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Niklas Schlimm07/06/11
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Top 10 commands for the Git newbie

If you're new to Git you will recognize that some things work different compared to SVN or CVS based repositories. This blog explains the 10 most important commands in a Git workflow that you need to know about. If you are on Windows and you want to...

Markus Eisele07/06/11
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10 Ways to make the Best out of a Conference

It's conference season. At last to me it seems like this, reading through my own blog or even looking at the Aquarium or over to Arun's Miles to Go blog. So many stuff to see and learn. Coming back from the recent KScope 11 conference in Long Beach I...

Davy Suvee07/06/11
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Should Big Data always be Big?

Yesterday evening the first BigData.be MeetUp was organized at the IBBT in Ghent. The intention of this meeting is to bring together Belgian Big Data and NoSQL enthusiasts. It’s an ideal opportunity to share thoughts and experiences with a mix of people,...

Artur Mkrtchyan07/06/11
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7 easy steps to reset forgotten root password on CentOS/Red Hat

1. Boot the system and when you see the following message "Press any key to enter the menu", press any key. (You will see the list of available kernel versions.) 2. Press e in order to edit commands before booting. 3. Highlight the list item with...

Gareth Rushgrove07/06/11
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My Default Recipes For Vagrant Virtual Machines

I’ve written about Vagrant previously and the more I use it the more it impresses me and the more it changes how I work. For those that haven’t yet used vagrant the brief summary is, it’s a way of managing, creating and destroying headless virtualbox...

Rafał Andrzejewski07/06/11
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“Car sale application”– Result Grouping, let’s group some search results (part 6)

In today’s post we will try to add to our car sale application the new functionality, which allows us to group some search results. Let’s imagine a user who would like to search for “audi a4” advertisements and as a result get the results grouped...

Leo Lewis07/06/11
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Programmatically Restart a Java Application

Today I'll talk about a famous problem : restarting a Java application. It is especially useful when changing the language of a GUI application, so that we need to restart it to reload the internationalized messages in the new language. Some look and feel...

Martin Fowler07/06/11
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Continuous Delivery - TW Live 2011

Agile project management and engineering practices have made great inroads in increasing the productivity and flexibility of development teams. The ability to rapidly create high quality software is not sufficient; software needs to be deployed to the ...

Frederic Simon07/06/11
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Extended Enums usage

Since the re-launch of extended enums I'm paying attention in my everyday coding (yes I still write code :) if extended enums will help me.Here are 2 new examples:1) I found out that most of the time the name() of the enum is not what I need. I need it to...

Axel Rauschmayer07/06/11
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The next big thing – if you look for it, you won’t find it

Especially the tech industry is obsessed with finding the next big thing. This post argues that that is usually not a smart thing to do.  

Matt Raible07/06/11
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Integrating OAuth with AppFuse and its REST API

One of the new features in AppFuse 2.1 is an appfuse-ws archetype. This archetype leverages Enunciate and CXF to create a project with a REST API and generated HTML documentation. Enunciate is a very useful tool, allowing you to develop web services with...

Niklas Schlimm07/05/11
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CDI 1.0 vs. Spring 3.1 feature comparsion: bean definition & dependency injection

This blog article provides a comparison matrix between Spring IoC 3.1 and CDI implementation JBoss Weld 1.1. Comparing the two technologies is difficult 'cause it happens easily that you compare apples to oranges. I have asked myself a lot of questions...

Alexander Beletsky07/05/11
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How to start using Git in SVN-based organization

I've been using Git about a year now, immediately after creation my github account. I got really nice impression of using this tool, but still - on my primary job at e-conomic we are using SVN as primary VCS tool.

Anton Arhipov07/05/11
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What’s Cool In IntelliJIDEA. Part I

Eclipse or IntelliJ? NetBeans or Eclipse? IntelliJ or NetBeans? The dispute about the IDEs is the most popular among the software developers and hardly will ever end. I consider myself being a big IntelliJ fan, but I do realize that there are a lot of things...

Niklas Schlimm07/05/11
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Custom scopes in CDI 1.0 and Spring 3.1

This blog post describes in short how to implement custom scopes in CDI using Weld 1.1 and Spring 3.1. To get basic information on scoping see the Spring reference or the Weld reference respectively. Custom scopes in Spring