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Marek Rogoziński06/28/11
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Solr filters: PatternReplaceCharFilter

Continuing the overview of the filters included in Solr today we look at the PatternReplaceCharFilter. As you might guess the task of the filter is to change the matching input stream parts that match the given regular expression. You have the following...

John Whish06/28/11
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Getting started with LogBox and ColdBox

I've been working on a ColdBox 3 site and decided to give in the in-built logging (with LogBox) a go. I thought I'd do a quick blog post to demonstrate how to use it as I found the docs a little bit confusing. LogBox can be used standalone, whereas when...

Jim Bird06/28/11
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Still getting my head around Continuous Deployment

The arguments in support of Continuous Deployment

Alexey Ragozin06/28/11
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How to tame java GC pauses? Surviving 16GiB heap and greater.

Memory is cheap and abundant on modern servers. Unfortunately there is a serious obstacle for using these memory resources to their full in Java programs. Garbage collector pauses are a serious treat for a JVM with a large heap size. There are very few good...

Sandro Mancuso06/28/11
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A change in attitude - Legacy code

Not long ago, I gave a talk about Software Craftsmanship where I asked who liked to work on greenfield projects. Almost everyone raised their hands. Then I asked who liked to work with legacy code. Besides one or two friends that were there, almost...

John Ferguson Smart06/27/11
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Completing the circle - Automated web tests as a team communication tool

Acceptance Test Driven Development, or ATDD, has proven to be a very effective technique, both for driving and guiding development, and for enhancing communication between developers and other project stakeholders. But why stop there? Well designed...

Adam Warski06/27/11
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Static typing is a great static analysis tool

Statically-typed languages are great because, well, they have static typing. However very often developing using a dynamically-typed language is much more convenient. Take writing a webapp in Ruby On Rails – change some code, hit reload and you can see...

Mark Needham06/27/11
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Scala: Self type annotations and structured types

A few days ago I tweeted that I didn’t really see the point in structured types in Scala… Not sure I understand where you would use structural types in #scala instead of defining a method on a trait http://bit.ly/jgiW7b

Ross Jernigan06/27/11
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Eclipse Mylyn 3.6 lights up Indigo, puts an end to faceless builds

This is a reposting from Mik Kersten's Tasktop Blog.

Upendra Chintala06/27/11
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TechTip: Use of setLenient method on SimpleDateFormat

Sometimes when you are parsing a date string against a pattern(such as MM/dd/yyyy) using java.text.SimpleDateFormat, strange things might happen (for unknown developers) if your date string is dynamic content entered by a user in some input field on the...

Brian Swartzfager06/27/11
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Technique For Managing Form Input in Model-Glue

I've been meaning to post about this technique I'm using in some of my Model-Glue applications, but I couldn't decide on the best way to explain what led me to develop it.  So I'm going to start with the code first rather than the explanation:

Rafał Kuć06/27/11
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Solr filters: KeepWordFilter

This time I decided to look at one of the unusual filters available in the standard distribution of Solr. The first one in my hands is a filter called KeepWordFilter.

Amit Va06/27/11
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Understanding crux of design patterns

Lots of articles and books explain the design patterns as problem, design solution and implementation. These kinds of explanations are very difficult to relate and apply directly to actual use case on which developer is working on. In addition to reading UML...

Marco Tedone06/27/11
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XML unmarshalling benchmark in Java: JAXB vs STax vs Woodstox

Towards the end of last week I started thinking how to deal with large amounts of XML data in a resource-friendly way.The main problem that I wanted to solve was how to process large XML files in chunks while at the same time providing upstream/downstream...

Sandeep Bhandari06/27/11
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List of Tools for REST Web Services in Java

If you are a web services developer or your current assignment requires you to write web services then RESTful web services is what you should look for. There are enormous tools which can help you to write REST web services.  Here is a list of tools...