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Andrew Salvadore09/05/11
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How the play framework test runner works

After working for a while with the play framework we had the need to write better integration tests. By better I mean easier to maintain. I like Selenium but there are re-usability and maintenance issues. Anyway without going any further into details I had...

Markus Eisele09/05/11
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Use Java 7! I am not kidding!

What a month for Java 7. Articles about the new features all over and just at the release day, Apache issued a warning, not to use Java. That's a big meal for the press and German based S&S Media caught up on that quickly (Java 7 Causes Headaches for...

Jens Schauder09/05/11
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Testing Databases with JUnit and Hibernate Part 1: One to Rule them

Databases are an extremely important part of almost every enterprise application. Yet there is very little support for testing your database, which results in very little tests coverage of database related code out in the wild. In a desperate attempt to...

Max Katz09/05/11
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Practical RichFaces Book 2nd Edition Is Now Available

I’m very happy to announce that Practical RichFaces book (Apress) is now available. It’s a second edition (the first edition is here).

Bozhidar Bozhanov09/05/11
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Those evil frameworks and their complexity

Frameworks like Hibernate and Spring are industry-standards. JSF, EJB and the likes are also standards and used in many applications. But there are always people that are against these frameworks. This is a language-agnostic topic, and although I’ll be...

Gareth Rushgrove09/05/11
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Chef Hello World

I’ve been playing with Chef recently, in particular the solo variant. The new job at FreeAgent meant setting up new development virtual machines and rather than just jot down instructions I decided to script everything. I’d been wanting an excuse to...

Rafał Kuć09/05/11
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Solr and Autocomplete (part 2)

In the previous part I showed how the faceting mechanism can be used to achieve the autocomplete functionality. Today I’ll show you how to use a component called Suggester to implement autocomplete functionality.

Ashwin Rayaprolu09/04/11
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Java Connector to SugarCRM Webservices

Here is my effort to minimize research work in getting started with sugar CRM webservice invocation in java    

Markus Eisele09/04/11
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JavaOne Mobile App - A first detailed look. What's hot and what's not

JavaOne is coming closer day by day. Another proof of that is, that the official Mobile App for JavaOne was launched yesterday. Great news! Let's rock&roll. It's available from pyxismobile.com.

Martijn Verburg09/04/11
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Manipulating Files in Java 7

The following is a modified snippet from a draft of The Well-Grounded Java Developer. It gives you a quick taster of how much easier it is to manipulate files in Java 7 than in previous versions. By using the new Files class and its many utility methods,...

Kapil Viren Ahuja09/04/11
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Unit Testing: EAMSteps

I came across this article on Dzone, which is just right to set the tone for me to release my latest code, which I find myself to be very proud of. The article speaks about the importance of Unit Testing for developers and how it can save the day for you...

Peter Lawrey09/04/11
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Java can be significantly faster than C

Whether you use Java or C is not always as important as the algorithm you use. Being smarter can make more difference. You might not see this as a fair test of Java vs C, but in the real world human factors are matter. There is no point saying C is faster...

Steven Lott09/03/11
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The Users Just Want "Search" -- What's So Hard?

Great article on "Search" from back in '08 in Forbes. "Why Google Isn't Enough", by Dan Woods. He's talking about "Enterprise Search": why in-house Google-style search is really hard and often unsatisfying. Here's the cool...

Anton Arhipov09/03/11
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GeeCON 2011: Java Bytecode For Discriminating Developers

In May this year I had a pleasure to talk at an awesome conference in Krakow - GeeCON. Here's the video taken at the talk and the slides are below.