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James Sugrue05/27/11
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Rebooted: JavaFX 2.0 Beta Released

Oracle released the beta SDK for JavaFX 2.0 yesterday, following up on the announcement from last years JavaOne that JavaFX was to be rebooted. The major differencein the new version is that it provides Java APIs for JavaFX, allowing you to use JavaFX from...

Axel Rauschmayer05/27/11
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Google Wallet: pay with your Android phone (a summary)

Google Wallet is a new product that enables you to pay with your Android cell phone. The steps for paying at a merchant, as outlined by Google, are: Find one of symbols shown at (1). Tap your phone on the reader (2).

Taha Siddiqi05/26/11
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Integrating Tapestry with Gravatar

Integration with Gravatar‘s avatar is all about embedding an img tag into your page. To create a gravatar image link, the steps involved are :

Rob Williams05/26/11
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Merging a Number of Git Projects Into One

The question of why and how git is so flexible is a really interesting one. Is it a consequence of its having been around for so long? Or that it was forged, as it were, at the hands of people who were doing real, large projects (e.g. Linux)? I have argued...

Felix Dahlke05/26/11
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Test-driven development in the shipyard

As regular readers might recall, I began to use test-driven development for my private projects a couple of months ago. At my new job, I finally get the chance to use it on larger codebases, and there is one particularly useful technique I learned so far:...

Liran Zelkha05/26/11
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Can Prepared Statements Improve Your Scalability?

Everybody knows that using prepared statements for your database access greatly improves latency times. My point, in this blog post, is that it can also improve your database scalability. How? Just read on.

Ben Kepes05/26/11
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VMware Getting Seriously SaaSy. And PaaSy. And IaaSy. Dang, They Do the Entire Stack Now

The announcements are coming thick and fast for VMware – once pigeonholed as a provider of core infrastructure tools, they’ve rapidly been building a portfolio hat sees them offer tools at all levels of the stack. Let’s recap on the news of...

Brian Swartzfager05/26/11
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Some Things To Know About Publishing Android Apps

Now that I have two apps listed in the Android Market, I thought I would write up something about the publication process to let folks know what to expect when they to go publish their own Android apps.

Lynda Moulton05/26/11
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Native Database Search vs. Commercial Search Engines

This topic is random and a short response to a question that popped up recently from a reader seeking technical research on the subject. Since none was available in the Gilbane library of studies, I decided to think about how to answer the subject with...

Adam Presley05/26/11
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My First Real ANT Task

*Notice: The opinions expressed on this blog entry are mine alone and do not necessarily represent the views of my employer.* Now that the employer notice is out of the way I can actually start talking about what I wish to talk about. At work we have a big...

Mitch Pronschinske05/26/11
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Videos: State vs. Interaction Testing & Learning to Love Your Manual Testers

At the 2010 Norwegian Developer's Conference, Hadi Hariri explained state and interaction testing so that developers could use both to their full advantage when building sturdy unit tests.  At another presentation, Karianne Berg showed attendees that manual...

Felix Dahlke05/25/11
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Regular Expressions

Earlier this month, I expressed my astonishment about the fact that the majority of software developers I’ve worked with in the last seven years doesn’t know the first thing about regular expressions:

Victor Savkin05/25/11
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Cool Stuff in Groovy 1.8: Part 2

A brief introduction of some new annotations that were added in Groovy 1.8.Cool Stuff in Groovy 1.8, part 2 from victor savkin on Vimeo.

Antonio Goncalves05/25/11
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To inject or not to inject: CDI is the question

Two weeks ago I did a little tour around several JUGs and conferences to talk about dependency injections with CDI. The final goal of this road movie was to end up at GeeCon in Krakow.

Howard Lewis Ship05/25/11
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The Tragedy Of Checked Exceptions

If you ever get one of those interview questions along the lines of "What DON'T you like about Java?", I would hope that checked exceptions are at the top of your list. I think no other, ahem, feature, of Java has caused more code bloat, more...