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Tim O'brien10/10/11
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Will You Know When a Security Flaw is Found in a Production App?

After developing enterprise applications for a number of years, I’ve noticed one common thread.   An application’s open source dependencies tend to stabilize over time.  An application with stable  dependencies requires less ongoing support, but it...

Nicolas Frankel10/10/11
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Maven doesn’t suck, your POM does

Maven bashing is an all-time favorite: there are plenty of articles telling how Maven downloads the whole Internet, or how POMs are bloated and so on. While I agree that Maven could be perfected, I’m also aware that some (if not most) of its shortcomings...

Tim O'brien10/09/11
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Open Source Changes Fast. Can You Keep Up?

Bouncy Castle.   Do those words mean anything to you?   If you are a Java developer, you might know that Bouncy Castle is an encryption library often used to generate secure hash codes and encrypt data.  In other words, it is a silly project name for a...

Taha Siddiqi10/09/11
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Tapestry Magic #9: Integrating with hibernate and multiple database support

Tapestry5 already has a module for integration with hibernate. This module is restricted to only one database. In this post I will create a small module which can support multiple databases. I am not going to provide all the facilities that...

Mark Needham10/09/11
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Git: Getting the history of a deleted file

We recently wanted to get the Git history of a file which we knew existed but had now been deleted so we could find out what had happened to it. Using a simple git log didn’t work:

Sandro Mancuso10/09/11
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How's mentorship seen in Software Craftsmanship?

First, a little bit of background and metaphor 

Peter Simun10/09/11
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Generating async version of the GWT remote services

IntroductionShakespeare would ask: to generate async version of the GWT remote service or to not generate async version of the GWT remote service?Our answer is: definetelly generate them!

Roger Hughes10/08/11
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Using AspectJ’s @AfterThrowing Advice in your Spring App

This may not be strictly true, but it seems to me that the Guy’s at Spring are always banging on about AspectJ and Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), to the point where I suspect that it’s used widely under the hood and is an integral part of Spring...

Bill Bejeck10/08/11
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Android Unit Testing

This post is going to cover unit testing a native Android application.   While working on my own modest Android application, I wanted to add some non-instrumented unit tests and was surprised  how challenging it was to use mock objects.  Admittedly,...

Max Katz10/08/11
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HTML5 Local Storage - Building a Sample App In Tiggr Mobile Apps Builder

HTML5's local storage is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and most talked about features in the HTML5 technology stack. Local storage is part of Web Storage specification and is supported by all modern browsers (destkop and mobile). Although local...

Den D.10/08/11
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Using system alerts with the Windows Phone SDK 7.1

With the release of the new SDK developers also gained access to a new set of APIs. One of these revolves around the OS-based alert mechanism. If you’ve used a NoDo (or pre-NoDo) device and activated a standard system alarm or used the calendar to...

Roger Hughes10/07/11
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Using Spring’s @Required Annotation

When your application needs a bean class, it’s not unusual for certain attributes to be mandatory, which if missed from your Spring config file will cause you problems at some undetermined future time. The Guys at Spring thought of this and came up with...

Max Katz10/07/11
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What You Need To Build Cool Enterprise Applications With JSF [Slides]

Slides from my JavaOne 2011 conference talk in San Francisco.

Wayne Adams10/07/11
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VisualVM Extensions

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I noticed recently that the JDK utility VisualVM is extensible, and it was my goal to create a useful extension. I didn't intend to create a "getting started" guide, as there is plenty of information already...

James Betteley10/07/11
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Installing Go (cruise) Build Agents on Linux

This is just an easy at-a-glance reference for installing the Go cruise agent on Linux because I’ve done it a few times and just want to have the instructions in one place. I’m using centos for my OS, but these instructions are true for most rpm...