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Alex Collins10/30/10
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OWASP Exposure - Injections

A series covering the top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities from a Java programmer's perspective. What is OWASP?

Michael Norton10/29/10
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Training Software Professionals

The SlidesHere is the slide deck to my SCNA talk, "Training Software Professionals, Just What the Doctor Ordered". In the past, my slide decks stood on their own. That is, you could thumb through the deck and easily glean all the key points of...

Mitch Pronschinske10/29/10
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Fuse OSS Leaves the Nest

This week Progress Software watched proudly as their FuseSource division declared its ability to stand on its own two feet.  The open source organization, which produces and supports Fuse ESB, Fuse Message Broker, Fuse Mediation Router, and Fuse Services...

Andy Gibson10/29/10
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CDI @Alternative Info

The @Alternative CDI annotation allows you to have multiple matching dependencies for a given injection point. This means you can define beans that provide implementations for the same interface without worrying about ambigious dependency errors. When you...

Alex Ruiz10/29/10
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Unexpected Behavior in JUnit’s ExpectedException

In a previous post, I described my preference of the relative new ExpectedException rule over the more traditional strategies for verifying expected exceptions: the good-old “try-fail-catch” pattern and the “expected” attribute in JUnit’s @Test...

Mitch Pronschinske10/28/10
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Oracle Clarifies its Case, Motions to Strike Google's Letter

Although they haven't shown us the source document yet, some news sites are reporting that Oracle has updated its original complaint in the lawsuit against Google.  Oracle is now saying that Google "directly copied" their copyrighted Java API...

James Sugrue10/28/10
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Oracle Turns Up The Heat Against Google

According to an article on InfoWorld, Oracle have ammended their lawsuit against Google with specific detail. The stand-out quote from this ammendment has to be "in at least several instances, Android computer program code also was directly copied from...

Johan Karlsson10/28/10
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Network Programming Tips for Mobile Developers (iPhone, Android, Java ME etc)

Among the most important things to master for a mobile application developer is network programming. Every mobile application I have developed has involved some kind of network communication. During the year I have learned a thing or two. Read on to get...

Andy Gibson10/28/10
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Binding Dynamic Multi-select Checkboxes with JSF

This tutorial looks at how JSF makes it easy to create a dynamic list of checkboxes that can be used to select values on the server.

Peter Karussell10/28/10
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Feeding Solr With its own Logs

I always looked for a simple way to visualize our log data e.g. from solr. At that time I had in mind a combination of gnuplot and some shellscripts but this session from the lucene revolution changed my idea. (Look here for all videos from lucene...

Dan Dyer10/28/10
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Analysing Android Application Sales

One of the reasons that I’ve chosen to get involved in mobile app development in recent months is because I wanted to experiment with the economics of selling software. The new world of mobile app stores provides an ideal opportunity to do just that. For...

Mitch Pronschinske10/27/10
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The Switch to Gradle: A Good Move for Hibernate?

As developers start to consider migration to the newly released GA version of Maven 3, Hibernate developers will say goodbye to the Apache build manager at version 2.  Steve Ebersole argued strongly for a switch in the...

Alex Tkachman10/27/10
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Groovy++ in action: statically typed dynamic dispatch

It already became common place to say that both dynamically and statically typed code have their own merits and drawbacks. Groovy builders (xml, markup or whatever) are huge example where dynamic dispatch wins big time compare to statically typed code in...

James Sugrue10/27/10
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Google Encourage Developers With Google TV Giveaway

What's the best way to promote your platform to developers? Giving away the hardware to develop on for free. And that's exactly what Google have announced for 10,000 US-based web developers. To help encourage a new wave of development, successful...

adam bien10/27/10
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Java EE 6 Server Resin 4.0.12 - A Smoke Test

Resin 4.0 is an opensource but commercially supported, fast and easy to install Java EE 6 (WebProfile) application server. Resin is actually older than Tomcat and well known for its performance and scalability. It is actually...