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Martijn & Ben V...03/31/11
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Method Handles & invokedynamic – on by default

Quite a significant milestone today – The change request to switch on Java 7′s MethodHandle and invokedynamic features by default is in. Once this propagates into the OpenJDK repositories, we will see one of the largest features of Java 7 finally land...

cyrille martraire03/31/11
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Thinking Functional Programming with Map and Fold in your Everyday Java

In functional programming, Map and Fold are two extremely useful operators, and they belong to every functional language. If the Map and Fold operators are so powerful and essential, how do you explain that we can do our job using Java even though the Java...

Marco Tedone03/31/11
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PODAM - Gathering Requirements

As announced in my previous article I am starting a new project to provide an easy API to fill in POJOs with dummy data. The goal of this article is to collect a first draft of requirements for PODAM. Ok, so what's needed by a tool to fill POJOs with dummy...

Wayne Adams03/31/11
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Day 2 - Io

Io is the 2nd language in Bruce Tate's Seven Languages in Seven Weeks. Io is a prototyping language, where most of the mass exists in the libraries. The syntax itself is refreshingly simple, and he is not exaggerating to say you can grasp it in about 15...

Mitch Pronschinske03/30/11
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ftopia Switches to Solr

Another company joins the Solr community today as they announce their migration from Sphinx open source search, to Apache's Solr technology.  The company, ftopia, provides secure online workspaces in the cloud.  Fabien Jakimowicz explains why his business...

Hamlet D'Arcy03/30/11
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Static Code Analysis in IDEA screencast

Well, well, I made another screencast. This time I'm taking on IntelliJ IDEA code inspections, and writing your own static code analysis rule (and quick fix!) using Structural Search & Replace. Not bad for under 5 minutes.

Wayne Adams03/30/11
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Day 1 -- Ruby

When I decided to blow through "Seven Languages in Seven Weeks " in only 7 days, I had yet to read even the introduction to the book. I can tell now that Bruce might prefer that I not do it this way, and I have to admit it would truly be a...

Dmitriy Setrakyan03/30/11
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Querying Cached Data - Paradigm Shift

Why would you ever query cached data if you can query your persistent store, such as database? Well, the answer is the same as for accessing data by key from cache vs. getting it from database - for performance and scalability. However, querying cache is...

Loiane Groner03/30/11
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IBatis (MyBatis): Working with Stored Procedures

This tutorial will walk you through how to setup iBatis (MyBatis) in a simple Java project and will present how to work with stored procedures using MySQL.The goal os this tutorial is to demonstrate how to execute/call stored procedures using iBatis/MyBatis.

Martijn & Ben V...03/30/11
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Conservativism in Language Design

One of the most interesting things about the development of Java 7 has been the open debate around language features.

Brian Swan03/30/11
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Java Access to SQL Azure via the JDBC Driver for SQL Server

I’ve written a couple of posts (here and here) about Java and the JDBC Driver for SQL Server with the promise of eventually writing about how to get a Java application running on the Windows Azure platform. In this post, I’ll deliver on that promise.

Constantin Alin03/30/11
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How to Traverse a File Tree in NIO.2 and Java 7 (JDK 7)

JDK 7 and NIO.2 brings new and great I/O features – many of them are related with file system and files. Based on these features I tried to develop a simple Search File application. The idea is to provide a file name and the application will detect all...

Scott Lewis03/30/11
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Restlet and OSGI remote services - Part 1

ECF recently released a standards-compliant implementation of OSGi 4.2 remote services admin (RSA).

Max Katz03/29/11
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Tiggr Interactive HTML prototypes - What's Coming Up

We are working hard on getting the next major release of Tiggr out and have planned a number of major and user requested features: actions and events, templates and annotations (notes). Here is a quick preview of what's coming up!  Expanded actions...

Steve Good03/29/11
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ColdFusion 9 ORM - Blog Demo Source

At the Dallas / Fort Worth CFUG we were tasked with creating a blog using ColdFUsion 9's ORM functionality.  Here is the source code for my implementation. SVN: http://svn2.xp-dev.com/svn/ormblogdemo/trunk/