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Daniel Schneller11/17/10
10 replies

Collection Performance - Don't Become Too Lazy

A few weeks ago I was performance tuning some code that ran quite regularly and took more time than it should, judging from the complexity of what is was doing. As usual, by merely looking that the code there was nothing blatantly, obviously, complete and...

Arul Kumaran11/16/10
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Why Software Engineering is complex?

Writing a quality software is a very complex process. It must not only meet all the functional requirements, but also should address non-functional requirements like robustness, responsiveness, maintainability, testability, scalability, security,...

Alex Tkachman11/16/10
3 replies

How statically typed meta programming can look

I want to start with piece of code and challenge the reader to understand what the code means. To make the task a bit fair, I am telling you that this is the full content of the file called...

Geertjan Wielenga11/16/10
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Interview: Bruno Lowagie on "iText In Action", 2nd Edition

iText, the free and open source Java library for creating and manipulating PDF documents, was used to create the program guide at Devoxx this year. But there's more interesting news about iText, because the 2nd Edition of the very popular "iText in...

Yong Mook Kim11/16/10
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Java Web Start (Jnlp) Hello World Example

This tutorial shows you how to create a Java Web Start (Jnlp) file for user download.  When the user clicks on the downloaded jnlp file, it launches a simple AWT program. Here's the summary steps :    Create a simple AWT program and jar it as...

James Sugrue11/16/10
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Oracle: Now Is The Time To Move Java Forward

Yesterday Oracle provided a response to Apache, following Apache's recent statement encouraging other members of the executive committee to vote against the Java SE7 JSR. The response from Oracle reads as follows: 

Andy Gibson11/16/10
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Resource Bundles in JSF 2.0 Applications

Setting up resource message bundles in JSF to provide multilingal messages and captions is often overlooked when first creating an application. Leaving it till later in the project means you will have to go back and manually change the constants over to...

Mark Needham11/16/10
1 replies

Retrospectives: My First Time Facilitating

Despite being part of numerous retrospectives over the past few years I don't remember actually facilitating one until my current team's last week. I've gradually come to appreciate the skill involved in facilitating this type of meeting having originally...

Nick Boldt11/16/10
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Contributing to JBoss Tools using Git

If you'd like to use Git instead of SVN as your SCM tool of choice, here's how you can connect to the JBoss Tools SVN repo, pull down all the sources, work on them locally, then either commit changes back into the SVN repo (or submit a patch, if you're not...

Mitch Pronschinske11/15/10
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Andres Almiray Named Java Champion!

There are less than 100 of them worldwide.  They include some of the biggest names in Java: Neal Gafter, Brian Goetz, Gavin King, Rod Johnson, Doug Lea, and James Gosling.  They are the Java Champions.  Recently, he title of "Java Champion" was...

Jorge Ramon11/15/10
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How to Save BlackBerry Settings in the Persistent Store

One of the options the BlackBerry API provides for persisting information across device resets is the Persistent Store.  As the Persistent Store supports saving to the smartphone’s flash memory, but not to the SD card, it is a good choice for storing...

Peter Zaitsev11/15/10
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MySQL Limitations Part 1: Single-Threaded Replication

I recently mentioned a few of the big “non-starter” limitations Postgres has overcome for specific use cases. I decided to write a series of blog posts on MySQL’s unsolved severe limitations. I mean limitations that really hobble it for major,...

James Sugrue11/15/10
4 replies

Apple Reveal Further OpenJDK Details

Following Friday's announcement that Apple would be contributing to the OpenJDK project, Apple have received a lot of respect from the Java community. To help set expectatons,  Mike Swingler provided a little more information on Apple's contribution to the...

Howard Lewis Ship11/15/10
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Starting and Stopping Jetty Gracefully with Groovy and JMX

I'm working on a project that uses Tapestry and ActiveMQ together; it works great on my Mac, but on my client's Windows workstation, ActiveMQ doesn't shut down cleanly and corrupts its local files pretty consistently. Unfortunately, there isn't a way...

Baptiste Wicht11/15/10
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Java Synchronization (Mutual Exclusion) Benchmark

I’ve created another benchmark. This time, I’ve benchmarked the different ways of synchronizing a little code using mutual exclusion on this code.The code to protect will be very simple. It’s a simple counter :