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Ellen Rubin 08/10/11
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The Trouble with Legacy Apps

Last week, I was on a panel at the CompTIA Breakaway conference in DC, with Scott Crenshaw from RedHat and Ron Culler from Secure Designs. Scott made an interesting comment about the three types of applications out there: (1) new apps that are being...

Juhani Lehtimaki08/10/11
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How APIs can support good design - a wish list to Google

In recent TechCrunch's Mobile First CrunchUps

Paul Stack08/10/11
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How to get started with CI - Series

About a year ago (July 2010), I started working with my current company. When I started the team were lacking in process and the process they had was not as useful as it could be for developers. The first thing I done in that team was to restructure the...

Peter Lawrey08/09/11
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A collection with billions of entries

There are a number of problems with having a large number of records in memory. One way around this is to use direct memory, but this is too low level for most developers. Is there a way to make this more friendly?

John Ferguson Smart08/09/11
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The Seven Phases of Introducing Continuous Integration into Your Organization

Continuous Integration is not an all-or-nothing affair. In fact, introducing CI into an organization takes you on a path that progresses through several distinct phases. Each of these phases involves incremental improvements to the technical infrastructure...

Johan Vos08/09/11
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A REST interface for Mollom

One of the projects I'm working on, Mollom, is a great example of a Software As A Service (SAAS) project. The core functionality of Mollom, checking whether content is spam or not, is applicable in a number of areas, and can be accessed by a number of...

Jens Schauder08/09/11
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Use More Cut'n'Paste

Cut’n'Paste is frowned upon by most developers. And rightly so. If you copy code around you also copy bugs and missing features around. If you later need to make any change to that source code you have to copy the change to every single place where you...

Marco Tedone08/09/11
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JMX and Spring - Part 1

This is the first of three articles which will show how to empower your Spring applications with JMX support.  Maven Configuration This is the Maven pom.xml to setup the code for this example:

Jim Moscater08/09/11
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Agile 2011 Begins With Big Announcements From Thoughtworks, Tasktop

The Agile 2011 Conference, the tenth annual gathering for Agile programming enthusiasts around the world, began in Salt Lake City on Monday. Aside from an array of talks, tutorials and workshops, there's been no shortage of important announcements for...

Mitch Pronschinske08/09/11
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DZone at Agile 2011: A Manifesto Signatories Q&A

Last night at Agile 2011, DZone was in attendance at "The Big Park Bench" Agile Manifesto 10 year anniversary reunion.  At this very special gathering of 15 of the original 17 signatories for the Agile Manifesto, we witnessed a very lively and...

David Amador08/09/11
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Hurry, You Only Have 16ms to Render Everything!

So I’ve been working on my new game and I’m doing some tweaks here and there on the engine. Mainly with the rendering section, trying to squeeze as much as possible, thus maintaining an acceptable framerate. It’s not like I’m doing a heavily...

kent tong08/08/11
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equals() and Scala

The problem with equals() is that it is difficult to get it right. For example, for a simple class Foo, you may write the equals() method as:

Jakub Holý08/08/11
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DbUnit Express Tips: Setup Simplification, Custom Data File Convention

I’ve recently introduced here DbUnit Express, a wrapper around DbUnit intended to get you started with testing DB-related code in no time, and now I’d like to share two productivity tips: simplifying db tester setup with a parent test and...

Trisha Gee08/08/11
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Dissecting the Disruptor: Demystifying Memory Barriers

My recent slow-down in posting is because I've been trying to write a post explaining memory barriers and their applicability in the Disruptor. The problem is, no matter how much I read and no matter how many times I ask the ever-patient Martin and Mike ...

Peter Lawrey08/08/11
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Should server applications limit themselves to 4 GB?

A very interesting talk by CTO of Azul, Gil Tene raises many timely issues about GC performance and server memory sizes.