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David Shepherd12/03/10
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Tasktop Brings Legacy and Agile Project Management Together

As the Zobeppo Software Company knows, each project management suite has its share of strengths and weaknesses. Zobeppo started using Bugzilla as their primary bug tracker because it is known to be reliable and scalable. They began using Mingle on a few...

Matt Stine12/03/10
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Executable Specifications: Automating Your Requirements Document

One of the biggest problems in software development is the "DONE" problem. We have in our possession a stack of index cards representing user stories and we're tasked with transforming them into working software. How do we know when we've...

Mitch Pronschinske12/02/10
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Hammock-Driven Development

Rich Hickey's second, "philosophical" talk at the first Clojure Conj, in Durham, North Carolina on October 23rd, 2010.  Many thanks to Matt...

Mitch Pronschinske12/02/10
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The All-in-One Maven, Hudson, Nexus Pro, and m2eclipse Package From Sonatype

A few months ago DZone took a look at Sonatype's Maven Studio tooling.  One of the unique aspects of this open core software was the ability to "on-board" developers extremely fast for a new project.  This week, Sonatype unveiled an even more...

Prashant Deva12/02/10
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Design and Architecture of the Chronon Recorder

The Chronon recorder had directly opposing goals - to collect as much data about your program as possible, while at the same time having the least possible impact on it.  In this post I will try to describe some of the design and architectural decisions I...

Steven Lott12/02/10
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Questions, or, How to Ask For Help

Half the fun on Stack Overflow is the endless use of closed-ended questions. "Can I do this in Python?" being so common and so hilarious.

Alex Ruiz12/02/10
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A Closer Look at JUnit Categories

JUnit 4.8 introduced Categories: a mechanism to label and group tests, giving developers the option to include or exclude groups (or categories.) This post presents a brief overview of JUnit categories and some unexpected behavior I have found while using...

Debasish Ghosh12/02/10
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Composable Domain Models Using Scalaz

I have been having some solid fun working through scalaz - it's possibly as close you can get to Haskell with a postfunctional language like Scala, which also supports object oriented paradigms. One of the ways I do learn languages is by developing domain...

Munish Gogna12/01/10
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Creating and Deploying JAX-WS web service on Tomcat 6

Some years back I had to provide a wrapper around an EJB 3.0 remote service to come up with a simple web service project that would be deployed over Tomcat and accessed in a simple http way due to some accessibility issues. Now as I cannot reveal the actual...

Julian Simpson12/01/10
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Hudson: Trouble at the mill?

Looks like Oracle and the Hudson developers aren’t getting along. The project hosting that Oracle provide (inherited from Sun) has been a bumpy ride for the developers, who are suggesting GitHub as a less bumpy and more functional way to develop. ...

Martin Fowler12/01/10
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Reproducible Build

One of the prevailing assumptions that fans of Continuous Integration have is that builds should be reproducible. By this we mean that at any point you should be able to take some older version of the system that you are working on and build it from...

Avi Yehuda12/01/10
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Android – Using SQLite DataBase

Android OS comes with SQLite Database already built-in. This article will explain how to store and draw data.Currently I am working with Android version 2.2.   

Richard Kennard12/01/10
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Rant: Who Designs These UI Frameworks Anyway?

I've been working with a few different UI frameworks lately as part of building Metawidget, and I've noticed something... Building Consensus First let me state some things I hope we can all agree on:

adam bien12/01/10
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Swing Looks ...Great (Part III Nimbus)

Nimbus comes already with JDK 1.6. Nimbus doesn't have to be installed, it is shipped with JDK 1.6. You only have to activate it. There is a hacky (because of reflection) but robust way to activate that. This complex approach...

Gabriel Jeremia...12/01/10
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Spring ROO and an Idea

I have being playing around with Spring ROO. It is a project with great potential and the facility to integrate seamlessly with maven is an added advantage. There are many tutorials on “An enterprise Java Application in 10 minutes with ROO”, this is...