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Scott Lewis04/05/11
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Restlet and OSGI remote services - Part 2

In a previous posting, I described some of the advantages of integrating the Restlet framework with ECF's implementation of OSGi remote services admin (RSA).In this posting, I'll describe a couple of the advantages of doing this for the service host side of...

Wayne Adams04/05/11
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Day 6 - Clojure

Today I'm reviewing the discussion of Clojure from Bruce Tate's Seven Languages in Seven Weeks. Clojure is Lisp on the Java virtual machine. Lisp is another language that, despite being around a long time, I have yet to investigate, so this is another...

Ken Krugler04/04/11
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Solr + Hadoop = Big Data Love

Bixo Labs shows how to use Solr as a NoSQL solution for big data

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SpringMVC3 Hibernate CRUD Sample Application

To learn any web framework starting with a HelloWorld application is a good idea. Once you have some familiarity with the framework configuration, it's better to do a CRUD(Create,Read,Update,Delete) application which covers various aspects of a web framework...

Veera Sundar04/04/11
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Hosting a Google App Engine Application in Your Own Domain

Note: This post is written by/for the Java web developer who is using Google App Engine. Even if you are not an Java developer, but interested, you are welcome to read further. When you create a new application in Google App Engine, you’ll get a domain...

Victor Savkin04/04/11
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DCI in Groovy

DCI (Data Context Interaction) is a new way to look at object oriented programming. If you’d like to read some theory to see the difference between DCI and traditional OOP there is a nice article coverting the...

Jakub Holý04/04/11
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Code Quality Matters to the Customers. A Lot.

Some people argue that the main taks of a developer is to deliever working, value-bringing software to the customer and idealistic concepts such as code quality should not hinder that primary task. They acknowledge that it is good to strive for good code...

Constantin Alin04/04/11
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Dynamic images with PrimeFaces

PrimeFaces is a lightweight library for JSF with regard to its functionality, simplicity, and support. Its power consists in AJAX support, providing more than 70 AJAX-based components. The additional TouchFaces module features a UI kit for developing...

Wayne Adams04/04/11
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Day 5 - Erlang

If you are just dropping in on me, I'm reviewing Bruce Tate's Seven Languages in Seven Weeks, with the slightly lazy (or aggressive, depending on your view) twist of reviewing one language per day. As you can imagine, shrinking an already-tight one-week...

Axel Rauschmayer04/04/11
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Amazon as a competitor to Google and Apple

Amazon seems to become a competitor for both Google and Apple. Recently, it has taken the following two steps: It created its own app store for Android. [1]It created an online storage service that streams music to mobile and other devices. [2] These feel...

Den D.04/03/11
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How to sniff web traffic from Marketplace-based Android applications

There are cases when it is necessary to track the outgoing and incoming traffic related to Android applications. However, Android as a platform is not really friendly towards this kind of operations. The most common way I am analyzing the traffic that is...

Constantin Alin04/02/11
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How to Capture System.err and System.out

Sometimes you need to capture the text being written to a PrintStream by a 3rd party component. Here it is a simple solution for out and err PrintStreams:

Adam Presley04/02/11
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Intro to DSLs in Groovy, Part 2

In my previous post I introduced a simple recipe DSL which provided a really easy way to describe a recipe, its ingredients and instructions. In part two I will start the process of how we can make this tiny “language” of ours execute using Groovy’s...

Constantin Alin04/02/11
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How to generate DAO classes for Hibernate with JDBC transaction factory

If you need to generate DAO classes (Home classes) for Hibernate based on JDBC transaction factory, then in a start folder you need: • A folder named hbm2java_gen that contains all the POJOs classes. • The below ant script (named...