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How Oracle’s Ellison Drove a Java advocate to .NET/C#…

My $0.02 worth of opinion on how all the Oracle shennanigans are impacting my development focus choice. You don’t know me. Larry Ellison certainly doesn’t know me. I am a nobody. A typically esoteric strange developer coder type nobody. But still a nobody...

Julian Exenberger10/26/10
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Does Java Need a "Linux moment"?

Does anyone remember that one of the reasons Linux or GNU/Linux (sorry Richard Stallman) was created, was to create a Unix like environment which was free and open to use and not encumbered by the licensing restrictions of the AT&T's original...

Ted Neward10/26/10
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Doing it Twice… On Different Platforms

Short version: Matthew Baxter-Reynolds has written an intriguing book, Multimobile Development, about writing the same application over and over again on different mobile platforms.

James Sugrue10/26/10
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VMWare Teams Up With Google and Tasktop For Simpler Cloud Computing

At this year's Google I/O, Google and VMWare announced a collaboration to make building applications for the cloud as simple as possible. Last week on the Google Web Toolkit blog, Google announced a release candidate version of the tools that will give...

Biju Kunjummen10/26/10
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The Power of Copy and Paste

A reasonably large sized “Enterprise” Java web application ends up being multi-tiered , multi-layered, multi-moduled in that order,  with at least a few million dependencies. The task of putting together such an application from scratch is truly...

Nicolas Frankel10/26/10
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Server-client Push with Vaadin

I’m more and more committed to Vaadin since I see so many advantages to this solution. This time, I’ve investigated how to push server data to the client.

Axel Rauschmayer10/26/10
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Java on Mac OS X Lion: the redux

Update 2011-02-26: OpenJDK: Mac OS X Port Project Update 2010-11-12: “Oracle and Apple Announce OpenJDK Project for Mac OS X”. This is how it should have been done all along, before announcing the deprecation. Then either Apple didn’t think this...

Giorgio Sironi10/26/10
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INVEST in user stories

User stories are the basic units of work for Agile methodologies. They describe features to implement in a system and are one of the primary artifact generated before coding a prototype.Stories are usually written on a 3"x5" card in the format:

Mitch Pronschinske10/25/10
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JSR-314 Disbanded With a Gap in Succession

Jay Balunas, a core JBoss developer and project lead for RichFaces blogged today about Red Hat's concern over the disbanding of the JSF expert group, under the JCP specification JSR-314, by Oracle.  Balunas said on the JBoss developer blog that,...

Mitch Pronschinske10/25/10
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GUIdancer Code Injected Into Eclipse Acceptance Testing Project

A newly proposed Eclipse project called Jubula is being developed under the premise that automated acceptance tests are just as important as project code.  The tool will focus on helping developers and testers generate acceptance tests that adhere to best...

Shlomi Ben-haim10/25/10
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No License Violations Allowed!

 The JFrog team just came back from JavaOne a couple of weeks ago, at which we've demonstrated some of Artifactory's 2.3 coolest features under the slogan: "What You Build Is What You GET!". Most of the attraction naturally went to the...

James Sugrue10/25/10
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Do You Want Apple to Share Their JDK Source? Sign The Petition

A petition has been created to encourage Apple to contribute their source for Java on the Mac to the OpenJDK project. This would be an excellent resolution, as it gives the Open JDK project a kickstart in targetting Mac OSX, rather than having to start from...

Rocky Jaiswal10/25/10
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Working With Git

A video blog / screencast to help you get started with Git.

Mark Needham10/25/10
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Feedback Loops: Overcompensating

One of the things that I've noticed while working with various colleagues over the last few years is that the more experienced ones are much more skilled at making slight adjustments to their approach based on feedback that they receive from the...

Pete Carapetyan10/25/10
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OSGi Players To Watch

Any veteran developer knows that integration and maintenence is where all the time and money goes, writing a simple module can be a few days work once the requirements and interfaces are set in stone. Modularity (OSGi) promises to eliminate much of that...