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Sam Farmer08/01/11
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How I Got Started in ColdFusion

I needed a quick way to create cheap energy and so...Ok, cheap joke out of the way. ColdFusion was the third language that I tried and I was impressed at how much I could easily. I had been hired without ever writing a line of ColdFusion and so was taking...

John Whish08/01/11
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How I started in ColdFusion

My entry for Steve Bryant's "How I got started in ColdFusion day".

Mark Needham08/01/11
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Clojure: Getting caught out by lazy collections

Most of the work that I’ve done with Clojure has involved running a bunch of functions directly in the REPL or through Leiningen’s run target which led to me getting caught out when I created a JAR and tried to run that. As I mentioned a few weeks ago ...

Sachin Khosla08/01/11
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Install Android Apps .APK Offline

So… You have got your Spanky New Android Phone. There are LOTS of them in the market to suite ALL Kinds of Budget.

Rafał Andrzejewski08/01/11
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“Car sale application” w/Solr – Result Grouping, two additional parameters description (part 7)

In the last “car sale application” related post we have described the result grouping functionality. Today I would like to show you how easily we can determine the groups amount and how to sort documents within every group. Requirements specification I...

Wille Faler08/01/11
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BDD & the Holy Grail of User Story Testability & Traceability

The Holy Grail of Requirements has always been traceability, measurability and perhaps most importantly testability. The evolution of requirements has gone through various iterations: Use Cases, MosCow analysis and perhaps most usefully, Agile User Stories.

Taha Siddiqi07/31/11
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Tapestry & AjaxFormLoop

Tapestry mailing list has a constant flow of newbie questions related to AjaxFormLoop component. This is a very powerful component but with some limitations that must be understood before using it.

Loiane Groner07/31/11
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Jetty and Eclipse Integration

This tutorial will walk you through out how to install Jetty on Eclipse, so you can run web applications on Jetty directly from Eclipse IDE.

Gordon Dickens07/31/11
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Quick Install for tcServer 2.5 with Spring Insight in STS

Installation & Config Download tcServer Developer’s Edition – current version is 2.5.1 (free registration required)Make a directory for tcServer (such as /opt/tcserver or c:\tcserver)Unzip the downloaded file into that directoryType at command line in...

Peter Lawrey07/31/11
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Size of an entry in a Map

There have been some very good articles on the size of a map. However as a map grows, it initial size become less important and the size per entry is what matters.

Anton Arhipov07/31/11
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JVM Language Summit 2011

Back from Santa Clara, CA where I've attended an awesome event - JVM Language Summit. Before the event I thought I knew some Java, but it seems I was too self-confident :) The 3 days of technical sessions revealed a lot of new things in Java world to me,...

Sean Hull07/31/11
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5 Ways to Boost MySQL Scalability

There are a lot of scalability challenges we see with clients over and over. The list could easily include 20, 50 or even 100 items, but we shortened it down to the biggest five issues we see. 1. Tune those queries

Gurkan Erdogdu07/31/11
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Using Siwpas 2.0.0 Web Socket Protocol

This article shows how to configure and use Siwpas Web Socket Protocol using a sample web socket web application. Requirements:

Jakub Holý07/30/11
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Simple Logging HTTP Proxy with Grinder

 Sometimes I need to observe HTTP communication between my and another machine. I usually use Eclipse’ integrated TCP/IP monitor for it’s simple and does its job well but today for a large response it just displayed “The HTTP content is too large to...

Peter Lawrey07/30/11
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Why are the keys of a Map in a jumbled order

When you first try to printout a HashMap, the order doesn't make any sense and when you add entries, they appear to jump around. What is going on?