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Matt Raible06/25/11
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My Java Web Application Security Presentation from Jazoon 2011

Yesterday I delivered my Java Web Application Security talk at Jazoon. The presentation I gave was similar to the one I delivered at Utah JUG, but contains a few more slides about penetration testing and securing REST APIs. I also opted not to embed the...

Rafał Andrzejewski06/25/11
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“Car sale application” – SpellCheckComponent – did you really mean that ? (part 5)

The time has come to add another important functionality to our car sale application. It will be the spell checking mechanism with the ability to construct a new query from the suggestions. It has become the main functionality of every search engine so we...

Jim Bird06/24/11
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What I like (and don't like) about DevOps

I’ve spent a lot of time in my career working on problems that cross the lines between development and operations. That’s why I am interested in the emerging DevOps community: a bunch of smart people who are trying to bring development and operations...

Mark Needham06/24/11
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Tech Leading: Keeping the passion

As I mentioned a couple of months ago, while I was in India I was acting as the Tech Lead on the project the TWU grads were working on and one thing I learnt from doing that is the importance of trying to keep the passion of the developers on the...

Jelle Victoor06/24/11
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Java EE6 Decorators, decorating classes at injection time

A common design pattern in software is the decorator pattern. We take a class and we wrap another class around it. This way, when we call the class, we always pass trough the surrounding class before we reach the inner class

Martin Fowler06/24/11
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Flag Argument

A flag argument is a kind of function argument that tells the function to carry out a different operation depending on its value. Let's imagine we want to make booking for a concert. There are two ways to do this: regular and premium . To use a flag ...

kent tong06/24/11
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TDD adapted for mere mortals

I’ve been teaching and practicing agile for several years and there is definitely a problem with TDD: People find it very difficult to use. I believe there are certain points, either in the TDD itself or in people’s interpretation of it, that should...

John Whish06/24/11
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Preserving large numbers in Query or Query

I hit a problem with QueryNew recently which caused a few headaches because 13 digit strings were being converted to standard notation. This is a pretty unusual use-case but I thought it was worth blogging anyway. I've got an admin for products where you...

Michael Chaize06/24/11
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Adaptive UI: Mobile vs Tablet

The screen size of a tablet device is much bigger than a smartphone one. It’s very close to a desktop one. If you plan to develop a mobile application and run it on smarphones and tablets, you need to adapt the UI (your views) for several reasons: user...

Michael Mccandless06/24/11
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Track your home's live electricity usage with Python

Modern electric meters (the one attached to the outside of your house) emit an IR flash for each watt-hour consumed, through the port on the top of the meter. It turns out, it's easy to detect this flash, decode it into "live" power usage, and...

Rafał Kuć06/24/11
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Quick look: Solr Frange Queries

In Solr 1.4 there was a new type of query presented: the frange queries. This new type of query lets you search for a range of values. According to the Solr developers, these queries should be much faster from normal range queries. I thought that I should...

Robert Diana06/24/11
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Is Google App Engine An Enterprise Solution?

There has been a lot of discussion lately about “cloud” offerings and what is the cloud. I am going to avoid a definition of the cloud, but I am going to talk about the various infrastructure offerings that are available, specifically the differences...

Matt Raible06/24/11
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Hyperproductive JSF 2.0 with Ed Burns at Jazoon

This morning, I attended Ed Burn's Talk on Hyperproductive JSF 2.0 at Jazoon. As you might know, I've been a critic of JSF for many years. However, it is one of the most used Java web frameworks, so I was hoping to learn how it's improved in the latest...

Jelle Victoor06/23/11
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Java EE6 CDI, Named Components and Qualifiers

One of the biggest promises java EE6 made, was to ease the use of dependency injection. They did, using CDI. CDI, which stands for Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE, offers a base set to apply dependency injection in your enterprise...

Mark Needham06/23/11
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Scala/Mustache: Creating a comma separated list

We’re using the Mustache templating engine on my project at the moment and one thing that we wanted to do was build a comma separated list. Mustache is designed so that you pretty much can’t do any logic in the template which made it really difficult to...