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Cedric Beust03/11/11
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Rehabilitating the Singleton Pattern

“Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software” came out in 1994 and it changed the software engineering landscape. What made this book unique is that it wasn’t really based on code (although it did contain a decent amount of it) but...

John Ferguson Smart03/11/11
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Build Pipelines with Jenkins/Hudson

This article is an extract from the upcoming book Jenkins: The Definitive Guide, to be published in the coming months with O'Reilly..

Evgeny Goldin03/10/11
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My Git Workflow

When you work with Subversion you don’t talk much about workflow because there’s only one available 99% of time:..svn updatesvn statussvn commit..I have an "ss" alias to "svn update && svn status" combination which I run very...

Howard Lewis Ship03/10/11
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Hibernate w/ transient objects

Am I missing something with Hibernate, or is it pretty darn hard to mix the following:

Dan Dyer03/10/11
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Thoughts on Amazon’s Android App Store

I’ve posted some thoughts about Amazon’s upcoming Android Appstore over at the Rectangular Blog. There has been a lot of discussion about Amazon requiring control over app pricing, most of it focusing on the potential negatives for developers. However,...

Matt Raible03/10/11
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WebSockets with Johnny Wey at Denver JUG

This evening, I attended Denver JUG to hear Johnny Wey talk about WebSockets. This month, the location moved and even though I had a nice bike ride to the meeting, I showed up about 20 minutes late. Johnny's talk lasted about 40 minutes, so I missed the first...

Mitch Pronschinske03/09/11
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Going Beyond the Basics With Open Source Search

Useful search technology is more than just an entry bar and a list of results.  These days, companies like LinkedIn, Amazon, and others are showing us just...
Martijn Verburg03/09/11
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A Glimpse at MethodHandle and its Usage

Due to Java’s Reflection API we have been able to inspect and alter program ex

James Ward03/09/11
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Integrating Flex and Java EE with JBoss

Flex and Java have always fit together very nicely. Connecting from Flex to a Java back-end is pretty straightforward whether you are using plain old Java beans, Spring beans, or EJB session beans. I’ve created a video and some sample code that shows...

Katie Mckinsey03/08/11
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Clouds Gathering in Silicon Valley: Cloud Connect 2011

What is Cloud Connect? Cloud Connect 2011 is one of this year's largest Silicon Valley gatherings of Cloud contributors. The event began yesterday, March 7th, and runs through Thursday, March 10th.

Scott Morrison 03/08/11
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The API Lab

Promotion is a problem faced by every API developer. Long nights of coding have given form to the stroke of genius you had six months ago in the cafe. You’ve just written the API that will serve as the front door into your application. But how do you...

Giorgio Sironi03/08/11
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GitHub is a web application, Twitter is not (yet)

Yesterday, in a lecture on web technologies, we consider Flash application and what is their position in the web.Is a Flash application a web application? The answer was yes and no. It is in some sense, since it is delivered over HTTP. However, it is not...

Ravindra Rawat03/08/11
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Movie Recommendation App using Spring Data and Redis

This blog explains how to build a movie recommendation app using Spring Data and Redis, a NoSQL database. We will be using a NoXML approach and try to identify the nuances of a NoSQL database.The Movie recommendation application stores the ratings for...

Matt Raible03/08/11
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Upgrading to JSF 2

Last week, I spent a few hours upgrading AppFuse from JSF 1.2 to JSF 2.0. In reality, I upgraded from MyFaces 1.2.7 to 2.0.4, but all JSF implementations should be the same, right? All in all, it was a pretty easy upgrade with a few minor AppFuse-specific...