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Yonik Seeley04/21/11
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Solr relevancy function queries

Lucene’s default ranking function uses factors such as tf, idf, and norm to help calculate relevancy scores. Solr has now exposed these factors as function queries.

Ben Kepes04/21/11
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Cloud Foundry–A Beautiful Thing for Users, Questions for Vendors

This week’s announcement by VMware of its CloudFoundry PaaS product was an exceptionally refreshing surprise. Other have commented that it’s a rare thing for a big company to really do things right – but with CloudFoundry, VMware have ticked every...

Adam Presley04/21/11
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Merging Two ColdFusion Structs

Here’s a quick little tidbit. My coworker Steve Good asked me if I knew of a quick way to merge two ColdFusion structures together, kind of like how jQuery has the $.extend() method. Well there is in fact a way to do this! And it’s super easy. Let’s...

Jim Liu04/21/11
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Eclipse Extension Point Information Search and Java Source Search

Eclipse Resource Search Summary You may need an example since you encounter some problems with writing the code of eclipse. It's easier for you to follow the example. The source code of eclipse itself is one of the best example, The problem is how to find...

Constantin Alin04/21/11
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The built-in qualifiers @Default and @Any

• @Default - Whenever a bean or injection point does not explicitly declare a qualifier, the container assumes the qualifier @Default. • @Any – When you need to declare an injection point without specifying a qualifier, is useful to know that all...

Gordon Dickens04/21/11
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Don't Use JmsTemplate in Spring!

JmsTemplate is easy for simple message sending. What if we want to add headers, intercept or transform the message? Then we have to write more code. So, how do we solve this common task with more configurability in lieu of more code? First, lets review...

Dmitriy Setrakyan04/21/11
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Asynchronous Functional APIs in Java

The major limitation of java.util.concurrent.Future class is lack of a good way to listen to future completion asynchronously. Even though Java futures are asynchronous in nature and meant to eliminate synchronous waits when not needed, the only way to...

Steven Lott04/20/11
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Test-Driven Reverse Engineering (TDRE)

Another case study on TDRE. Provided: 2,938 lines of Python code which process a handful of large files to create a number of outputs. [Details can't be disclosed.] Objective: Refactor to distinguish between the overall sequence of transformational steps...

Krishna Kumar04/20/11
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Refactoring is Not About Reducing Code

The first introduction to refactoring for many programmers comes when a senior developer on the team takes a look at what they have written, yells some expletives and starts deleting blocks of code that has probably taken them days to write. After a few...

Gordon Dickens04/20/11
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What’s in my Spring Context?

When we are learning Spring, there are times we are not sure which beans are in the Spring context. Especially when we use convenient features of Spring 3 such as <context:annotation-driven/> or <context:component-scan/>. As developers, we...

Andres Almiray04/20/11
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DZone interviews: Ken Kousen on Making Java Groovy

Welcome to another installment of DZone Interviews here at Groovy Zone. On this occassion we interviewed Kenneth Kousen, a name that should be familiar to people browsing the Groovy User mailing lists as Ken is quite active there. I won't spoil the contents...

Brian Swartzfager04/20/11
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Managing Environment-Specific Application Settings Via A ColdSpring Bean

When I develop my ColdFusion applications, I work in two different environments. I develop the applications on my local machine, then deploy them to the server when I reach particular milestones or when it's ready for limited user testing. Even though I...

Markus Eisele04/19/11
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GlassFish 3.1 with Oracle Coherence for Java Version 3.7

Yesterday, Oracle released the latest evolution of Coherence, their flagship, distributed in-memory data grid product Oracle Coherence 3.7. Coherence 3.7 simplifies the configuration and management of large-scale deployments and provides more data storage...

Rob Williams04/19/11
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Second Phase of Arquillian Mission

The first thing I did in venturing past the weld archetype was to make a simple class that I needed to persist and expose through a REST interface. That went really well (per last post).

cyrille martraire04/19/11
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The untold art of Composite-friendly interfaces

The Composite pattern is a very powerful design pattern that you use regularly to manipulate a group of things through the very same interface than a single thing. By doing so you don’t have to discriminate between the singular and plural cases, which...