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Aurelien Broszn...08/25/11
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Share an h2 in-memory database among several JVMs

I hate when things are written in the docs but not clearly enough to understand it on the first time. I wish I were the only one not to have get this right at first, but if you look in google for terms like “share h2 database among applications” “common...

David Gageot08/25/11
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Mister Jobs, You’ve Changed our Lives

Today, Steve Jobs resigned from Apple.

Mitch Pronschinske08/25/11
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Apple Won't Change Overnight, But it Will Eventually Change

While Apple's stock dropped 7% overnight with the announcement of Steve Jobs' departure from the CEO position, Apple's corporate culture and direction certainly won't change overnight.  In fact, you may have noticed that Tim Cook has been in the CEO position...

Max Katz08/25/11
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Tiggr, a Web-Based IDE for Building Mobile Apps: 15 Reasons Why It Deserves Your Attention

Tiggr is a Web-based IDE for building mobile Web and native apps. Today I’d like to givel you 14 reasons why this new-of-a-kind IDE deserves your attention. 1. Mobile Apps IDE in the Cloud - Access Your App Anytime, Anywhere Tiggr is a mobile apps IDE in...

Cedric Beust08/25/11
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John Gruber says iOS is an insecure platform

Speaking about Apple’s upcoming deprecation of iOS’ UDID (the mechanism by which applications can identify users devices (I was wrong about that) uniquely), John Gruber has this to say: My guess: Apple is doing this so they can further promote iOS as a...

Jim Bird08/25/11
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Everything I can find about Software Maintenance

Given that most of us will spend most of our careers maintaining and supporting software and not building something new from scratch, there is a surprising and disappointing lack of useful information on software maintenance, on the problems that we all...

Aurelien Broszn...08/24/11
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Add your own javascript on a Wicket Ajax component

Wicket is great to turn a component into an Ajax-enabled component. But what happens if you want to add your own javascript on that Ajax component? Because Wicket will decorate the javascript to add Ajax support, whatever you’ll put in your html will be...

Bozhidar Bozhanov08/24/11
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What to do with IDE project files

Each IDE generates its specific project/config/build files. Eclipse generates .project and .classpath, and also the .settings directory. IntelliJ IDEA has its .iml files. And it is always a question what to do with these files in terms of source control...

Vincenzo Caselli08/24/11
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How to create an RCP application

Select File -> New -> Other… and choose Plug-in Project, then Next. In Project name field let’s give a name to our project, e.g. it.rcpvision.rcptutorial.application leave other options unchanged and press Next.  

Ken Rimple08/24/11
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Debugging add-ons via the Roo shell

Trying to debug your Roo add-ons (which are OSGi bundles)?  Here's a simple way.  Just add the old remote debugger flags to the front of the <code>java</code> invocation of the Roo shell in your roo.sh script (comment out the working version)....

Jay Fields08/24/11
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Clojure: Check For nil In a List

The every? function in Clojure is very helpful for determining if every element of a list passes a predicate. From the docs:

Juhani Lehtimaki08/24/11
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Beautiful Android design - more visually appealing apps

Amount of beautiful apps in Android Market has steadily increased in the last months. I think that more and more companies are reacting to the massive traction Android platform has. Another recent positive development is the quality of Google's own...

James Ward08/24/11
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WAR-less Java Web Apps

Have you ever thought about why in Java we package up web apps into WAR files (or WAR directory structures)? It certainly is a convenient way to move an application and its dependencies from one place to another. But wouldn’t it be nice if everything...

Alex Collins08/24/11
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AspectJ and Ant

I've just started working with AspectJ and despite its non-intuitive syntax, I'm pretty sold on its effectiveness at reducing development time and pre complexity by factoring out crosscutting concerns such as logging and security. However, the Internet is a...

Emmanuel Espina08/24/11
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Enhancing search results using machine learning

Today’s blog will be about enhancing search results by the use of machine learning. The principle is simple: if you have a very popular site you can make use of the behavior of your users to improve the search quality of new users.