now, my wife recently asked if I could help her improve the performance of the services provided by her firm. She works as a partner in a law firm, and the bulk of the work relates to Sales...