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Markus Eisele07/08/11
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Introducing Java 7 - Moving Forward - 7/7/11 7:00 AM

It would have been awesome :) 7/7/7 or something similar. But even if I believe, that the Oracle marketing guys fought until the last minute against M.Reinhold and A.Messinger they obviously lost. The final GA date for Java SE 7 is and will be the 7/28/11....

Loiane Groner07/07/11
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Installing and Running Jetty

This tutorial will walk you through how to download, install and run Jetty – a 100 % Java HTTP and Servlet Container. If you do not know Jetty, the following is what Wikipedia says about it:

Gordon Dickens07/07/11
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SpringSource Tool Suite – Eclipse for Spring Developers

Spring developers using Eclipse should take a close look at SpringSource Tool Suite (STS). STS is a FREE IDE, based on Eclipse with many of the essential tool to assist Spring developers. http://www.springsource.com/developer/sts. The major plugin to...

Krishna Kumar07/07/11
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Why You Need to Worry About Changing Other People’s Minds

Yesterday’s rambling post about beliefs may have seemed rather irrelevant to the subject of this blog, but actually there was some meaning to the madness. Many different business and project contexts require an understanding of how people think and how...

Gareth Rushgrove07/07/11
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Version Control And Deployment Of Cron Jobs

A recent question on Twitter prompted me to write a quick blog post about managing cron jobs. As more and more people want to automate provisioning and deployment of web applications some, maybe previously manually managed, items come into the fold. ...

James Betteley07/07/11
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Maven Release Plugin and Continuous Delivery

I was setting up a Continuous Delivery system using Maven as the build tool, Perforce as the SCM and Go (ThoughtWorks’ CI system). All was going perfectly well until I got to the point when I no longer wanted to make snapshot builds… The idea behind my...

Eric Hogue07/07/11
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Clean Coder

Yesterday I finished reading The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers by Robert C. Martin. In this book, Uncle Bob expose his view of what it is to be a professional programmer.

Vincent Partington07/07/11
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Deployit integrated with DPAdmin for heterogeneous deployments to IBM DataPower appliances

In a previous blog I talked about the integration we've achieved between XebiaLabs' Deployit and IBM's Workload Deployer (still called WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance at the time) to allow users to deploy Java EE packages straight to a private cloud...

Robert Diana07/07/11
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Is Object Serialization Evil?

In my daily work, I use both an RDBMS and MarkLogic, an XML database.

Jelle Victoor07/06/11
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Automatic Deadlock retry Aspect with Spring and JPA/Hibernate

I’m currently working on a project that is converted from being a Mainframe application, to a Java web/batch application. We don’t ‘big bang’ into production, so the Mainframe and the Java code will work next to each other for a fairly amount of...

Niklas Schlimm07/06/11
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Top 10 commands for the Git newbie

If you're new to Git you will recognize that some things work different compared to SVN or CVS based repositories. This blog explains the 10 most important commands in a Git workflow that you need to know about. If you are on Windows and you want to...

Markus Eisele07/06/11
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10 Ways to make the Best out of a Conference

It's conference season. At last to me it seems like this, reading through my own blog or even looking at the Aquarium or over to Arun's Miles to Go blog. So many stuff to see and learn. Coming back from the recent KScope 11 conference in Long Beach I...

Davy Suvee07/06/11
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Should Big Data always be Big?

Yesterday evening the first BigData.be MeetUp was organized at the IBBT in Ghent. The intention of this meeting is to bring together Belgian Big Data and NoSQL enthusiasts. It’s an ideal opportunity to share thoughts and experiences with a mix of people,...

Artur Mkrtchyan07/06/11
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7 easy steps to reset forgotten root password on CentOS/Red Hat

1. Boot the system and when you see the following message "Press any key to enter the menu", press any key. (You will see the list of available kernel versions.) 2. Press e in order to edit commands before booting. 3. Highlight the list item with...

Gareth Rushgrove07/06/11
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My Default Recipes For Vagrant Virtual Machines

I’ve written about Vagrant previously and the more I use it the more it impresses me and the more it changes how I work. For those that haven’t yet used vagrant the brief summary is, it’s a way of managing, creating and destroying headless virtualbox...