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Cedric Beust11/03/10
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Eclipse and TestNG: the Next Next Generation

  I have been adding a steady amount of improvements to the TestNG Eclipse plug-ins over the past weeks, so I thought I’d stop for a minute and put together a quick summary of the upcoming features. Better tree

Jakub Holý11/03/10
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Tip: Enable a shortcut for Occurrences in File in Eclipse under Gnome (default C+S+u)

The useful Eclipse action Search – Occurrences in File – Identifier has by default the shortcut Control+Shift+U. But under Gnome the shortcut Control+Shift+U is used for Unicode character input, indicated by an underlined u when pressed. Assigning a...

James Sugrue11/02/10
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JCP Election Results In: Hologic Not Ratified

The results are in for the much talked about JCP election, and most people will be happy to hear that Hologic were not ratified. Meanwhile, congratulations are due to both Eclipse and Google, as both have been elected.As stated in the JCP blog 

adam bien11/02/10
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Tomcat On Steroids (with EJB 3) = Apache TomTom

Apache TomTom is an opensource, easy to install EJB 3.1 container. It is lacking CDI, so it is not a full Java EE 6 WebProfile server. The test:

Kai Wähner11/02/10
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MyBatis (formerly iBatis) – Examples and Hints using SELECT, INSERT and UPDATE Annotations

MyBatis is a lightweight persistence framework for Java and .NET. This blog entry addresses the Java side. MyBatis is an alternative positioned somewhere between plain JDBC and ORM frameworks (e.g. EclipseLink or Hibernate). MyBatis usually uses XML, but...

cyrille martraire11/02/10
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Key insights that you probably missed on DDD

As suggested by its name, Domain-Driven Design is not only about Event Sourcing and CQRS. It all starts with the domain and a lot of key insights that are too easy to overlook at first. Even if you’ve read the « blue book » already, I suggest you...

James Sugrue11/02/10
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Eclipse Virgo 2.1: Now With Improved Performance and Diagnostic Tooling

Back in March 2010, VMware contributed the source of the SpringSource dm Server to Eclipse to become an Eclipse project. Today the 2.1 release of Eclipse Virgo, a light-weight application server for deploying applications based on OSGi, has had it's first...

Thomas Buhr11/02/10
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Rich Graphics with Apache Pivot 2.0

Pivot 2.0 is expected to be released shortly and there are some great enhancements in this version. Just one that I'm excited about is the new SVG support, thanks to the integration of SVGSalamander. Using Pivot 2.0's Drawing class it is easy to load and...

Ant Kutschera11/02/10
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User Mental Models

I've spent the last 6 weeks looking into an interesting paradigm called Data, Context & Interaction (DCI). I've written a few introductory papers, and some tools too. DCI has the following goals:

John Ferguson Smart11/02/10
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Android Development with Maven - a primer

If you are a Java developer, and you want to write software for mobile devices, Android is without a doubt the most accessible mobile development platform out there. The reason for this is simple: you write your applications in Java, using tools that you...

Mihai Fonoage11/01/10
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2010 Gadget Census

Retrevo's 2010 Gadget Census revealed what gadgets people were using in each state, with the summary of it captured in the image below:

James Sugrue11/01/10
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Keep in Touch With Eclipse Summit Europe on EclipseZone

This week I'll be fortunate enough to be attending the sold out Eclipse Summit Europe conference. It's two years since I last made it to an Eclipse conference, so I can't wait to catch up with the people and technology behind the Eclipse eco-system.  I'll be...

Vitalii Tymchyshyn11/01/10
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ThreadPoolExecutor and Pool Sizes Quirk

I recently ran into a problem while using ThreadPoolExecutor. As you probably know, ThreadPoolExecutor takes (among the others), two parameters - corePoolSize and maximumPoolSize. Also by default (and in Java5 you can't change the default) it never stops...

Shekhar Gulati11/01/10
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Domain Object Dependency Injection with Spring

I have always considered domain objects as dumb because they normally don't do anything i.e.

Jay Fields11/01/10
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Experience Report: Feature Toggle over Feature Branch

We often use Feature Toggle on my current team (when gradual release isn't possible). My experience so far has been: gradual release is better than Feature Toggle, and Feature Toggle is better than Feature Branch.I found Martin's bliki entry on Feature...