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Lukas Eder12/13/11
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Subtle SQL differences: Constraint names

The various SQL product vendors implement subtle differences in the way they interpret SQL. In this case, I’ve been examining the reuse of constraint names within a schema / database (which is yet another story: what’s a schema, what’s a database?)....

Peter Karussell12/13/11
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Shortest Code for a Simple Calculator on Android

 String RESULT; String input = "(1+3)/4 * 2 - 7"; ... webSettings.setJavaScriptEnabled(true); ... webView.addJavascriptInterface(new JavaScriptInterface() { public void returnResult(String o) { RESULT = o; }},...

Markus Eisele12/13/11
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Quickstart WebLogic 12c with NetBeans 7.1 RC 2

WebLogic server 12c is out since a few days. It is for "naked" Java dev - the fancy Fusion Middleware stuff will move on to 12c down the line. So, this is basically my release to run. Today I am giving you a quick start with latest NetBeans 7.1...

Mitch Pronschinske12/12/11
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DevOps Tweets of the Week - 12/12

Check it out.  A lot of provocative new tweeters have entered the #DevOps Domain: @lynxbat Nicholas Weaver

Mike Dirolf12/12/11
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MongoDB’s Storage Engine Bit by Bit

I made the trip to Santa Clara for 10gen’s big MongoDB conference, MongoSV, and I thought it’d be fun to report back on the event for those of you who couldn’t make the trip.MongoDB’s Storage Engine Bit by BitPresented by Mathias Stearn

Dror Helper12/12/11
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TDD vs. BDD: or why can’t we all just get along?

I was listening to another good Hanselminuets podcast - Understanding BDD and NSpec with Matt Florence and Amir Rajan. As always it was a good and informative show. Towards the end of the show one of the interviewees (I think it was Amir) explained why BDD...

Mitch Pronschinske12/12/11
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What’s with lowercasing wildcard (multiterm) queries in Solr?

Wildcard query terms aren’t analyzed, why is that? This post was originally authored by Erick Erickson.

Jens Schauder12/12/11
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My Testing and Code Analysis Toolbox

Last week we kicked of a “Testing Skill Group” at LINEAS, a group for exchanging knowledge about testing. One question that came up over and over again in various flavors was: What tools are there for testing and analyzing your code? So here is my...

Patrick Debois12/12/11
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Puppet versioning like a pro

A big thanks to Atlassian for allowing me to post this series!! There is NO reason, not to use a version control system while developing puppet manifest/modules. Stating that should be an open door. It allows you to go back in time, share things more...

Buddhika Chamith12/12/11
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Pagination and Querying in Cassandra

Cassandra pagination has been the subject of several blogs elsewhere as well. In particular this excellent blog by Michael Kopp details how this can be generally handled using Cassandra API. We also had a our own use case where we needed paginated access.

Mark Needham12/12/11
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The 5 Whys/Root cause analysis – Douglas Squirrel

At XP Day I was chatting to Benjamin Mitchell about the 5 whys exercises that we’d tried on my team and I suggested that beyond Eric Ries’ post on the subject I hadn’t come across an article/video which explained how to do it.

Aurelien Broszn...12/12/11
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Install a single pom.xml in your local repository

Sometimes you have a pom.xml that you want to install in your repository without wanting to install your whole build. Huh? When? For instance you have a multi-modules project, and you make a change to the parent pom. You want to install it but not having to...

Markus Eisele12/12/11
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Oracle JRockit Mission Control 4.1 released

Oracle released a new version of their former JRockit-only tooling Mission Control Suite (JRMC). The 4.1 version is a minor version upgrade which directly follow the 4.0.1 which was released way back middle 2010. But even if the version number indicates,...

Niklas Schlimm12/12/11
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Java 7: Fork and join and the jam jar

Another Java 7 blog, this time it's about the new concurrency utilities. It's about plain fork and join in particular. Everything is explained with a straight code example. Compared to Project Coin concurrency is an inherently complex topic. The code...

Alex Staveley12/12/11
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REST Spring 3.0 - Simple Introduction

This post is going to be a very simple introduction to the RestTemplate API introduced in Spring 3.0.