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Mitch Pronschinske12/07/11
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MongoDB On Windows Azure

A new preview release of the MongoDB controller for Azure is available. This release includes support for replica sets, and over the coming months, we’ll be adding support for MongoDB’s sharding facilities. We’ll also be working to more tightly...

Wille Faler12/07/11
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The Big Picture: True Machine Intelligence & Predictive Power

At the beginning of last week, I launched GreedAndFearIndex - a SaaS platform that automatically reads thousands of financial news articles daily to deduce what companies are in the news and whether financial sentiment is positive or negative. It’s an...

James Sugrue12/07/11
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Is Now The Best Time To Be A Software Developer?

For those of us in software development, it's easy to think that unless we've created an amazing startup, that we don't really matter. If you need a confidence boost, why not read "The Rise of Developeronomics", written by Venkatesh Rao for Forbes....

Mitch Pronschinske12/07/11
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Doing DevOps "Before it was Cool"

We caught up to Eric Minick of UrbanCode at the Agile 2011 conference and asked him how he has been involved with the DevOps movement before it really had a...

Michael Schnell12/07/11
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Combining Strong Typing and Bean Validation (JSR 303)

Sometimes, it’s nice to use strong typing instead of repeating the same checks all over the layers and tiers. The interesting thing is that making a class robust against misuse is very similar to using Java Bean Validation. A classical approach may look...

Mark Needham12/07/11
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Continuous Delivery: Removing manual scenarios

On the project that I’m currently working on we’re trying to move to the stage where we’d be able to deploy multiple times a week while still having a reasonable degree of confidence that the application still works. One of the (perhaps obvious)...

Trisha Gee12/07/11
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Video of our JAX London session

At JAX London Mike and I presented "Understanding the Disruptor - A Beginner's Guide to Hardcore Concurrency".  This is the session we initially previewed to the London Java Community a few weeks earlier.  The content is the same, but the feel of...

Axel Rauschmayer12/07/11
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The art of giving and taking criticism

This post provides a few rules that help with giving and taking criticism.

Buddhika Chamith12/06/11
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Cassandra: Lessons Learned

After working with Cassandra for couple of months I thought of jotting down my Cassandra experience including what we did, what I liked and not so liked. But I need to put a little disclaimer up front. We are currently using Cassandra 0.7  (“What...

Pat Shaughnessy12/06/11
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Two ways of using Redis to build a NoSQL autocomplete search index

Last week I demonstrated how to setup autocomplete in a new Rails 3.1 app using the Soulmate gem, from SeatGeek. Soulmate uses Redis to cache all of the autocomplete phrases in memory, providing lightning fast query results.

Rafał Kuć12/06/11
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Solr 4.0: New 'fl' Parameter Functionalities – First Look

In connection with the work of slowly upcoming release of Apache Solr version 4.0 I thought that it is time to shed some light on the functionalities that you will get into your hands with the release of Apache Solr 4.0. The first change we will look at is...

Mitch Pronschinske12/06/11
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Deploy ALL the Things - Deployment Myths Part 2

This is part 2 in a post on deployment strategies. The previous post is located here

Blaise Doughan12/06/11
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Reusing Generated JAXB Classes

In this post I will demonstrate how to leverage the -episode XJC extension to reuse classes previously generated from.an XML schema.  This is useful when an XML schema is imported by other XML schemas and you do not want the same classes generated each...

Peter Lawrey12/06/11
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Test a complete failure of the JVM

Say you want to test that your application behaves correctly on restart even after the application crashes. One approach is to trigger a crash in test code and check that data is in a correctable state on restart.

Jens Schauder12/06/11
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Three Types of Learning

My kids are playing chess. And they really eager to play it even better. Therefore I’m reading books about how to teach chess. Much of the advice in the book are really not that specialized on chess but are applicable for any kind of learning and...