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Ashod Nakashian06/08/11
12 replies

Why Code Readability Matters

Lately my colleagues have been commenting on my relentless notes on code styling in our internal code-reviews. Evidently I’ve been paying more and more attention to what could rightly be called cosmetics. Sure there are bad conventions and, well, better...

Rafał Kuć06/08/11
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Lucene and Solr 3.2

On 03 June 2011 Lucene and Solr commiters published a new, stable version of Lucene library and Solr search engine – both numbered 3.2. You should not expect revolution in terms of new functionalities, but there are few changes worth the look. Changes:

Mitch Pronschinske06/08/11
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Video: Model Driven Management with Puppet

The sysadmins at Puppet Labs are less interested in the latest marketing buzzwords and more interested in the practical day-to-day issues.  In this video...

Sagar H Ganatra06/08/11
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Server Monitoring in CF 9.0.1 - Multi Server monitor changes

Multi server monitor enables you to monitor multiple ColdFusion instances and at any point one can check the load on the added instance. If your remote server is running on the jetty (please refer to my previous post here) i.e. when the remote machine...

James Sugrue06/08/11
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Oracle v Google: What Oracle Wants As Compensation

10 months ago, Oracle filed a lawsuit against Google based on Android's use of Java. A filing on behalf of Google shows just what they're up against with Oracle. So what are Oracle demanding as compensation? Not only are they looking for a licencing deal...

Felipe Oliveira06/08/11
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Dependency Injection with Play Framework and Google Guice

Guice is a lightweight dependency injection framework developed by Google and it's a good alternative if you are looking for DI on your Play Framework-based application. Keep in mind that the framework is lightweight but you still need to evaluate your...

Rob Williams06/08/11
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A Few Minor Musings on Languages

Cedric had a tweet last week about how Scala is poised to take over the world, just not this year. It was a link to another dude. It is here I bit and found, through his post, that I really did not know that much about Scala. I had heard it was a functional ...

Steven Lott06/08/11
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Multithreading -- Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

Read this: "How to explain why multi-threading is difficult". We need to talk. This is not that difficult.

Loiane Groner06/07/11
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JAXB Custom Binding – Java.util.Date / Spring 3 Serialization

JaxB can handle Java.util.Date serialization, but it expects the following format: “yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss“. What if you need to format the date object in another format?

Matt Raible06/07/11
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Java Web Application Security - Part IV: Programmatic Login APIs

Over the last month, I've posted a number of articles on implementing authentication with Java EE 6, Spring Security and Apache Shiro. One of the things I demonstrated in my live demos (at Utah's JUG Meetings) was programmatic authentication.

Jakub Holý06/07/11
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Version hell with JSFUnit, Arquillian, and (embedded) Glassfish and other containers

JSFUnit and the JBoss Arquillian test framework for JavaEE look very promissing, but according to my experience there are good reasons why they are only beta and alpha versions. May be you can get them working but you must pick the right version of each...

Jesper Wijngaardt06/07/11
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JDev Flies on NetBeans

I'm a long time user of JDev and today the newest release came available. Like always, it took 6 hours to download and it is gigantic in size. However, start up time was incredibly fast.I wondered why and looked in the About. There I saw several mentions of...

Patrick Debois06/07/11
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Puppet Homebrew Package Provider

I've become a big fan of homebrew package system on Macosx. I moved away from macports because it allows me to easily change the way packages are compiled: sometimes I need experimental versions of software or versions that are not in macports yet.

Emmanuel Espina06/07/11
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Ham, spam and elephants (or how to build a spam filter server with Mahout)

Something quite interesting has happened with Lucene. It started as a library, then its developers began adding new projects based on it. They developed another open source project that would add crawling features (among others features) to Lucene. Nutch...

Taha Siddiqi06/06/11
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Tapestry Magic: Integrating with hibernate and multiple database support

Tapestry5 already has a module for integration with hibernate. This module is restricted to only one database. In this post I will create a small module which can support multiple databases. I am not going to provide all the facilities that...