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Aurelien Broszn...12/11/11
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Use Spring to create System properties

That’s an old trick, but it helped me today, and I’m pretty sure I’ll use it again. You can setup some System properties with Spring. Mix that with Maven resources filtering and you can execute your application with some specific System properties...

Rauf Issa12/10/11
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Hadoop Meets JobServer - Big Data Job Scheduling

Hadoop is quickly becoming the tool of choice for open source Big Data Analytics and related computing. The JobServer team saw a great opportunity to extend JobServer's awesome job processing, scheduling and reporting capabilities to make the lives of Hadoop users better.

Rauf Issa12/10/11
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SOAfaces Powers up Hadoop

soafaces has always been a very flexible open source toolkit for building GWT clients and server components. Now with the release of v2.6.0, soafaces enables easier integration and management with third party systems like Hadoop by adding key features needed...

Terrence Ryan12/10/11
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One Click PhoneGap Build to Android Device Script

I've been fooling around with PhoneGap Build, and I really love it. I love that I don't need to fire up Eclipse or XCode to start fooling around with an app. All I need is a text editor and a browser. What I especially love is the ability to integrate a...

Felipe Oliveira12/10/11
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Klout Search Powered by ElasticSearch, Scala, Play Framework and Akka

At Klout, we love data and as Dave Mariani, Klout’s VP of Engineering, stated in his latest blog post, we’ve got lots of it! Klout currently uses Hadoop to crunch large volumes of data but what do we do with that data? You already know about the Klout...

Alex Semenov12/10/11
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Winning a Cloud Race in Ten Simple Steps

There are two ways to win a techno race - to run faster in the crowd or to step in a new direction. And the last one did yield some magnificent wins, which have being coming from unusual places: a garage (Steve Jobs), a laptop in the plane (Bill Gates), a...

Nikita Salnikov...12/10/11
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Let Your Applications Talk to You

In our quest to solve every memory leak in the Java world we get in touch with many teams, who struggle with performance issues of their applications. Every developer tries to solve them differently. Some begin with vmstat or top, others with a CPU profiler...

Adedayo Ominiyi12/10/11
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Bean Validation Made Simple With JSR 303

JSR 303 (Bean Validation) is the specification of the Java API for JavaBean validation in Java EE and Java SE. Simply put it provides an easy way of ensuring that the properties of your JavaBean(s) have the right values in them. This post aims to show you...

Mitch Pronschinske12/10/11
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Dedupe, Merge, and Purge: the Art of Normalization

Here is the abstract and video from the session by Tyler Bell and Leo Polovets’s talk from Strata NYC 2011Big Noise always accompanies Big Data, especially...

Mitch Pronschinske12/10/11
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Riak with node.js

Lots of interesting applications are being developed nowadays with the combination of node.js and a NoSQL store.  Learn how to use Riak from...

Lorenzo Bettini12/10/11
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Xtext 2.1: using Xbase expressions

On a previous post, I started to blog about how Xtext 2.1 made it extremely easy to have a powerful integration with Java in your DSL. In this post I’d like to continue to experiment with this mechanism, and in particular I’ll...

Franck Wolff12/10/11
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Flex, GraniteDS and the Future of RIA

After the recent announcements from Adobe regarding the future of the Flex framework (see, for example, this blog post) and, unofficially, from Microsoft about Silverlight (see this one), the RIA world have been deeply shaken up and it is now time to look...

Eugen Paraschiv12/10/11
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REST Service Discoverability with Spring, part 5

This is the fifth of a series of articles about setting up a secure RESTful Web Service using Spring 3.1 and Spring Security 3.1 with Java based configuration. The previous article introduced the concept of Discoverability for the RESTful service, HATEOAS...

Hubert Klein Ikkink12/10/11
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Groovy Goodness: Magic Package to Add Custom MetaClass

Groovy is very dynamic. We can add methods to classes at runtime that don't exist at compile time. We can add our own custom MetaClass at startup time of our application if we follow the magic package naming convention. The naming convention is...