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Sam Farmer05/24/11
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Starting Solr for ColdFusion on a Mac

Here is a straightforward way to start Solr when running ColdFusion 9 on a Mac. If it is not running in the ColdFusion Administrator under Data & Services > ColdFusion Collections the following message will appear: Unable to retrieve collections...

Michael Mccandless05/24/11
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Finite State Transducers, Part 2

In my last post, I described a cool incremental algorithm for building an FST from pre-sorted input/output pairs, and how we're folding it into Lucene.

Giorgio Sironi05/24/11
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How to bomb a technical talk

In the jargon of conference speakers, bombing means presenting a talk which does not go well: content is lost or poorly understood because of the way it is presented, the audience prepares to leave early and in general have an hard time. Scott Berkun points...

Krishna Kumar05/24/11
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Stops, Not Speed, Determine Programming Velocity

Have you had the experience where you estimated the travel time from A to B, in say, 30 minutes, traveled all but one mile in 25 minutes, felt pleased about it and then got stuck in multiple red lights in that last mile and reached your destination 10...

Jakub Holý05/23/11
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Ivy: How to Retrieve Source Codes of Dependencies

If you are using Apache Ivy (2.2) for maintaining you dependencies, you may also want to retrieve source codes (or javadocs) of those dependencies, e.g. to get nice help pop-ups in Eclipse or to actually browse the sources. Provided that you’re...

Howard Lewis Ship05/23/11
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Extending JavaDoc

I don't think I've seen a piece of code more poorly designed for extension, and more in need of it, than JavaDoc. I'm in the process of removing Tapestry's Maven-based component report (as part of an overall move from Maven to Gradle). My goal is to...

Gordon Dickens05/23/11
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Annotation Reference for Spring Projects

Annotations are available for Spring and Java projects. I was unsuccessful in finding a single consolidated set of the annotations. So, I thought “What a great gap to fill.” However, what I thought would be a fairly simple endeavor, turned out to be...

Manik Surtani05/23/11
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Red Hat announces the Enterprise Data Grid - official support for Infinispan at last!

One of the big announcements at the recently-passed JBoss World and Red Hat Summit conference/trade show held in Boston earlier this month was the new Enterprise Data Grid, abbreviated to EDG.  I mentioned this very briefly in my JBoss World recap, but...

Mick Semb Wever05/23/11
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Stuck-in-The-Matrix arguing between constructor and setter injection...

This article takes an indepth look at when to and when not to use constructor injection by broadening the context that usually limits the debate between constructor vs setter injection.  From http://tech.finn.no/Dependency-Injection-with-constructors/

Ross Jernigan05/23/11
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Terracotta Acquired by Software AG… What Will Happen to Ehcache and Quartz?

This morning, the software company Terracotta announced their acquisition by Software AG, one of the world's largest software vendors. Terracotta is the company behind some of the most widely used software for application scalability and performance,...

Juan Grande05/23/11
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Merge Policy Internals in Solr

Last week, a colleague asked me a really simple question about segments merging in Solr. After discussing the answer for some minutes while playing around with Solr, I realized that there are a lot of subtleties in this subject. So I started to look at...

Axel Rauschmayer05/23/11
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Web Gaming Technologies: Angry Birds' Cross-compiled Java Versus Native JavaScript

After it became clear that Angry Birds was basically a true webapp with only a little Flash to overcome the limitations of web-based audio [1], more information came to light regarding the technology it is based on [2].

Nicolas Frankel05/23/11
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New declarative security features in Servlet 3.0

Servlet 3.0 is not only about the replacement of the web.xml deployment descriptor by annotations. In this article, we’ll see what improvement it makes in the realm of security. In Servlet 2.5 (and before that), declarative security was about the...

Ant Kutschera05/23/11
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Java Non-blocking Servers, and What I Expect node.js to do if it is to Become Mature

node.js is getting a lot of attention at the moment. It's goal is to provide an easy way to build scalable network programs, e.g. build web servers. It's different, in two ways. First of all, it brings Javacript to the server. But more importantly, it's...

Andrew Phillips05/23/11
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Deployment is the new build (part 2)

Earlier this year, I was invited to present a talk at Devopsdays Boston about deployment as the new build: how deployments are carried out now, how they will need to adapt in a more virtualized, on-demand application landscape and what fundamental...