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James Sugrue03/15/11
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Eclipse Orion: A Web Experience for Software Development

Since it was unveiled earlier this year, Orion has received a lot of focus. Currently under the E4 incubator, Orion will provide the possibility to develop through your web browser. Providing a browser based IDE isn't a new thing within the Eclipse...

Robert Diana03/15/11
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Traditional CS Education Weeding Out The Unwilling

Every once in a while, the computer science education debate appears anew. Is the curriculum too hard, is it too easy or is it even relevant to today’s business environment. Typically, nothing comes of these debates because the people doing the debating...

Alex Ruiz03/15/11
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Not All Singletons Are Evil

Among all the object-oriented design patterns, I think Singleton has the worst reputation. They have been called “evil,” “liars” and even “stupid,” and for good reasons:

Kushan Jayathilake03/15/11
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Hello World with Java Architecture for XML Binding

JAXB (Java Architecture for XML Binding) provides functionality to read or write XML from a file. Since XML is used everywhere in Java, this is useful. Here I'm assuming you have some knowledge on XML. What you should have 1. JAXB  Download it...

Ola Bini03/14/11
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Seph - A Hard Language to Compile

I have recently started work on Seph again. I preannounced it last summer (here), then promply became extremely busy at work. Busy enough that I didn’t really have any energy to work on this project for a while. Sadly, I’m still as busy, but I’ve...

Surya Suravarapu03/13/11
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Book Review: Selenium 1.0 Testing Tools

Title: Selenium 1.0 Testing Tools (Beginner's Guide) Author: David Burns Publishers: Packt Publishing

Jay Fields03/13/11
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Random Thoughts on Good Programmers and Good Code

I've known some really, really smart guys who write code I hate. I love using their libraries, but I don't ever want to edit their source. To me, their source is too complicated. I used to think that they were smarter than I was and I benefited by having...

Adam Warski03/13/11
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Ruby on Rails + CDI/Weld on Torquebox example app

For almost a year we’ve been successfully using Torquebox together with CDI/Weld as a base for two of our services: JBison and Circular. As we’ll be doing some presentations together with Tomek Szymański we’ve created a small application showing our...

Evgeny Goldin03/13/11
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Intellij IDEA + Git performance = KIS

Once upon a time .. something happened to Intellij IDEA. Every Git operation was taking a very long time and all I had to do is to wait while staring at it. “Compare with Latest Repository Version” was taking ages to complete. Something was definitely...

Valdemar Júnior03/12/11
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Breakpoint Properties in Eclipse

The Eclipse IDE has the ability to run the code interactively, executing an application line by line in debug mode where you can define a specify point in the code to stop, called a breakpoint. As you can see in Eclipse documentation:

Loiane Groner03/12/11
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IBatis (MyBatis): Handling Constructors

This tutorial will walk you through how to setup iBatis (MyBatis) in a simple Java project and will present an example using a class constructor with arguments. Pre-Requisites For this tutorial I am using:

Mitch Pronschinske03/11/11
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Live at Cloud Connect 2011 - DZone Shares the Experience

This week DZone was on location in Silicon Valley attending the 2nd annual Cloud Connect conference.  After a strong showing in the first year, Cloud Connect really took off the second time around (a 66% increase in attendance).  Over 3,000 people showed up...

Lieven Doclo03/11/11
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Clustering Tomcat Servers with High Availability and Disaster Fallback

There has been a lot of buzz lately on high-availability and clustering. Most developers don't care and why should they? These features should be transparent to the application architecture and not something of concern to the developers of that application.

Frank Kelly03/11/11
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2-Way SSL with Java: The Keystore Strikes Back - Part 1

You'd think with how prevalent SSL/TLS on the web that SSL with Java is easy, well it's not. In addition to having to get to grips with understanding how private/public key, certificates work there's all the networking that goes on in Java.If you start off...

Rob Williams03/11/11
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More JEE6 Fun: See If You Can Make It Work!

Well Glassfish 3.1 is finally out. Didn't they say it was going to come out at JavaOne?? 5 months later.. So the whole thing that was coming in 3.1 that was super appealing was the embedded server, which, with Arquillian, was going to make it possible to...