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Howard Lewis Ship09/22/11
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Changes to Cascade, and a cautionary tale about defrecord

Since I've been talking more about Clojure lately, I've spent a little more time working on Cascade. I've been stripping out a lot of functionality, so that Cascade will no work with Ring and Compojure, rather than being in competition. Its Clojure, after...

Roger Hughes09/22/11
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When Inheriting a Codebase, there are more questions than answers...

There will be that time in your life when you inherit someone else's source tree or codebase and you’ll need to think of a plan to deal with this situation. Now, there are codebases and there are codebases, none are ever perfect, but some are just...

Singaram Subramanian09/22/11
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Apache CXF: How to add custom HTTP headers to a web service request?

HTTP header fields are components of the message header of requests and responses in the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). They define the operating parameters of an HTTP transaction, carry information about the client browser, the requested page, the...

Jakub Holý09/22/11
5 replies

JUnit Tip: Verifying that an Exception with a Particular Message was Thrown

JUnit has a hidden treasure which makes it easy to do something we have long longed for – namely not only to verify that an exception of a particular type has been thrown but also that its message contains the expected message. The hidden pearl is the...

Mark Needham09/22/11
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Scala: for comprehensions with Options

I’ve generally avoided using for expressions in Scala because the keyword reminds me of for loops in Java/C# and I want to learn to program in a less imperative way. After working with my colleague Mushtaq I realised that in some cases using for...

Jens Dietrich09/22/11
4 replies

Dependency Analysis and the Modularisation of Java Programs

Everybody agrees that modularization is good, but how do we go about transforming a big ball of mud architecture to something like OSGi?   Introduction  

Andrzej Olszak09/22/11
1 replies

Modularizing Features of Your Legacy Application for Fun & Profit

The user wants me to modify/fix a bug in a certain feature, but what exactly are the classes that I should change? Asking yourself this question on a regular basis? Read on!

Rafał Kuć09/22/11
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Lucene and Solr's CheckIndex to the Rescue!

While using Lucene and Solr we are used to a very high reliability. However, there may come a day when Solr will inform us that our index is corrupted, and we need to do something about it. Is the only way to repair the index to restore it from the backup...

James Sugrue09/22/11
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Jenkins - The Definitive Guide

Since it's introduction to the Java world, Jenkins (or Hudson) has become the continuous integration tool of choice for most development teams. Such a prolific tool needs an extensive reference, and...

Andrey Prikaznov09/22/11
8 replies

10 Attractive android tutorials for developers

I selected some pretty cool and amazing tutorials for developers who are going to learn how to make applications for android - for beginners and advanced developers. Some are Tutorials for drawing, some are for using location service, another – using the...

Prashant Deva09/21/11
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Chronon 2.0 fixes everything wrong with Logging

Lets get this straight. Currently the only real way to debug long running, server side applications, is by looking at log files. Yet, logging in its current form is fundamentally broken. What's wrong with logging currently? The paradox of logging:

Roger Hughes09/21/11
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Deploying Applications to Weblogic Using Maven

When developing JEE applications as part of the development cycle, it’s important to deploy to a development server before running end to end or integration tests. This blog demonstrates how to deploy your applications to your Weblogic server using Maven...

Rob Williams09/21/11
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Nexus: New Day in Dependency Management

I switched to Maven in 2005, not long after 2 had come out. Ant just ran out of gas for me, despite a lot of people trying to throw it a life preserver. No question, years later, the biggest hassle of Maven has been the corporate repository that is...

Bozhidar Bozhanov09/21/11
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First Experience with the Google+ API: Poor for Java Devs

So, Google released an API for Google+. Sort of. It only has three methods – People.get, Activities.list and Activities.get. But let’s assume we can build something with this. Not something useful, but…something.

Jay Fields09/21/11
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Recent Thoughts On Hiring and Being Hired

The job market is insane right now. It got to the point that I was receiving job-related email so often that I changed my LinkedIn profile to say I lived in Jacksonville, Florida (I don't - I'm still happily in NYC). However, I do read every job related...