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Wille Faler07/02/11
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A Simple Scala Validation Framework

I was on the lookout for Scala validation frameworks, and I couldn’t readily find any that where not part of/dependent on some web- or other framework. Furthermore, I didn’t want to use a Java validation framework with all the compromises that would...

Dave Farley07/02/11
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How long to retain build output?

Martin Fowler has recently made a post on the topic of the importance of reproducible builds. This is a vital principle for any process of continuous integration. The ability to recreate any given version of your system is essential, but there are several...

Lynda Moulton07/02/11
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Collaboration, Convergence and Adoption

Here we are, half way through 2011, and on track for a banner year in the adoption of enterprise search, text mining/text analytics, and their integration with collaborative content platforms. You might ask for evidence; what I can offer is anecdotal...

Venkatt Guhesan07/02/11
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Not all Tomcat 6 classloaders must be equal

Today, while doing some Grails development I came across a peculiar issue that perplexed me and I’m documenting it for all others to benefit. (Also see my other blog from today for the issue that started this journey). Here are my...

Rob Williams07/02/11
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Solution to Tomcat Not Restarting on OS/X

Our mac mini server has tomcat on it, running Jenkins. Even when you do a clean restart, it doesn‘t load Tomcat properly. The reason is that the pid file is not removed on shutdown. I have searched on this before and found nothing. Tonight, I searched...

Taha Siddiqi07/02/11
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A Modal Dialog For Tapestry

As Tapestry does not provide a Dialog Box, let us see how difficult(or easy) it is to create one on our own. We will use ModalBox as it has an MIT license and it is written in prototype (Soon this won’t be a criteria for choosing a script as Tapestry is...

Mihai Fonoage07/01/11
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Unit and Functional Testing in Android

I don't have to tell you that testing is a fundamental part of the product development cycle, although I just did. No matter if you are developing for the desktop, web, or mobile space, you should make sure that the end software system works as required....

Razi Sharir07/01/11
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“NewSQL-as-a-Service” Cloud Database

In a blog post following a recent report by the 451 Group, Matthew Aslett, a senior analyst for the research firm, defines the term “NewSQL” as a new breed of SQL database-related products.

Ben Kepes07/01/11
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Cloudera Goes Full Lifecycle Management for Hadoop

Hadoop is gaining users as a way of running data-intensive distributed applications. I has been put to good use to help with the data issues faced by companies such as twitter, Facebook and eBay.

Andy Moncsek07/01/11
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Creating a WebSocket-Chat-Application with Jetty and Glassfish

This article describes how to create a simple HTML5 chat application using WebSockets to connect to a Java back-end.

Robert Diana07/01/11
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Google Plus Looks Good But Needs An Application Platform

By now you have likely heard that Google finally released its long-awaited social offering. First, let’s look at the basics:

Matt Raible07/01/11
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Agile Hiring Book Review

While working for Time Warner Cable last year, I experienced a unique challenge: building a team of strong developers in a short amount of time.

Loiane Groner07/01/11
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Setting Up SSL on Tomcat in 5 minutes

This tutorial will walk you through how to configure SSL (https://localhost:8443 access) on Tomcat in 5 minutes.For this tutorial you will need: Java SDK (used version 6 for this tutorial)Tomcat (used version 7 for this tutorial) The set up consists in 3...

Constantin Alin07/01/11
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Trivial login form in JSF 2.0

This tip is an example of how you can create a trivial login form in JSF 2.0 . The credentials are hardcoded as final variables – in real application, you need will compare the entered values agains a database.

Jelle Victoor07/01/11
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JPA 2, The Access annotation

JPA 1 has a strict rule about what the access when defining your meta annotations (you database to java mapping). In jpa 1 the standard was the way the ID was mapped.