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Jakub Holý07/28/11
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Having Database Tests Ready in 10 Minutes with DbUnit Express

DbUnit Express is my wrapper around DbUnit that intends to make it extremely easy to set up a test of a code that interacts with a database. It is preconfigured to use an embedded Derby database (a.k.a. JavaDB, part of SDK) and uses convention over...

Markus Eisele07/28/11
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Priorities, Java, Community and Oracle - Cracking the Code

OSCON 2011 is going on at the moment. One of the conferences I would have loved to visit. This did not work out this year, but today I stumbled upon a video of Steven G. Harris Java Keynote there. The title is a theme we had back in the days of the beginning...

Peter Lawrey07/28/11
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How fast are Java sockets

How long a request/response takes and the rate requests can be performed in a Java application depends on a number of factors. The network, the network adapter, Java Socket and TCP layer, and what your application does. Usually the last factor is your...

Marek Rogoziński07/27/11
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Data Import Handler – How to import data from SQL databases (part 2)

In the first part we were able to index the information contained in the database. In the second part we will try to extend the functionality by adding incremental imports.

Chas Emerick07/26/11
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Minifying CSS with Clojure

A recent project had me looking into minifying CSS.  This is unfamiliar territory for me since I’ve rarely cared much about the size of website assets.  In the beginning of the project, minifying the Javascript that was floating around was more of a...

Sandro Mancuso07/26/11
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Beyond the manifesto: The Software Craftsmanship Attitude

Being an aspiring software craftsman goes way beyond than just saying it. I'll quote my own definition of software craftsmanship from my previous post.

Jens Schauder07/26/11
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Clean Code with Swing and Scala

I guess everybody who knows Java and Swing also knows the Swing Tutorial. It is a great source of information if you want to learn Swing. It is also a major catastrophy when it comes to structuring code. The problem is: Lots of people miss critical...

Peter Lawrey07/26/11
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Java Secret: Are static blocks interpreted?

An interesting comment was raised by @Vyadh - Are static blocks interpreted or does the JIT play a part?

Nick Watts07/26/11
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Java Decompiler and its Missing Documentation

If you ever need a good decompiler for Java, there are plenty around. Nonetheless, I found one that integrates smoothly with Eclipse, which I’m guessing is not as common.

Rafał Kuć07/26/11
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Solr and Autocomplete (Part 1)

Almost everyone has seen how the autocomplete feature looks like. No wonder, then, Solr provides mechanisms by which we can build such functionality. In today’s entry I will show you how you can add autocomplete mechanism using faceting.

Trisha Gee07/25/11
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My Experiences with Android Development

Because I was missing coding, and because my friend and I had an awesome phone app idea at the weekend, I thought I'd try my hand at developing an Android application this week. I want to give a quick overview of my preliminary thoughts on getting started...

Chas Emerick07/25/11
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Scala isn’t complicated; it’s clever

I’ve been away from Scala for a long while now — a little more than three years.  v2.7.1 was the last rev I used significantly, if memory serves.  I enjoyed my time with it, but it just wasn’t the best fit for me. Anyway, I’ve learned that...

Jens Schauder07/25/11
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The Cost of Testing or You don’t Know what You are Missing

Twice this week people challenged my belief in automated testing and Test Driven Development. The argument that was brought forward was simply: Unit tests are too expensive. I actually believe the opposite is true. Let me tell you about a little dialog...

Nick Watts07/25/11
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Session and Clustered Java Web Apps

Session can be a headache to work with in Java web applications. For that reason, most developers now use MVC frameworks, such as Java Server Faces, that hide the use of session and allow you to work with simple Java beans and configuration instead. But,...

Peter Lawrey07/25/11
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Java: What is the limit to the number of threads you can create?

I have seen a number of tests where a JVM has 10K threads. However, what happens if you go beyond this? My recommendation is to consider having more servers once your total reaches 10K. You can get a decent server for $2K and a powerful one for $10K.