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James Sugrue07/22/10
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Is Now The Best Time Ever To Be A Software Developer?

After all the hype in the news about FlipBoard yesterday, I downloaded the app to take a look at what it could do. Even though there were some issues with the service being over capacity, what I was able to use was very impressive. Indirectly, the app...

Nick Wiedenbrueck07/22/10
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Lambdas in Java Preview - Part 3: Collections API

This is the third part in a series of blog posts (read part 1, part 2 and part 4) giving some practical examples of lambdas, how functional programming in Java could look like and how lambdas could affect some of the well known libraries in Java land.

Kaushik Raghupathi07/22/10
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Understanding Basic Data Storage Options on Google App Engine

The default storage option available on the App Engine today is the Data Store, a proprietary Google database. In this post we will talk about the Google Data Store and some of the basic aspects of storage, features available and the key benefits and...

John Ferguson Smart07/22/10
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Useful Tricks in Easyb - Tags and Parallel Tests

Easyb is an excellent BDD testing framework, with a heap of very cool features. In this article, we look at two more recent features: tags and parallel tests.

Mitch Pronschinske07/21/10
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SQLite Gets Write-Ahead Logs

There's reason to celebrate today as SQLite 3.7 is released in GA.  The lightweight, ubiquitous database includes some game-changing new features, which have arrived about two years after the 3.6 beta came out.  Today's release will feature nested...

Mitch Pronschinske07/21/10
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FOP 1.0 Rounds Out Apache XML Software Stack

Today marks the release of Apache FOP 1.0, an open source XSL Formatting Objects Processor.  Donated in 1999, FOP is one of the industry's first print formatters driven by the W3C's standard XSL-FO.  It is also one of the most common output-independent...

Mitch Pronschinske07/21/10
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Developers Still the Most In-Demand IT Workers

In the last week I've seen two surveys of the IT industry posted that indicate two things:  1. Java ain't dead.  2.  Developers continue to be the most sought-after IT staff - Java/J2EE developers in particular.

Liran Mendelovich07/21/10
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Mercurial Guide

Version 1.41, 29/03/2013  Short and simple Mercurial Guide / Tutorial - for working with a plug-in for Eclipse Mercurial is a distributed version control system. Each user has revisions in their local repository. There is also one shared repository,...

Baptiste Wicht07/21/10
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OSGI and Spring Dynamic Modules – Simple Hello World

In this post, we’ll take the first implementation we made using OSGi and use Spring Dynamic Modules to improve the application.Spring Dynamic Modules (Spring Dm) makes the development of OSGi-based applications a lot more easier. With that, the...

Robert Diana07/21/10
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Re-Engineering In Agile Development Can Just Be Refactoring

If you talk to a programmer, almost all software sucks, even the programs they wrote a few months ago. This is typically due to changing technology, increased knowledge or even a market shift. The software you wrote may have been a good idea when you...

Ricky Ho07/21/10
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Graph Processing in Map Reduce

In my previous post about Google's Pregel model, a general pattern of parallel graph processing can be expressed as multiple iterations of processing until a termination condition is reached. Within each iteration, same processing happens at a set of...

Carl Dea07/21/10
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JavaFX – Tabbed Pane & Tab Panel

With each release of JavaFX, more components and controls are becoming available for developers to use when building applications. However, what if you needed a component that wasn’t included in the current JavaFX release? Well, you have a few options:...

Mitch Pronschinske07/20/10
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Ehcache 2.2 Release Has Snap-in Terabyte Scale

A few weeks after its beta release, Ehcache 2.2 is GA with a new management console and a new storage option that supports 1TB scale.  These features were received with tremendous enthusiasm by beta testers.  DZone spoke with Terracotta CEO Amit Pandey...

Matt Stine07/20/10
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You Are Your Software's Immune System!

The vertebrate immune system rivals the most intricately engineered security system on a bad day, detecting and destroying most microorganisms that we encounter on a daily basis within minutes or hours [1]. Occasionally a pathogen will breach the early lines...

Mitch Pronschinske07/20/10
3 replies

RESTEasy 2: Now Apache v2 Licensed!

An all new version of JBoss' RESTEasy is finally here eight months after the 1.2 release.  After several betas, the major release of RESTEasy 2.0 is bringing RESTful Java apps and web services into the present technology landscape.  You'll find new features...