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Markus Eisele03/08/11
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Both Weblogic and Glassfish are strategic products for Oracle

VP Development Anil Gaur and Product Manager Adam Leftik explain Oracle's strategy for creating increasing integration between GlassFish Server and Oracle WebLogic Server with an overview of new features and functionality for developers in GlassFish. The...

Max Katz03/07/11
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Tiggr interactive HTML prototypes upgrades to use jQuery Mobile version 1.0 Alpha 3.

The state of Mobile Web development today is probably what was traditional Web back in 1996. Many companies is racing to create mobile presence, be it in the form of a native applications or mobile Web applications. To set the native vs Web debate a side for...

Bhaskar Sunkara03/07/11
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It's All About the Business

You may think you’ve heard this discussion before, but I’d wager a guess that you’ve actually heard more about transactions than about business. I want to tell you why you actually need to put the focus on the business. In today’s world where more...

Axel Rauschmayer03/07/11
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Lightweight JavaScript inheritance APIs

Creating objects via constructor functions is fairly straightforward in JavaScript. But as soon as you want to do inheritance, things become complicated. This post examines how inheritance works in traditional JavaScript. It then presents four APIs that...

Ricky Ho03/07/11
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BI at large scale

As more and more data being collected everywhere from pretty much everything a user do, such as transactions activities, social interactions, information search ... enterprises has been actively looking into ways to turn these vast amount of raw data into...

Evgeny Goldin03/07/11
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Maven Plugins v0.2.1 – re-written and open-sourced!

A "0.1" release of these Maven plugins back in November brought a lot of attention to the project, which showed me that other Maven developers find them as useful as I do. Later, people started to send me new suggestions and open YouTrack issues...

James Sugrue03/07/11
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Public Beta Open For Chronon: The Time Travelling Debugger

Chronon Systems have started a public beta of the Chronon time travelling debugger for Java. Chronon is a revolutionary new technology for Java that consists of:

Valdemar Júnior03/07/11
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Functional Tests with Selenium 2.0 and cargo-maven-plugin

The Selenium and Webdriver projects are merged to create a powerful, open source framework for functional tests based in Javascript for testing web applications and sites.

Zdenek Tronicek03/07/11
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Java 7: Do we really need <> in the diamond operator?

As you may know, one of new features of upcoming Java 7 will be the diamond operator. Purpose of the diamond operator is to simplify instantiation of generic classes. For example, instead ofList<Integer> p = new ArrayList<Integer>(); with the...

Markus Eisele03/07/11
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High Performance JPA with GlassFish and Coherence - Part 3

In this third part of my four part series I'll explain strategy number two of using Coherence with EclipseLink and GlassFish. This is all about using Coherence as Second Level Cache (L2) with EclipseLink. General approach

Ant Kutschera03/07/11
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Node JS and Server side Java Script

Let's start right at the beginning. Bear with me, it might get long... The following snippet of Java code could be used to create a server which receives TCP/IP requests:

Victor Savkin03/07/11
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XmlTransformer: Groovy DSL for Processing XML

It happens so often when you need an utility class. You create it and than you add one more to implement that “nice feature” and than more and more till you realize one day that you have a small library inside your big project. I began with writing a...

Nicolas Frankel03/07/11
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Cost of Correcting Rule Breaks

Last week, Simon Brandhof and Freddy Mallet of Sonar team and me were discussing Vaadin uses. At the end of our meeting, and although Vaadin finally did not fit their particular needs regarding Sonar, the talk disgressed toward quality. As regular Sonar...

Anu Bakshi03/06/11
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Persisting Entity Classes using XML in JPA

Preface This document explains the working of a JPA application purely based on XML configurations. This explains how to create entity classes without using any annotations in Java classes. Entire configuration is done using xml files.

Francois Lascelles03/04/11
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Enteprise SaaS integration using REST and OAuth

The current trend of moving enterprise applications to SaaS-style public cloud solutions is raising a number of concerns regarding security and governance. What about integration though? In the now legacy enterprise, various applications are deployed...