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Hubert Klein Ikkink12/10/11
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Groovy Goodness: Magic Package to Add Custom MetaClass

Groovy is very dynamic. We can add methods to classes at runtime that don't exist at compile time. We can add our own custom MetaClass at startup time of our application if we follow the magic package naming convention. The naming convention is...

cyrille martraire12/10/11
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Visualizing Quality – keynote by Gojko Adzic at BDD Exchange 2011

How do you measure quality?  Number of defects? Customer happiness? Money earned? Developer smiles? That’s the question raised by @gojkoadzic in his keynote at the recent BDD and Agile Testing Exchange in London, to make us think and propose some elements...

Erdinç Kocaman12/10/11
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EasyMX - An alternative to JMX

Monitoring and getting information about the internals of application is always crucial. For this reason Java platform has introduced JMX infrastructure long time ago.It allows you to access detailed information about the application in a standard way. Here,...

Sasha Goldshtein12/09/11
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SDP December 2011: Everything New in C++

Noam and I delivered on Tuesday a joint session called Everything New in C++ at the SELA Developer Practice. It’s been a really fun session to work on, even though it was also a cold reminder how easy it is to forget “The C++ Way” when you stay away...

Manuel Jordan12/09/11
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Core Java Career Essentials

For me was really hard write this book review due the approach used, Question and Answer. Furthermore the author categorized each question within a single or multiple key area. Some of these most...

Mitch Pronschinske12/09/11
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Redis Running on Win32—Not Important Enough for Core Project Inclusion Says Creator

Microsoft recently built a patch that runs Redis on win 32 using the libUV library (which also powers node.js if you're wondering).  The creator of Redis, Salvatore Sanfilippo heard about the news and shared his own opinion about the patch:

Mitch Pronschinske12/09/11
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Using Riak at Yammer

While they may stop using Scala at Yammer, they still use an interesting NoSQL solution: Riak.  In this talk Coda Hale and Ryan Kennedy give an overview of...

Manuel Jordan12/09/11
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Getting Started with Hyperic 4.5 Open Source

Hyperic is a powerful and valuable tool for your consideration if you want Management and Monitor and even it offer you to take advantage of other important features in benefits for your Java Enterprise Applications. Furthermore Hyperic can work with...

Mitch Pronschinske12/09/11
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Ben Rockwood of Joyent - The DevOps Transformation

From the Large Installation System Administration Conference (LISA '11) conference, here is the abstract and video of the much-talked-about session by Ben...

Jim Bird12/09/11
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Devops has made Release and Deployment Cool

Back 10 years or so when Extreme Programming came out, it began to change the way that programmers thought about testing. XP made software developers accountable for testing their own code. XPers gave programmers practices like Test-First Development and...

Mitch Pronschinske12/09/11
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Using Solr Cloud, For Real!

Loggly is a cloud based logging service. It helps you collect, index, and store all your log data and then makes it accessible through search for analysis...

Nuno Job12/09/11
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Database Indexes for The Inquisitive Mind

I've used to be a developer advocate an awesome database product called MarkLogic, a NoSQL Document Database for the Enterprise. Now it's pretty frequent that people ask me about database stuff. In here I'm going to try to explain some fun stuff you can do...

Roger Hughes12/09/11
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Some Definitions - Testing Techniques 9

I think that I’m coming to the end of my series of blogs on testing techniques, and it feels like it’s been along haul. One of the things that has become clearer to me is that approaches to testing are still in their infancy and as such are a definite...

Wayne Adams12/09/11
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From OO to FP: Haskell I/O, Part 2

In my Part-1 post on this topic, we actually did all the I/O I'm going to do here. We lazily read in the entire sample data file, a file containing data describing events generated by a process monitor. My next goal was to re-hydrate my Events from the...

Bozhidar Bozhanov12/09/11
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Fix That Code Immediately!

You are working on that fresh project and you see a bad piece of code somewhere. The wrong way to approach it is “nah, that’s someone else’s code, I’m not doing anything about it”, “I don’t have time to fix that – I have other tasks”,...