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Leo Lewis07/13/11
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JNI in Java Web Start / Applet environment

Yes ! Me too ! I have spent a tremendous amount of time dealing with trouble using JNI in a Java Web Start or an Applet environment. And by searching on my friend Google, I have found out that I’m not the only Java developer on the Java world to have...

Sandro Mancuso07/13/11
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Software Engineering: The problem with the production line

Is software engineering the best approach for developing software? Does it apply for the majority of the software projects or just a very few of them?

Hamlet D'Arcy07/13/11
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Mock Objects with Spock Screencast

This screencast demonstrates how to use Spock testing specifications and Groovy for mocking and stubbing behavior in unit tests. It covers creating the mock object syntax, setting expectations, verifying and spying on results, and argument matchers.If you...

Alexander Beletsky07/13/11
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Git with SVN, what the benefits are?

My previous post about start to use Git in an SVN organization appeared to be really attractive, I received many questions through Twitter and DZone. All of them are really interesting and I will do a separate post on that, but primary question is "Why,...

Mark Needham07/13/11
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Scala: An attempt to eradicate the if

In a previous post I included a code sample where we were formatting a page range differently depending on whether the start page and end pages were the same. The code looked like this:

Ian Skerrett07/13/11
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Welcome to Eclipse, CloudBees and Jaspersoft

In the last week I am very pleased to announce CloudBees and Jaspersoft have both joined as a member of the Eclipse Foundation and both released new solutions for Eclipse developers.  For some people, it might be a surprise to have these companies join...

Peter Karussell07/13/11
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Jetslide uses ElasticSearch as Database

This post explains how one could use the search server ElasticSearch as a database. I’m using ElasticSearch as my only data storage system, because for Jetslide I want to avoid maintenance and development time overhead, which would be required when using...

Martin Harris07/13/11
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5 Tips to Reduce Unit Test Defect Rates

Five quick points about unit tests that will reduce your defect rates.

Jason Hull07/13/11
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Using the 3 Rs of Site Search to Improve Search ROI

Oftentimes, we see e-commerce marketers who spend a lot of time on the design of their website, make it look pretty, have rounded corners, and follow all of the latest Web 2.0 standards only to add in a search box with no forethought, as if it was a waste...

Alex Tkachman07/13/11
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Groovy++ survey

Groovy++ is statically typed extension of Groovy programming language. Additionally to all goodies of standard Groovy it adds a lot of functionality

James Sugrue07/13/11
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Oracle v Google: Possible That Google Knew Of Violations

In the latest update on Oracle's lawsuit against Google, Judge Willliam Alsup stated that "it appears possible that early on Google recognized that it would infringe patents protecting at least part of Java, entered into negotiations with Sun to obtain...

Mohammad Juma07/12/11
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Spring JSF integration

Integrating Spring with JSF is easy, you just need to follow these steps: 1)In web.xml make sure that you have (context listener + context param) :

Debasish Ghosh07/12/11
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Datatype generic programming in Scala - Fixing on Cata

The paper Functional Programming with Overloading and Higher-Order Polymorphism by Mark P Jones discusses recursion and fixpoints in a section Recursion schemes: Functional programming with bananas and lenses with all examples in Haskell. The paper is an...

Peter Lawrey07/12/11
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Human Readable vs Machine Readable Formats

Most file/serialization formats can be broadly broking into two formats, Human Readable Text and Machine Readble Binary. The Human Readable formats have the advantage of being easily understood by a person reading them. Machine readable formats are...

Matt Raible07/12/11
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Installing OpenJDK 7 on OS X

Last week, I scanned an article and saw there was a Java 7 Webinar. At first, I thought Java 7 was released, but soon after realized it was a Developer Preview. Unfortunately, the download page doesn't have support for OS X.