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Simon Brown12/02/11
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Or everything you should know about building software! While in London last year I met up with Dave Ingram, author of Design-Build-Run. It's subtitled "Applied Practices and Principles for Production-Ready Software...

Mitch Pronschinske12/02/11
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Solr Reference Guide 3.4 available!

The free Solr Reference Guide version 3.4 is now available from Lucid Imagination. It should give you detailed descriptions of  all the important feature and functions of the LucidWorks for Solr Certified Distribution, which gives you a little extra...

Peter Lawrey12/02/11
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Java puzzle, low latency queue

There a number of ways to use queues. A simple and very fast queue is to use AtomicReference. (It stores 0 or 1 element) 1. Write a producer and consumer thread which communicates via an AtomicReference. 2. Have the consumer send messages back to the...

David Salter12/02/11
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Making Eclipse Fly

When compared to NetBeans, I find that Eclipse is a lot slower, particularly when doing enterprise development. To try and speed Eclipse up, I’ve taken the JVM settings that NetBeans uses and applied them to Eclipse. The result is a vast improvement in...

Singaram Subramanian12/02/11
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How to create/generate OSGi bundles from existing third-party jars?

If you get to work with OSGi, you often have to generate OSGi bundles. Any third party jar can’t be included straightaway in your application – you need to create an OSGi bundle of the jar you want to include.

Bill Bejeck12/02/11
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Google Guava – Futures

This post is a continuation of my series on Google Guava, this time covering Futures. The Futures class is a collection of static utility methods for working with the Future/ListenableFuture interface. A Future is a handle to an asynchronous task,...

Aurelien Broszn...12/02/11
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Unit testing : Asserting that a line was logged by Logback

I encountered a tricky problem today, I was writing a test for which the assertion was onto some function called or not. I couldn’t mock that function as it was part of an external API for which I couldn’t change the real Object to a mocked Object. There...

Thomas Eichberger12/02/11
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Technical Job Interview Questions for Java EE architects

Here are some (not a complete list) of my technical job interview questions about Java EE and related issues on the server side. I don't give here any answers to the questions as you can easily find them on the web, but I usually add a comment. Database...

Prabath Siriwardena12/01/11
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The Depth of SAML

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an XML standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between entities which is a product of the OASIS Security Services Technical Committee. - SAML 1.0 was adopted as an OASIS standard in Nov...

Mitch Pronschinske12/01/11
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CouchDB's Side of the Ubuntu One Story

Jan Lehnardt, the chairman of the Apache CouchDB PMC, stepped in to defend the NoSQL store against any misconceptions about removal announcement by Canonical.  It's not unlike what 10gen's CTO Eliot Horowitz did for MongoDB to defend the database's honor...

John Esposito12/01/11
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How DZone Users Are Using HTML5

Over 2200 of you responded to our SurveyMonkey on how you are actually using various new web standards (sometimes all classed under the generic heading 'HTML5').Before anything else: thanks for your responses! We'll certainly take them into account as we...

Steve Rogalsky12/01/11
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An alternative to bug tracking tools

One of my pet peeves is working in and with bug tracking tools. I am well aware of some of the arguments for the importance of these tools and I am not trying to address those here. Instead, I'll show you an example of an alternative that I have found...

Mitch Pronschinske12/01/11
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A Look at the NoSQL Landscape

Take a look at the current landscape of NoSQL stores and figure out why you might need NoSQL in this recent podcast where Bruce Elgort talks with Mark Myers from the London Developer Co-op.  Here's a shortlist of the things they will discuss:

Alex Tkachman12/01/11
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Build in the Cloud: Jelastic + Maven

Good news for Java developers! Now you can build applications in Jelastic cloud instead of building them locally and uploading WAR archives. What are my benefits you may ask?

Anders Karlsson12/01/11
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NoSQL for us RDBMS folks - MongoDB 101

As you probably know, I have been doing RDBMS work for many years, some 25+ years by now. At Recorded Future I am the database architect, and although an RDBMS is used extensively, MySQL in this case, we are looking at options, and are currently doing more...