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James Ward03/09/11
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Integrating Flex and Java EE with JBoss

Flex and Java have always fit together very nicely. Connecting from Flex to a Java back-end is pretty straightforward whether you are using plain old Java beans, Spring beans, or EJB session beans. I’ve created a video and some sample code that shows...

Katie Mckinsey03/08/11
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Clouds Gathering in Silicon Valley: Cloud Connect 2011

What is Cloud Connect? Cloud Connect 2011 is one of this year's largest Silicon Valley gatherings of Cloud contributors. The event began yesterday, March 7th, and runs through Thursday, March 10th.

Scott Morrison 03/08/11
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The API Lab

Promotion is a problem faced by every API developer. Long nights of coding have given form to the stroke of genius you had six months ago in the cafe. You’ve just written the API that will serve as the front door into your application. But how do you...

Giorgio Sironi03/08/11
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GitHub is a web application, Twitter is not (yet)

Yesterday, in a lecture on web technologies, we consider Flash application and what is their position in the web.Is a Flash application a web application? The answer was yes and no. It is in some sense, since it is delivered over HTTP. However, it is not...

Ravindra Rawat03/08/11
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Movie Recommendation App using Spring Data and Redis

This blog explains how to build a movie recommendation app using Spring Data and Redis, a NoSQL database. We will be using a NoXML approach and try to identify the nuances of a NoSQL database.The Movie recommendation application stores the ratings for...

Matt Raible03/08/11
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Upgrading to JSF 2

Last week, I spent a few hours upgrading AppFuse from JSF 1.2 to JSF 2.0. In reality, I upgraded from MyFaces 1.2.7 to 2.0.4, but all JSF implementations should be the same, right? All in all, it was a pretty easy upgrade with a few minor AppFuse-specific...

Evgeny Goldin03/08/11
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Ubuntu: Installing Apache Portable Runtime (APR) for Tomcat

After reading “Introducing Apache Tomcat 6″ presentation by Mladen Turk I decided to enable Apache Portable Runtime (APR) native library for Tomcat. It was supposed to be as easy as

Markus Eisele03/08/11
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Both Weblogic and Glassfish are strategic products for Oracle

VP Development Anil Gaur and Product Manager Adam Leftik explain Oracle's strategy for creating increasing integration between GlassFish Server and Oracle WebLogic Server with an overview of new features and functionality for developers in GlassFish. The...

Max Katz03/07/11
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Tiggr interactive HTML prototypes upgrades to use jQuery Mobile version 1.0 Alpha 3.

The state of Mobile Web development today is probably what was traditional Web back in 1996. Many companies is racing to create mobile presence, be it in the form of a native applications or mobile Web applications. To set the native vs Web debate a side for...

Bhaskar Sunkara03/07/11
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It's All About the Business

You may think you’ve heard this discussion before, but I’d wager a guess that you’ve actually heard more about transactions than about business. I want to tell you why you actually need to put the focus on the business. In today’s world where more...

Axel Rauschmayer03/07/11
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Lightweight JavaScript inheritance APIs

Creating objects via constructor functions is fairly straightforward in JavaScript. But as soon as you want to do inheritance, things become complicated. This post examines how inheritance works in traditional JavaScript. It then presents four APIs that...

Ricky Ho03/07/11
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BI at large scale

As more and more data being collected everywhere from pretty much everything a user do, such as transactions activities, social interactions, information search ... enterprises has been actively looking into ways to turn these vast amount of raw data into...

Evgeny Goldin03/07/11
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Maven Plugins v0.2.1 – re-written and open-sourced!

A "0.1" release of these Maven plugins back in November brought a lot of attention to the project, which showed me that other Maven developers find them as useful as I do. Later, people started to send me new suggestions and open YouTrack issues...

James Sugrue03/07/11
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Public Beta Open For Chronon: The Time Travelling Debugger

Chronon Systems have started a public beta of the Chronon time travelling debugger for Java. Chronon is a revolutionary new technology for Java that consists of: