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Scott Lewis03/30/11
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Restlet and OSGI remote services - Part 1

ECF recently released a standards-compliant implementation of OSGi 4.2 remote services admin (RSA).

Max Katz03/29/11
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Tiggr Interactive HTML prototypes - What's Coming Up

We are working hard on getting the next major release of Tiggr out and have planned a number of major and user requested features: actions and events, templates and annotations (notes). Here is a quick preview of what's coming up!  Expanded actions...

Steve Good03/29/11
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ColdFusion 9 ORM - Blog Demo Source

At the Dallas / Fort Worth CFUG we were tasked with creating a blog using ColdFUsion 9's ORM functionality.  Here is the source code for my implementation. SVN: http://svn2.xp-dev.com/svn/ormblogdemo/trunk/

Katie Mckinsey03/29/11
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Sparkly Quartz 2.0 Release

Quartz 2.0, Java's Lightweight Open Source Enterprise class Job Scheduler, has been released.  According to the Quartz development team, this release of Quartz represents "the most significant revision of Quartz Enterprise Job Scheduler since the...

Giorgio Sironi03/29/11
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Struts vs. Zend Framework

I am a PHP guy that has ventured in the Java world due to university projects. Struts is used at PoliMi as a dicactical example of Java MVC framework for web applications: it is not a modern all-powerful framework like Spring MVC, but it is one of the most...

Martijn & Ben V...03/29/11
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Project Coin: the try-with-resources lock support debate

If you have recently been following Project Coin’s mailing list , you will have spotted an interesting discussion regarding the inclusion of lock management inside the scope of a try-with-resources (TWR) code block. The Initial Idea The idea was...

Andy Gibson03/29/11
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Announcing CDISource

In the last few weeks I have been rather busy working on a new project with Rick Hightower, who is fairly well known for his training and writings on Spring and JSF, and Rob WIlliams who is a blogger known as much for meddling in new technologies (and...

Wayne Adams03/29/11
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7 Languages in 7... Days???

I recently started learning Scala (you know when the New York Times refers to Java as an "older" language, it's time to update!). As I've started trying to shift my thinking from object orientation to functional programming, I remembered the...

Prashant Deva03/29/11
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Choosing what to record - Part 1: Controlling Performance

Consider this line of code which reads in the contents of a file. byte[] contents = readFile(fileName); The method readFile() in this case could belong to some third party library, the JDK or may even be a system call. 

Mitch Pronschinske03/28/11
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James Gosling is Now a Googler

People have been asking the question for months - "Is Google the new Sun?"  Well, you can still argue that the answer is "no," but it just became a tougher argument because James Gosling just told us he started his first day of work at...

Mitch Pronschinske03/28/11
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What's Coming in Solr 3.1 and Lucene 3.1?

In case you didn't hear about the Apache Lucene/Solr version alignment, we'll take a look at the big change once again with Grant Ingersoll, a Apache Lucene...

Rick Hightower03/28/11
19 replies

CDI Dependency Injection - An Introductory Tutorial Part 1 - Java EE

CDI is the Java standard for dependency injection (DI) and interception (AOP). It is evident from the popularity of DI and AOP that Java needs to address DI and AOP so that it can build other standards and JSRs on top of it. DI and AOP are the...

Lukas Krecan03/28/11
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Fork/Join in slow motion

Have you ever wondered how fork/join algorithm really works?

Martin Fowler03/28/11
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Certification Competence Correlation

Most of my friends and colleagues are very negative about certification schemes in software development, a disdain that I share. This doesn't mean that I think that certifications in software are bad by definition, just that almost every one we see ...

Mihai Fonoage03/28/11
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Application Ecosystem for the BlackBerry PlayBook

According to their press release, RIM has officially announced the ecosystem for applications that will run on the PlayBook tablet. Below is a quote from the release: