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Francois Lascelles03/04/11
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Enteprise SaaS integration using REST and OAuth

The current trend of moving enterprise applications to SaaS-style public cloud solutions is raising a number of concerns regarding security and governance. What about integration though? In the now legacy enterprise, various applications are deployed...

Scott Morrison 03/04/11
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Hacking the Cloud

I’m not sure who is more excited about the cloud these days: hackers or venture capitalists. But certainly both groups smell opportunity. An interesting article published by CNET a little while back nicely illustrates the growing interest the former have...

Robert Diana03/04/11
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Search, Personalization And Recommendation

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about the future of our information consumption. Are we going to be using search in a different way or using niche search engines? Are we going to get recommendations from from our social network? Will the results...

Jason Van Zyl03/04/11
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Hudson Plugins, Meet Dependency Injection: JSR330 Support Now Available

Two weeks ago we proposed that Hudson plugin authors be able to use dependency injection through the JSR-330 standard. This change makes it easier to write Hudson plugins without having to dig into Hudson internals, it provides greater separation between...

Matt Raible03/04/11
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Upgraded to Apache Roller 5.0, RC4

Last Sunday, Dave Johnson released Apache Roller 5.0, RC4. Since I'm an Apache Roller committer, and I've been seeing issues with comments throwing exceptions on this site, I decided to upgrade. In doing so, I discovered a number of issues. Hopefully by...

James Sugrue03/04/11
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Prediction #2: ALM tools become the gateway drug for hooking developers on cloud and PaaS

This is a reposting from Mik Kersten's Tasktop Blog.  Look for more predictions in this series on his blog and on Agile Zone.

Katie Mckinsey03/03/11
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First Look: ColdFusion Builder 2 Beta Release

In their ongoing efforts to create a more dynamic coding experience, and to bring current users of alternative platforms into the fold, Adobe is announcing the release of the first public beta for ColdFusion Builder 2.  Adobe's ColdFusion Builder is a...

Michael Schnell03/03/11
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A Better Java Webstart for Standalone Apps

Webstart is a nice solution for deploying Java applications. But when it comes to a corporate environment, it has a not-so-small problem: The Java Runtime System itself. If several applications share the same Runtime, you may get into version trouble—Some...

Javier Paniza03/03/11
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Be Standard, be Free: Use JSR-303 for Validation

No matter what type of application we develop, coding validations is our everyday task. For years we have used a big variety of techniques and frameworks for validation with success. However, flor some time we have a standard in Java for validation, the...

Martijn Verburg03/03/11
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Modularity is Hard. Lets do a Jigsaw.

Before we get underway, we want to make the point that all of this is based on our current understanding of the positions of both the OSGi folk and the current plans for Jigsaw. We're not an expert in either, so there may well be egregious lies in this post!...

Gabriel Jeremia...03/03/11
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Struts 2 and JQuery Example Project with Jasper for Reporting

In continuation to my last article I will give the code needed for a Struts 2 and JQuery project. I will call the project TransportBooking. The important additions we make to JQuery is Jasper reporting which will add reporting functionality to the results...

Rob Williams03/03/11
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Repositories Anti-Pattern: Duplicate Nodes

The original Sun blueprints encouraged developers to make a DAO for every entity, then when graphs got large, code became a huge pile of goo where various entities were rolled up into build logic that was hard-coded, ugly and error prone.

Jay Fields03/03/11
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Clojure: Eval-ing a String in Clojure

I recently needed to eval a string into Clojure and found it was easy, but it wasn't accomplished in the way I expected. My recent experience with eval was in Ruby, so I naturally reached for Clojure's eval function. I quickly found that Clojure's eval was...

Dennis Doomen03/02/11
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ALM Practices Part 2: Peer Reviews

What is it? A formal review of all code and artifacts related to a requirement or task by another person than the original developer. Rework because of review comments must be revalidated afterwards. Why would you do that?