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Alex Curylo10/06/11
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“Do you create anything?”

You’re all reading this because of Steve Jobs. Our entire adult life has been spent gilding the lilies that Steve Jobs created. No bigger influence on our lives other than the parents … and even that’s somewhat debatable. How does — how can —...

Tinu Awopetu10/06/11
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Sodbeans Wins JavaOne 2011 Duke's Choice Award

How does it feel to have Sodbeans selected as a Duke's Choice Award winner at JavaOne this year? Were you surprised by the win? 

James Sugrue10/06/11
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RIP Steve Jobs: Thank You For Thinking Differently

There are few people in this industry that cause the level of emotion that Steve Jobs does. In his passing at home with his family this Wednesday, there a huge outpouring of tributes to the person that I consider to be the most inspirational and most...

Giorgio Sironi10/06/11
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Temporal correlation in Git repositories

Michael Feathers presented his recurring idea of finding out which elements of design change together: his goal is to discover which classes or methods are really coupled by analyzing empirical data instead of static analysis. Since he didn't publish code,...

Craig Dickson10/06/11
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Amazon S3 Announces Server Side Encryption Support

Today Amazon announced a free enhancement to its Simple Storage Service (S3) which will allow users to encrypt their data on upload, making S3 a secure storage site in the cloud.

Kristoffer Sjögren10/05/11
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Configuration Management in Java EE

Configuration Management has a lot of relevance in Cloud Computing as I tried to argue earlier. Actually, I would boldly claim that Configuration Management is a corner stone in any serious attempt to squeeze a few dollars out of software. So what is...

Roger Hughes10/05/11
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The Benefits and Dangers of using Opensource Java Libraries and Frameworks

Everyone in the Java world seems to use various opensource libraries and frameworks... and why not, there are hundreds available covering virtually every type of programming problem you’re likely to come across in today’s programming landscape. This...

Jacob Orshalick10/05/11
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Java and Rails integration with JAX-RS and ActiveResource

ActiveResource makes it easy to integrate Rails applications through RESTful services, but what if the resource is being produced by a Java application. JAX-RS is the best bet for writing these resources and with a few tricks we can get a service to...

Manik Surtani10/05/11
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Transaction remake in Infinispan 5.1

If you ever used Infinispan in a transactional way you might be very interested in this article as it describes some very significant improvements in version 5.1 "Brahma" (released with 5.1.Beta1):

Roger Hughes10/05/11
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Looking into the Magic of Dependency Injection Using Annotations - Part 3

This is the third in a short series of blogs that looks into implementing dependency injection using annotations.If you’re familiar with Spring or EJB3, you’ll know the sort of thing I’m talking about: you write you class; add a few annotations, for...

Mitch Pronschinske10/05/11
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HTML5 Zone - A Dojo for Web Ninjas

The Web as a platform is changing faster every day—blink, and you're behind.  Just look at the version numbers of browsers lately.  This year we started with IE9, Chrome 8, and Firefox 4.  Next year, we could see IE11, Chrome 20, and Firefox 12.  The...

Mitch Pronschinske10/05/11
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"Java Life" Music Video

The rap music video made for JavaOne 2011

Peter Pilgrim10/05/11
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JavaOne 2011 Impressions

The first news is that JavaFX 2.0 has been released as general availability [Alternative download here]. Oracle have delivered on their promised, or may be it was Sun Microsystems vision, to reinvigorate the user interface on the desktop. I think this is a...

Mats Lindh10/05/11
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Solr Slowdown - Know What Partition You Index to

This is perhaps the most obvious and “not very helpful” post for quite a few people, but for those who experience this issue, it’ll save the day. While doing a test index routine of around 6 million documents, things would get really slow at the...

Jim Bird10/05/11
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Has Static Analysis reached its limits?

HP’s acquisition of Fortify last year (which I am sure has made some people at Kleiner Perkins happy) has made me think some more about static analysis and the state of the technology.