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Jonathan Anstey05/18/11
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Open Source Integration with Apache Camel and How Fuse IDE Can Help

Take any integration project and you have multiple applications talking over multiple transports on multiple platforms. As you can imagine, in large enterprise applications this can get complex very fast. Much of the complexity stems from two issues: 1. ...

Rob Williams05/18/11
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Java: Configuration Coal Shoveling in Hell

Went to update all 4 of my projects today and suddenly was seeing errors on the components.xml files. It was complaining about duplicate components. I had just forked this project so I figured I just need to go in and add the components.xml file to the...

Victor Savkin05/18/11
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Cool Stuff in Groovy 1.8: Trampoline

Those who have experience with functional programming know how useful tail recursion is. It allows use to write recursive functions occupying only one stack frame for all their calls instead of taking a new frame for each call. Tail recursion is a feature...

Steven Lott05/18/11
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The Curse of Procedural Design

After reverse engineering procedural code in C, VB or even Python, I'm finding that procedural programming inevitably leads to bad, bad code-rot. Consider some of the common design patterns.Strategy. Confronted with alternative strategy choices, a purely...

Victor Savkin05/18/11
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Cool Stuff in Groovy 1.8

A brief introduction to some new features added in Groovy 1.8   Cool Stuff in Groovy 1.8 from victor savkin on Vimeo.

Veera Sundar05/18/11
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Log4j Tutorial – Writing different log levels in different log files

Recently one of my blog reader Surisetty send me a question, asking me if it is possible to write log messages of different levels (info, debug, etc) into different log files? To answer his question, yes, it is possible. We can do this by extending the...

Krishna Kumar05/18/11
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No Management Myth

The Atlantic has an interesting article by Matthew Stewart where he posits that most management theory is useless and you don’t need an MBA to succeed in business. Some of the major points that he makes are

Marco Tedone05/18/11
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Call to Agile Folks: is There a Need for a Separate QA Team?

Recently I confronted myself (yet again!) with a contradiction between theory and practice. All the Agile books I have read and the courses I've attended and all Agile people I've been speaking to have been saying the same thing: you don't need a QA team:...

Robin Bramley05/18/11
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A Searching Question...Solr In An Event Driven Architecture

How can you efficiently index content without polluting or tightly coupling your business logic to a search engine API? Crawling is one option, but it isn't necessarily that efficient nor do you have fine grained control over the fields that are stored in...

James Sugrue05/18/11
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Oracle Planning to Refresh the Java Community Process

Oracle have released a JSR that "proposes a variety of changes and adjustments to the Java Community Process". JSR 348: Towards a new version of the Java Community Process, also known as JCP.next JSR1 proposes changes in four key areas:...

Mitch Pronschinske05/18/11
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Go 2.2: Free Community Edition No Longer Requires a License

When it comes to practicing what you preach as a software company, ThoughtWorks Studios is a prime example of an organization that eats its own dogfood.  Before the reboot of their release management software, called "Go" (Formerly...

Terrence Ryan05/18/11
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Video: Terry Ryan Walks Through ColdFusion Builder 2.0

Adobe Platform Evangelist Terry Ryan explores the new and improved timesaving features of ColdFusion Builder 2.

Artur Mkrtchyan05/18/11
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Spring AOP

 Let's define some well known problems

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How I resolved SpringMVC+Hibernate Error: No Hibernate Session bound to thread

While developing a web application using SpringMVC and Hibernate I got "No Hibernate Session bound to thread Exception" becuase of some configuration issue.Here I am going to explain how I resolved the issue.I used the SpringMVC @Controller...

John Ferguson Smart05/18/11
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Code Coverage as a Refactoring Tool

Using code coverage to help with refactoring, when combined with TDD, is a powerful tool. This article discusses how. I am a big fan of using code coverage as a developer tool to promote more reliable, better tested code. The merits and limits of code...