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Markus Eisele02/22/11
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Clustering Stateful Session Beans with GlassFish 3.1

Clustering will be the next big topic for the GlassFish 3.1 version. It's right ahead and you can already pick your RC4 build to experiment a bit. There are some screencasts for clustering the HTTPSession available. Arun Gupta did a great intro for...

Cedric Beust02/22/11
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Verifying the Version of your Java Classes

One of the constraints when you work on fundamental software is that you need to be very careful about the classes that you ship. Not just the code itself, but also the version of the compiler that you used to compile these classes.

Loiane Groner02/22/11
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Getting Started with iBatis (MyBatis): Annotations

This tutorial will walk you through how to setup iBatis (MyBatis) in a simple Java project and will present examples using simple insert, update, select and delete statements using annotations. This is the third tutorial of the iBatis/MyBatis series, you...

Ken Rimple02/22/11
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Spring Corner - What are those Post Processor Beans Anyway?

Hey there, Spring Fans! Ever look into your Spring configuration files and see beans that end in the name PostProcessor? What does that mean? And more importantly, why should I care? The Spring Container Lifecycle When you mount an application...

Valdemar Júnior02/21/11
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Spring MVC and Struts Tiles example

One way to learn a new program language or a new framework is do a "Hello World" or a CRUD application to start to understand about the technology, lifecycles, dependencies, configurations and limitations.

Mitch Pronschinske02/21/11
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How Dreamweaver Can Speed Up Development with Server-Side Languages.

"The Server Behavior Builder (SBB) has been part of Dreamweaver for a long time, but few people seem to realize just how useful it can be in speeding up...

Mitch Pronschinske02/21/11
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"Nerd Herder" Cal Evans Teaches Devs Career Strengthening Skills

Cal Evans is a DZone MVB and a self-proclaimed "Nerd Herder."  He has 10 years experience in building dynamic, data-driven, interactive web sites based on the LAMP stack, but these days he's interested in teaching developers about the things you...

Felipe Oliveira02/21/11
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Thinking In Reverse - Not Taking Orders From Your Boss in Realtime

Today I was talking to my crazy, crazy-smart and great friend Mike Marshall, the creator of Massh about how difficult it is for some people to adapt to new things. We were also talking about Realtime Webapps, wondering how many wasteful pull-style apps we...

Mark Needham02/21/11
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Pomodoro: Observations from giving it a go

I learnt about the pomodoro technique a couple of years ago and while I did try it out sporadically back then, it’s only recently that I thought I’d properly give it a try when managing my spare time. My approach without the pomodoro technique is to...

Julian Exenberger02/21/11
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Using Google Contracts for Java with IntelliJ IDEA

The first step after obtaining the Google Contracts for Java Jar and adding it to your project, is to enable Annotation processing support in IDEA. To do this go to open the Settings window (IntelliJ IDEA > preferences on Mac) and go to Compiler >...

Victor Savkin02/21/11
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Series: DSLs in Groovy, Part: 3

This is the third post indented to show how easy it is to write domain specific languages in Groovy. For better understanding of this one you’d better read the first two posts: Series: DSLs in Groovy, Part: 1Series: DSLs in Groovy, Part: 2In my first...

Jakub Holý02/21/11
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Hidden Dependencies Are Evil – Arguing With The Clean Code (Slightly)

Hidden dependencies are evil because two pieces of code influencing invisibly each other make it very hard to understand what the code is doing. There is an example of an unresolved hidden dependency in the presumabely perfected code in Clean Code’s...

Mitch Pronschinske02/21/11
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"Hadoop in Action" ebook Giveaway!

More free ebooks from Manning have just arrived!  This time, Manning publications has given us 10 free coupon codes for "Hadoop in Action" ebooks.  This week, DZone is promoting its recent Refcardz on Apache technologies, like Hadoop.  For a...

Jay Fields02/19/11
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The President and the CEO of an Application

The CEO is a visionary, often leaving day-to-day operations to the President -- wikipediaI recently switched teams. As part of the transition process, I started taking on less and less of the responsibility for things that were long-term goals. I was still...

Richard Freedman02/19/11
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Bash Completion for Maven

Based on a blog post by John Hitchings on the WealthFront Engineering web site, I started looking into bash completion. As a Java developer, I use Maven from the command-line quite a bit, so I decided to add bash completion for the ‘mvn’ command. The...