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Mitch Pronschinske12/23/09
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Bundlor 1.0 RC1 - Managing OSGi Bundle Manifests

For developers who want to manage their own bundle manifests, but need a little help to automating the details, like specifying package versions across a range of imports, the Bundlor tool is now available and is feature-complete.  Bundlor, a SpringSource...

Simon Free12/23/09
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Flex and ColdFusion Services

If you were asked to create a cutting edge, feature-rich, easy-to-use website, what technology would you use to create it?  If you said "Flex," then you are off to a good start.  Not only does Flex offer a rapid development environment and come...

Justin Etheredge12/23/09
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The Static Spider Web Pattern

While the developer lexicon is loaded up with more patterns than we can possibly ever learn, I just wanted to introduce one of the more important patterns that I think exists out there in software development. I call it the “Static Spider Web” pattern....

Matt Raible12/23/09
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Grails OAuth and LinkedIn APIs

Back in November, I wrote about how to talk to LinkedIn APIs with GWT. A week later, I figured out how to do it with Grails and contributed a patch to the grails-oauth plugin. Since then, a few folks have asked how I did it.

Mitch Pronschinske12/23/09
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Turning Ordinary OSGi Services Into Remote OSGi Services

The Distributed OSGi (DOSGi) subproject of the Apache CXF project recently released the 1.1 of its reference implementation for the Distributed OSGi specification.  DZone spoke with David Bosschaert and Eoghan Glynn, who are both members of the OSGi...

Mitch Pronschinske12/22/09
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CometD 1.0 Released, Work Begins on 2.0

Any application that receives server-side events such as online games, stock information, sport results, content sharing, etc.

James Sugrue12/22/09
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Nebula: Providing More for Your SWT Applications

The Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) gives Java developers an alternative to Swing, with native access to widgets. However, sometimes the widgets provided in SWT are not enough, especially if you want to create a more modern application. Your options are to...

Ricky Ho12/22/09
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Takeaways on Responsive Design

I recently have attended a great talk from from Kent Beck who is the thought leader in Extreme Programming, Test-Driven-Development and Code refactoring. This talk "Responsive Design" outline a set of key principles of how to create a design that is...

Kirk Knoernschild12/22/09
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That Rotting Design

We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when maintaining a piece of crappy software. Has my change broken the system in some unintended way? What is the ramification of my change on other parts of the system? If you’re lucky, and the system has a...

Mitch Pronschinske12/22/09
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SparkBuild: A Free Build Avoidance Tool

Just a few weeks ago, Electric Cloud launched the first GA version of SparkBuild, a free GNU Make (gmake) and NMAKE-based build tool that offers true build avoidance.  Windows and Open Source Linux developers writing software in C/C++ will find that...

Nitin Bharti12/21/09
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Essential NetBeans Platform Refcard Released: Meet the Author

This week we release our Essential NetBeans Platform Refcard, introducing you to the NetBeans APIs, while giving you an overview of everything that the NetBeans Platform can do for you.  Here we catch up with one of its six authors, Geertjan Wielenga, to...

Nitin Bharti12/21/09
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RIA Architectures: An Exclusive Interview with Adobe's Duane Nickull

DZone recently caught up with Duane Nickull, Senior Technical Evangelist at Adobe Systems and bass player with the band 22nd Century. In this...

Mitch Pronschinske12/21/09
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AEoid: An OpenID Library for GAE

The Google App Engine team just released the AEoid library for fast and easy user authentication handling with OpenID.  AEoid is currently in its "first look" alpha phase with more features on the way.  In order for users to get started quickly,...

Shlomi Ben-haim12/21/09
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The 10 Tech Commandments for Employment After Age 40

I'll be 40 in two months, which made me think about the ungrateful high-tech market that employs more than 15M software developers worldwide. At this age, software developers face the tremendous stress of being too young to retire, yet too old to continue in...

James Sugrue12/21/09
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A Look Back At 2009 For Eclipse

As we reach the end of 2009, it's the perfect time to take a look back at another successful year for the Eclipse community. As well as giving my own thoughts on the past year, I got some feedback from Mik Kersten (Mylyn & Tasktop), Ian Skerrett (Eclipse...