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Chad Lung10/22/11
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Using a Java Servlet Filter to intercept the response HTTP status code with NetBeans IDE 7 and Maven

Version 2.3 of the Java servlet spec introduced the concept of filters. According to the documentation from Oracle’s site: “A filter dynamically intercepts requests and responses to transform or use the information contained in the requests or...

Udo Borkowski10/22/11
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Efficient and Customizable TreeLayout Algorithm in Java

The Java TreeLayout described below creates tree layouts for arbitrary trees. It is not restricted to a specific output or format, but can be used for any kind of two dimensional diagram. Examples are Swing based components, SVG files, and many more. This...

James Betteley10/22/11
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Best Practices for Build and Release Management: Part 1

Firstly, Release Management has been around for long enough for it to no longer mean what it used to mean. Release Management used to be concentrated on the discipline of “creating a release of software”, that generally involved the following key...

Paul Hinz10/21/11
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Why Portals are not dead

Portals are not dead, but they were supposed to be. What happened? In early 2000, architects and technologists believed portals were to become the single UI interface for all web applications built by an enterprise. But five years later, most developers...

Blaise Doughan10/21/11
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JAXB (XJC) Imported Schemas and XML Catalogs

XML schema has a power mechanism called "import".  Import allows one XML schema to reference elements and types from another XML schema.  This means you could define types to represent commonly used information once and import these types into...

Chad Lung10/21/11
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Build a simple AtomPub Java client to convert ATOM XML to JSON

In a previous post I showed you how to build a simple AtomPub client with Netbeans 7, Maven, Java and Apache Abdera. If you haven’t read that article then please do so now so that this new article makes more sense.

David Green10/21/11
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How much architecture is enough?

Software architecture is hard. Creating a simple, consistent, flexible environment in which we can solve the customer’s ever-changing problems is no easy task. Keeping it that way is harder still. Striking the right balance between all the competing...

Mitch Pronschinske10/21/11
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Devs Get Rewarded for Finishing on Time, but Ops Get Punished if Your Code Leads to Outages

A companion post by Josh Duncan summarizes a session at DevOps Days by Jesse Robbins, the CEO of Opscode (they make 'Chef' if you don't know).  The session, which has an amazing title: , is posted below for you to view in its entirety, but I'll point out a...

Craig Dickson10/21/11
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Screencast: Amazon Elastic Beanstalk Eclipse Plugin – Deploying Your Application Directly to Elastic Beanstalk

This screencast shows how the AmazonElastic Beanstalk plugin for Eclipse allows developers to directly deploy their Java Web Applications from within

Matt Raible10/21/11
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Developing with HTML5, CoffeeScript and Twitter's Bootstrap

Matt Raible builds the front-end of a workout app using CoffeeScript and Twitter's Bootstrap UI kit.

James Betteley10/21/11
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JDepend design metrics in CI

This article is intended to give the reader enough information to understand what JDepend is, what it does, and how to use it in a maven build. It’s a kind of cheat sheet, if you like. What is it? JDepend is more of a design metric than a code metric, it...

David Fishman10/21/11
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Your search software supplier has been acquired? The safe bet: Lucene/Solr open source

To hear him tell it two weeks ago, Larry Ellison’s Oracle had everything you need for search technology; no need for that legacy search platform, Autonomy. In fact, Oracle and Mark Hurd had quite a few unflattering things to say about HP and that search...

Simon Massey10/20/11
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Test Driving the MVVM Pattern with ZK Ajax

Introduction This article is the latest in a series demonstrating alternative GUI Design Patterns using the ZK RIA AJAX framework. Two previous articles used the Model-View-Presenter and Model-View-Controller patterns in the context of implementing a simple...

Blaise Doughan10/20/11
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Mixing Nesting and References with JAXB's XmlAdapter

Recently I came across a question on Stack Overflow asking if JAXB could marshal the first occurrence of an object as containment and all subsequent occurrences as a reference.  Below is an expanded version of my answer (up votes appreciated)...

Chad Lung10/20/11
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Building a simple AtomPub client with NetBeans IDE 7, Maven, Java and Apache Abdera

In my last article I showed you how to create and run a simple AtomPub server using Apache Abdera. Today we will create a client (using modified code provided in this guide as well as the Apache Abdera examples) to put some data into the AtomPub server.