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Kai Wähner03/21/11
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First-hand Report from TheServerSide Java Symposium 2011

Java Professionals visiting the Gambling City Las Vegas lies in the desert of Nevada, USA and is well-known for gambling. More than 35 million visitors come to this awesome town every year. But people do not come here just for gambling. Besides many...

Mitch Pronschinske03/20/11
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Using TDD With Modern JavaScript

Scott Allen is the founder and Principal Consultant with OdeToCode LLC. He is also a member of the Pluralsight technical staff.  This article contains NDC 2010 presentations by Allen and Mark Nijhof about modern JavaScript and how to make it 'test-driven'. 

Kin Lane03/19/11
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Auto Deploy Code from Github

I came across a great walk through of how to deploy your code from GitHub automatically. Having managed a large number of web applications derived from various code repositories, I see the value in this. I used to write some pretty complex scripts to do this...

Mark O'neill03/18/11
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Covering your *aaS - A security checklist for cloud models

If you ask three organizations how they are using the Cloud, you will get (at least) three answers. One may be considering using Google Apps for email, to avoid asking an admin to reboot mail servers at 4am to clear an email backlog. Another may be...

Brian Swan03/18/11
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Architecture of the Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server

I recently began investigating the Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server (see my Getting Started with the SQL Server JDBC Driver post for more information). In this post I’ll continue that investigation by looking at the architecture and history of the...

Vineet Manohar03/18/11
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Installing Java 7 on Mac OS X

While you can download the binaries for Java 7 for Windows and Linux from here, the instructions for setting up Java 7 for Mac OS X are a lot more tedious. Here are the official instructions for Mac OS X: http://wikis.sun.com/display/OpenJDK/Mac+OS+X+Port

Ken Rimple03/18/11
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Build a better Roo exception page

Ok, Roo fans. This is a quick post, in response to a forum post on the Manning Roo in Action forum. Wanna get Root Causes in your exceptions page? Do this!

David Shepherd03/18/11
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Top three Tasktop and Mylyn tips

Recently I’ve been sharing Tasktop and Mylyn tips with users via Twitter. Twitter is a great medium for sharing every tip (or every thought), but in the Tasktop spirit of “Less is More” I want to share only the top tips with our blog readers. Without...

Andy Gibson03/18/11
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Double the Speed of (some of) your JSF Pages (and dodge bugs too)

There was a thread on the JSF LinkedIn group about JSF performance and a number of people complained about the fact that as part of the restore view phase, JSF reconstructs the component tree including binding data to data tables causing unnecessary...

Ryan Sukale03/18/11
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Runtime Class and Method information

Here is a small snippet that can be used to find the name of the currently executing method in Java.Throwable t = new Throwable(); StackTraceElement[] elements = t.getStackTrace(); System.out.println(elements[0].getMethodName());

James Sugrue03/17/11
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Have Your Say On The Name For Eclipse Indigo + 1

With Eclipse Indigo just months away from being released, voting is open on a choice of eight names for Eclipse 3.8. Voting is open until March 20th, and the result will be announced at next week's EclipseCon. In keeping with tradition, the name will move...

Axel Rauschmayer03/17/11
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One way in which Android really is more open than iOS

This post explains the tricky meaning of “open” with regard to Android: Sometimes Android is not open at all, sometimes its openness has negative consequences. The post concludes with one aspect of Android that is more open than iOS, in a manner that...

Marco Tedone03/17/11
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Reflection or the "setter" antipattern?

Recently I came across an interesting dilemma. For some time up to now I've been including setter methods in my service interfaces to allow unit tests to setup mocks. The code though had a bad smell; all too often I kept asking the following question: why...

Constantin Alin03/17/11
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How to watch the file system for changes in Java 7 (JDK 7)

Java 7 uses the underlying file system functionalities to watch the file system for changes. Now, we can watch for events like creation, deletion, modification, and get involved with our own actions. For accomplish this task, we need:• An object...

Senthil Kumar03/17/11
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COOPER – Object Pascal for Java and Android

In the video below, Jim McKeeth, Developer Evangelist talks about the Project COOPER preview and provides an overview of OXYGENE  ( Object Pascal for .NET ) . COOPER is a true Object Pascal for Java and Android.  Jim McKeeth shows a demo of the project,...