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Cedric Beust12/13/10
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TestNG and Guice: a Marriage Made in Heaven

TestNG has allowed users to control the instantation of their objects for a while now (around 2007). This is enabled by the IObjectFactory interface:

Mark Needham12/12/10
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No one Wants Your Stupid Process

My former colleague Alexandre Martins recently pointed me to a presentation given by Jeff Patton at Agile Roots titled 'Noone wants your stupid process' and it's one of the most interesting talks I've watched recently.

Mitch Pronschinske12/10/10
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The JCP: Dead, Alive, or Zombified?

I'm sure you've read the news about Apache leaving the JCP, effective immediately.  Well DZone has been checking the temperature of the Java community ever since yesterday's announcement and we're finding a lot of heat out there—in blogs, comments, and...

Steven Lott12/10/10
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The Wrapper vs. Library vs. Aspect Problem

Imagine that we've got a collection of applications used by customers to provide data, a collection of applications we use to collect data from vendors. We've got a third collection of analytical tools. Currently, they share a common database, but the...

Chris Spagnuolo12/10/10
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5 Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress

Do you frequently feel stressed at work?  If you do, you’re probably not alone.  Chances are that others on your team feel stressed too.  OK, so you feel stressed. Big deal right? Who isn’t stressed these days?

Veera Sundar12/10/10
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Hosting Your Code For Free

Sometime back, I wrote about Java web application hosting, in which I listed out the different options available to you to host your Java web applications. Now, let’s look at the different solutions to host your code. Before you dive in, please note that:

Mitch Pronschinske12/09/10
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Apache Backs Up Its Threat: Leaves the JCP EC

DZone has just learned that the Apache Software Foundation issued a formal letter annoucning their resignation from their seat on the Java SE/EE Executive Committee.  95% of the JCP voting community had recently ratified Apache for another term on the...

James Sugrue12/09/10
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JBoss Release Next Round Of Betas For Developer Tools

JBoss Tools 3.2 have released their second beta today, available to download for your Eclipse 3.6 installation.  JBoss have also update the early access of JBoss Developer Studio 4. Performance has been one of the focuses for this release, as well as some...

Asankha Perera12/09/10
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What happened to the Cat set amongst the Pigeons? - ESB Performance comparison

WSO2 Published an article titled "WSO2 ESB Performance (New)" today, after 2 and a half years since the last article on ESB performance - published in June 2008. What's interesting to note is that unlike in the last three rounds of performance...

Robert Diana12/09/10
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Applying Krug’s Usability Rules To Startups

I finally read Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug. I have long believed in the title of this book as many web applications are much harder to use than they should be.

Daniel Pecos12/09/10
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HTTP connection + HTTP Authenticacion + Proxy + SSL

Many times during your life as a java developer, you will face the situation of retrieving some resources using an HTTP connection. At first, it will seem easy, but probably some problems will arise such as: Needing to use an HTTP Proxy (maybe...

Paul Sydney Orozco12/09/10
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Adding CRUD Capability to Spring MVC

This article is intended for people who are interested in Spring and Hibernate, especially those who are new to the technology. Create, Read, Update and Delete capabilities are essential to a web based application. In this article, I'll be sharing how to add...

Andy Pemberton12/09/10
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JSR286 Tag Library and XML Escaping

It always bothered me that the JSR168 <portlet:actionURL /> and <portlet:renderURL /> tags didn’t encode their HTML character entities. The lack of encoding causes your HTML 4 or XHTML 1 markup to fail automated validation. After flipping...

Peter Karussell12/09/10
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Use Cases of Faceted Search for Apache Solr

In this post I write about some use cases of facets for Apache Solr. Please submit your own ideas in the comments. This post is split into the following parts:

Andrew Phillips12/09/10
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Embracing Downtime: Why 99.999…% Availability is Not Always Better

A couple of weeks ago, my ever-active colleagues Marco Mulder and Serge Beaumont organised an nlscrum meetup about "Combining Scrum and Operations", with presentations by Jeroen Bekaert and devopsdays organiser Patrick Debois.