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Ken Rimple02/01/11
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Webflow + Roo Again - a More Complex Example...

Anyone want more info on Roo and Webflow? Sure, you all do... Before I start, I have to tell a quick story. I wrote this example because I didn't see good samples for the newer convention-driven webflow service call syntax. I also wanted to see what the...

Wille Faler02/01/11
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API Design For API Consumers vs. API Implementors

I have designed a few API’s in my days, but during my work with Bowler, a few things occurred to me: creating API’s for API consumers vs. API’s for others to implement are slightly different beasts, not by much, but there’s still a...

Dror Helper02/01/11
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Don’t avoid difficult tasks

I was late to work yesterday. Everything was going well – I had my year old daughter, her bag, my bag, my car keys and was ready to leave I got to the door and I couldn’t find the house keys…

Ivan Kirkpatrick01/31/11
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OSGi in Action, Creating Modular Applications in Java

OSGi in Action is a an excellent treatment of a complex subject. The authors do a very good job of explaining what OSGi is, what it does, and how it can be useful. They also go into considerable...

Robert Diana01/31/11
4 replies

Failures Are Really Mini Successes

I tend to talk about failure a bit on this blog. Failure is a good topic for discussion, whether it is project failure or failures by people. Why is it such a good topic to talk about? Because people fail every day and so do companies. However, in our...

Steve Ciske01/31/11
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Can You Go From Zero to Hero by using SaaS?

I was reading through some updates on a few social networking sites.  When I came across a link posted by one of my friends, Josh Minton,  who posted an article by Aaron Levie, the CEO and co-founder of Box.net.  The article titled How the IT department...

Shekhar Gulati01/31/11
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JUnit 4.9 - Class and Suite Level Rules

If you have worked with JUnit Rule API which was introduced in version  4.8 then you might probably also think that they are very useful. For example, there is a Rule called TemporaryFolder which creates files and folder before test is executed and...

Nick Wiedenbrueck01/31/11
11 replies

Oracle 1-year Review

It's been about a year now since Oracle aquired Sun. Here is a short review of what happened since then:

Dmitriy Setrakyan01/31/11
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Taste of SQL for In-Memory Cache Queries

I plan to blog in more detail about support of native SQL in GridGain data grid in a few days, but here is just a taste on how complex of an SQL statement you can execute against GridGain distributed in-memory cache. Note that you are not querying a...

Tim O'brien01/31/11
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Maven Tip: Project Directories Should Match the Artifact ID

I almost called this post a Maven “Pet Peeve”, but I’ll stick with “Tip” (and I’ll keep it brief). Here’s a new rule, and I’d really like to hear what the community thinks about this.

Sina Bagherzadeh01/31/11
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Things Erlang can Teach Java Developers

 After 10 years programming in Java, I felt learning a new programming language, specifically in the functional languages world, will make me fresh. After a little googling and reading some reviews I selected two to look into more deeply: Erlang and Scala....

Luigi Viggiano01/31/11
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Unit Test Naming Conventions

There are a certain number of naming conventions used for unit tests. In the beginning, with JUnit 3, to define a test it was mandatory that the class name was named like MyClassTest, be extending from TestCase and all the test method names were starting...

Axel Rauschmayer01/31/11
3 replies

What is the JavaScript Equivalent of Java Bytecode?

The browser is slowly turning into a great platform. Part of the allure of the Java platform is that it has a core that goes beyond “Java the language”: The Java Virtual Machine (JVM). There are now many languages that target the JVM, for example: Groovy,...

Den D.01/31/11
4 replies

Why switching from Android to Windows Phone 7 won't be a problem

Mobile development is an interesting task and today if an app is available on one platform, chances are it will soon be available for other platforms as well. This is driven by the fact that the percentage of devices on the market is pretty much split among 4...

Mitch Pronschinske01/30/11
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Prediction #9: Majority of developers demand access to Agile/ALM tools from IDE, look elsewhere for pretty colours and oversized fonts

This is a reposting from Mik Kersten's Tasktop Blog.  Look for more predictions in this series on his blog and on Agile Zone.