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Markus Eisele04/01/11
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Why NetBeans isn't an Enterprise Solution - for me

We are all looking forward to the new NetBeans 7.0 release which should come out in a few weeks. And the more excitement grows the more people start asking questions about if it's suitable for enterprise development or not.

Wayne Adams04/01/11
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Day 3 - Prolog

Prolog is the 3rd language covered in Bruce Tate's Seven Languages in Seven Weeks, and is a declarative, rather than imperative, language. Prolog is not new, of course (1972), but I have to admit this is the first time I've taken a look at it.

Constantin Alin04/01/11
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How to control time with JSR 310

Are you enough with java.util.Date and Calendar? Is relatively hard to use and does not satisfy your “hunger” for time control? If the answer is “yes”, then it is time to take a closer look to JSR 310 which is a set of classes for Java 7 which are...

Terrence Ryan03/31/11
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Dear ColdFusion Skeptic

Hi, how you doing? Your day going okay? Cool. I'm not looking to fight you. It got a little heated on Twitter. I know our community is passionate; sometimes that "passion" becomes "an angry mob of flame warriors." You think bad...

Grant Ingersoll03/31/11
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NoSQL, Lucene and Solr

The other day, Michael Coté asked me where Apache Lucene and Solr fit in with the NoSQL movement (having heard about the Guardian’s use of Solr), to which I replied:  I haven’t used SQL in any significant way since I started using Lucene in 2004 (and...

Mitch Pronschinske03/31/11
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Anuenue - A Simple Package for Building Solr Clusters

Found a neat open source tool for building Solr clusters on Google Code today.  The Anuenue wrapper is a pretty young project, but the documentation is coming together nicely.  They just added a robust configuration guide to complement their Quick Start...

Abhay Bakshi03/31/11
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My Experience at the 2nd Annual IndicThreads Conference on Software Quality

Typically, it was about a week’s planning before I got to attend the IndicThreads conference.  I didn’t know that the conference was taking place on Friday until I got an invite by Harshad Oak through LinkedIn.  I took permission from my authorities at...

Cedric Beust03/31/11
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NoSQL explained correctly (finally)

Now here is a definition of “NoSQL” that I can agree with: A very interesting write-up with one little oversight: you’re wrong. I am part of a large program to write a NoSQL database for military applications. It’s not a backlash against paying...

Mihai Fonoage03/31/11
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Displaying images from SD card in Android

Below you will find a Android example of how to access and display images that are stored on your SD card. I wrote part 2 for this article, where images are loaded in the background using an asynchronous task. It is an improvement over this article,...

James Sugrue03/31/11
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Google Releases App Engine 1.4.3

Google has just released App Engine 1.4.3 with additions to both the Python and Java runtimes. Python gets the inclusion of a test library and an experimental Prospective Search API. Java gets support concurrent requests and Remote API and Deferred API. Both...

Constantin Alin03/31/11
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Introducing AppDynamics - Application Management for the Cloud Generation

This post is just a discovery point of a great tool named AppDynamics, therefore major content is taken from the official site. AppDynamics does not reinvent the wheel, but it brings some cool stuff into application performance management solutions. First,...

Martijn & Ben V...03/31/11
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Method Handles & invokedynamic – on by default

Quite a significant milestone today – The change request to switch on Java 7′s MethodHandle and invokedynamic features by default is in. Once this propagates into the OpenJDK repositories, we will see one of the largest features of Java 7 finally land...

cyrille martraire03/31/11
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Thinking Functional Programming with Map and Fold in your Everyday Java

In functional programming, Map and Fold are two extremely useful operators, and they belong to every functional language. If the Map and Fold operators are so powerful and essential, how do you explain that we can do our job using Java even though the Java...

Marco Tedone03/31/11
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PODAM - Gathering Requirements

As announced in my previous article I am starting a new project to provide an easy API to fill in POJOs with dummy data. The goal of this article is to collect a first draft of requirements for PODAM. Ok, so what's needed by a tool to fill POJOs with dummy...

Wayne Adams03/31/11
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Day 2 - Io

Io is the 2nd language in Bruce Tate's Seven Languages in Seven Weeks. Io is a prototyping language, where most of the mass exists in the libraries. The syntax itself is refreshingly simple, and he is not exaggerating to say you can grasp it in about 15...