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Roger Hughes10/01/11
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Searching Maven Central

It seems that no matter how much you read about software and how much you try and learn, you always seem to miss something pretty useful. I’ve been using Maven for at least three years and only found out a few weeks ago that you can search the Maven...

Wille Faler10/01/11
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Developers Must Feel the Pain of Operations

I firmly believe that software developers not being responsible for their software in production is as damaging, bad and stupid as bankers not being responsible for their losses. To further the analogy by paraphrasing a commonly used derogatory term about...

Mark Miller10/01/11
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Garbage Collection Bootcamp 1.0

Table Of Contents What is Garbage CollectionTuning Garbage CollectionThe Garbage CollectorsChoo

Matt Raible09/30/11
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Integrating HTML5 Boilerplate with Scalate and Play

HTML5 Boilerplate is a project that provides a number of basic files to help you build an HTML5 application. At its core, it's an HTML template that puts CSS at the top, JavaScript at the bottom, installs Chrome Frame for IE6 users and leverages Modernizr...

Bozhidar Bozhanov09/30/11
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Spring-managed Hibernate Listeners with JPA

A standard use-case – you need an entity listener in order to execute some code on every update/insert/delete. For auditing, for example. But things are not straightforward if you need spring dependencies in your listeners and you are using JPA.

Roger Hughes09/30/11
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Looking into the Magic of Dependency Injection Using Annotations - Part 1

One of the things that every Spring and EJB3 developer does on a daily basis is to use annotations to inject instance variables into your objects, which, it seems, has become something we do without thinking about. You know the type of thing I’m...

Eric Daugherty09/30/11
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The End of the Independent Device Maker

Sony, Panasonic, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, HTC. All big names in the consumer electronics market. All struggling to find relevance in a newly connected world. Enter Apple, and Amazon? Apple begin the revolution with the iPod, and iTunes. Vertical...

Manuel Jordan09/30/11
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Pro JPA 2 Mastering the Java Persistence API

Thus this book let you learn from the scratch JPA 2.0, with an easy curve, already experimented programmers could consider this book like a good reference, below the TOC Chapter 01:...

James Sugrue09/30/11
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Using CDI to Access Infinispan

Since the 5.0 release, Infinispan have added support for CDI access to their data grid platform, as well as exposing a JSR107 compatible cache interface. I spoke to Peter Muir and Kevin Pollet to find out more about CDI access and why it matters, JSR107...

Krishna Kumar09/29/11
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Time Off, Vacations and Sabbaticals for Programmers

Joel Spolsky asked a question on Google+: Programmers: would you work for 75% of your current salary if you got 3 months vacation in the summer? There were many interesting responses. But let me highlight a few, ignoring the “no” comments.

Solomon Duskis09/29/11
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Yoga: RESTful and flexible

I've been working on yoga a hybrid REST theory/practice framework that "rests" on top of other Java REST MVC frameworks. The core of the framework is a custom rendering engine that converts POJOs to the user's desired representation. The...

John Ferguson Smart09/29/11
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Using Selenium 2.6 ExpectedConditions with Thucydides

Thucydides is an open source library designed to help you write better ATDD-style automated acceptance tests with Selenium 2.

Stephen Chin09/29/11
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JavaFX 2.0 and Scala, Like Milk and Cookies

JavaFX 2.0 and Scala are both great technologies individually, but work even better when used together.  JavaFX 2.0 is a powerful rich client technology with advanced graphics, animation, and media capabilities.  Scala is a simple, yet powerful language...

Matt Raible09/29/11
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Trying to make CoffeeScript work with Scalate and Play

A few weeks ago, I wrote about integrating Scalate with Play.

Jim Moscater09/29/11
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Meet Up With DZone @ JavaOne 2011 and Oracle Open World In San Francisco!!

Interested in being a major player in one of the largest developer communities on the web? Do you have a knack for finding and sharing awesome developer content? Do you want to be a recognized name in your space and a major driver of discussions and knowledge...