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Patrick Debois04/15/11
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What Is This DevOps Thing, Anyway?

Last year, DevOps was just beginning to coalesce into the movement it has become today.  It's growing stronger by the day and Peter Debois obtained an excellent overview of the movement in a guest post submitted to his blog by Stephen Nelson-Smith. 

Brian Swartzfager04/15/11
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Interacting With UI Objects From the Layout in an Android Activity Object

In my last post, I promised to show how I would attach my simple example layout to an Activity object and make a change or two. Here's the layout XML again:

Terrence Ryan04/15/11
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Debugging Error with PlayBook Emulator

I ran into an issues while trying to launch a PlayBook app from Flash Builder Burrito in Debugging Mode.I launched and the "Launching [Application name]" indicator in the bottom right corner just slowly inched up to 100%, but nothing happened....

Robert Diana04/15/11
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Twitter, Possibly Facing Some Competition, Needs A Vision

Last month, Twitter celebrated its fifth birthday. I was surprised when I heard this, because it did not feel like it has been that long. However, I also realized that Twitter is now 5 years old and still has some basic issues. I am not going to complain...

David Salter04/15/11
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Converting a Spring Controller into a @Controller

In the Spring Web Framework, its typical to implement a Controller as a class that implementsorg.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.Controller, for example:

Peter Karussell04/15/11
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Longest Common Substring Algorithm in Java

For jetwick I needed yet another string algorithm and stumbled over this cool and common problem: trying to find the longest substring of two strings. Be sure that you understand the difference to the LC sequence problem. For example if we have two...

Manik Surtani04/15/11
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A new data grid JSR

Following up on my previous response to Antonio Goncalves' blog post, I have submitted a JSR to the JCP on a data grid standard, titled "Java Data Grids".  It has yet to be assigned a number by the JCP, but I thought I'd talk about it a little here...

Brian Gracely04/14/11
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101 Thoughts about the "Cloud Foundry" Announcement

This week's Cloud Foundry announcement has the Cloud Computing community buzzing about the OpenPaaS framework driven by VMware.

Martin Fowler04/14/11
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Eradicating Non-Determinism in Tests

An automated regression suite can play a vital role on a software project, valuable both for reducing defects in production and essential for evolutionary design. In talking with development teams I've often heard about the problem of non-deterministic tests...

Mitch Pronschinske04/14/11
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A Plugin to Monitor Solr Multicore Servers

Need some tools to help you monitor the usage of your Apache Solr server?  Do you also need it to support multi-core configurations?  Then check out this plugin we just found:Plugin to monitor Solr server usage. Support of multicore configuration with...

Bas De Nooijer04/14/11
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Testing Solr update XML messages

When updating a Solr index with the DataImportHandler or one of the available Solr clients you don’t really need to bother with all the details of updates. Most clients just give a simplified “add”, “delete” and “commit” interface to Solr...

Victor Savkin04/14/11
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Compile-Time Metaprogramming in Groovy, Part 1

I began playing with AST transformations in Groovy a few days ago (Review of the chapter about AST transformations (GINA2)). Being so excited about the technology I’ve decided to write a few posts (step by step tutorials) describing how to add...

Constantin Alin04/14/11
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Define a CDI Qualifier

Imagine a classic scenario – a set of beans that implements the same bean type, and injection points for those beans. Usually, when bean type has multiple implementations, you deal with a Java interface type, like this one – a simple interface...

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Simple App: Quoats

For my first real project on Google App Engine, I thought I’d try something simple and small. Quoats, what I’ve decided to call it, is an idea that’s been sitting in the back of my head for a long time.

Chris Keene04/14/11
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Death by Cloud - How Amazon is Killing Open Source Software

The mood at last week's Open Source Think Tank was surprisingly somber.