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Markus Eisele06/02/11
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Review: "Real World Java EE Night Hacks - Dissecting the Business Tier" by Adam Bien

In a very irregular series I do some book reviews here. One paperback found it's way to my post box a few weeks ago already. And it was the one, I was most curious about this year. Adam told me, he is going to write something during last years flight back...

Ross Jernigan06/02/11
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Lucene Revolution 2011: Some Post-Conference Links Part 2

Yesterday, DZone compiled some highlights from last month's Lucene Revolution 2011 conference.  We found a nice list of blogs about the various Lucene Revolution sessions on the Lucid Imagination blog.  

Sagar H Ganatra06/02/11
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What's new in ColdFusion Builder 2.0 "Storm" - Graphic

ColdFusion Builder 2.0 is now available for download here. I just completed my session at SOTR and all the new features are on the picture below:

Sandeep Bhandari06/02/11
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15 Must Know UI Development Questions

These questions can also be used in interviews.  If you are stuck with a question, please leave comment here on my blog.The questions are of basic and intermediate level. Moreover, the interviewer can ask you some and not all of these questions.

Luigi Viggiano06/02/11
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Checking configuration files inside jars

Are you habit to have some configuration files packaged inside the jar of your application? If so, you can still have a look at those configuration files in the running environment using the unzip Unix utility.

Robin Bramley06/01/11
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Quick tip: Tomcat user realm digested passwords

Most Tomcat packages include a script ($TOMCAT_HOME/bin/digest.sh or .bat for Windows) that can be used to create a one-way digest of a password. I use this, in conjunction with file permissions, to protect the Tomcat manager password in...

John Whish06/01/11
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Really simple CMS with FW/1 and ColdFusion ORM

I recently wanted to create a simple, lightweight Content Managed site and decided to use FW/1 and of course ColdFusion's excellent ORM capabilities. FW/1 is incredibly easy to get started with, you just need to download a single cfc and get Application.cfc...

Jim Moscater06/01/11
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Lucene Revolution 2011: Some post-conference links

From May 23-26th, the world's largest open source search conference, Lucene Revolution 2011- went down in San Francisco. We've culled some prime takeaways, courtesy of Nicholas Chase at the Lucid Imagination blog. Some highlights include a presentation on...

Dennis Doomen06/01/11
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ALM Practices Every Developer Should Know About

So now that I’ve finished my multi-part post on getting the most out of user stories, it is time to provide a nice convenient overview of some essential practices that I’ve blogged about. I don’t have any additional parts planned, but if I come up with...

Robin Bramley06/01/11
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Monitoring Grails Apps part 1 – Custom JMX MBeans

This article gives an introduction to using custom JMX MBeans within Grails. JMX (Java Management eXtension) was an early JSR specification (JSR-3) and the first final release was in 2000 with subsequent maintenance releases in 2002 & 2006. Additional...

Dmitriy Setrakyan06/01/11
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Cool GridGain Transaction Example

I never planned to create an example like this, but one of the users in our community forums pushed me to do it. Basically the user was complaining that he gets some deadlock behavior on the grid when he reads and updates the same object from cache on...

Mark Needham06/01/11
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Developer Experience (#devexp) and the 5 minute experience

My former colleague Ade Oshineye recently linked me to a post he’s written about Developer Experience (#devexp) which is described as: [...] an aspirational movement that seeks to apply the techniques of User Experience (UX) professionals to the tools and...

Taha Siddiqi05/31/11
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Meeting Plastic: Simple ChainBuilder

This is a simple implementation of a Chain Of Responsibility or Chain Of Command design pattern. We already have such a service in TapestryIOC and I thought of implementing the same in Plastic.

Giorgio Sironi05/31/11
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The Kindle is ready for programmers

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Amazon. I recently received a Kindle as a gift and substituted my ebook reader with it. In this article I talk about the 6' model form direct experience.User experience for e-books goes beyond obviously advantages,...

Alex Tkachman05/31/11
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Groovy++ in action: Gretty/GridGain/REST/Websockets

This article can be seen both as tutorial on Gretty web server and yet another demonstration how powerful and expressive can be Groovy++.