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Jim Bird08/15/11
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Lessons in Software Reliability

What does it take to build reliable and stable enterprise software?First, stop writing lousy code

Rafał Kuć08/15/11
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The perfect search engine in three easy steps

If you own the site, or you are the person responsible for any service, with should have search engine, this entry tells you how to easily and quickly find the perfect solution, operating in every situation. The recipe is very simple. Please follow...

John Whish08/15/11
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BeanFactory Aware Beans with WireBox

A while ago I wrote a blog post about making beans BeanFactory aware you can read it here: Inject ColdSpring into your Beans. These days I tend to use Wirebox for most of my projects. In the previous blog post I was creating DAOs on the fly and you can do...

Jens Schauder08/15/11
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How Scala changed the way I think about my Java Code

Some people advocate their preferred language as the only way to enlightenment and productivity boosts way in the two digit percentage range compared to another language in the same category. I don’t believe it. (It’s probably true when you compare...

Mark Needham08/15/11
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Scala: Do modifiers on functions really matter?

A couple of colleagues and I were having an interesting discussion this afternoon about the visibility of functions which are mixed into an object from a trait. The trait in question looks like this:trait Formatting { def formatBytes(bytes: Long): Long =...

Peter Lawrey08/15/11
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Why testing code for thread safety is flawed

We know that ++ is not thread safe, even for volatile field, however there is a trick to proving this. The problem with testing code for thread safety is that it can happen to work repeatedly, but still be unsafe.

Martin Thompson08/15/11
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False Sharing & Java 7

In my previous post on False Sharing I suggested it can be avoided by padding the cache line with unused long fields.  It seems Java 7 got clever and eliminated the unused fields, thus re-introducing false sharing.  Below is some code that should give a ...

Jose Roy Javelosa08/15/11
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How to get Maven working through a proxy server

Maven, is a Yiddish word meaning accumulator of knowledge. Maven is a tool that can now be used for building and managing any Java-based project, something that makes the day-to-day work of Java developers easier.

Prashant Deva08/13/11
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-Xmx is hurting the usability of Java

How would it feel if every time you opened a program or a website it asked you how much memory it could use? Or even worse it by itself decided some maximum memory value for you which is far lower than the amount of ram on your system. How would you then...

Marco Tedone08/13/11
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JMX and Spring - Part 2

Hi, in my previous article I explained how to setup a JMX server through Spring and how to protect access to it through authentication and authorisation. In this article I will show how to implement a simple MBean which allows users to change the level of a...

Sai Geetha M N08/13/11
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Deleting and Removing Android Applications Deployed on Emulator

First, make sure the emulator is running. Then follow below steps: 1. Go to the tools directory in command prompt – c:\>android\tools 2. Type adb shell

Mitch Pronschinske08/13/11
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Run Solr as a Service on Linux in Just a Few Mintues

I found a short and sweet blog tutorial by Lucene/Solr committer Mark Millar this morning.   It shows you how to install Solr as a service on Linux in less than 300 words (and just a few small code snippets).  The example uses Ubuntu 11.04.Logging  

Stephen Chin08/13/11
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Flash Android Touch Checker

This is the first in a 3 part blog series I am doing on Flash Mobile technology. With the release of Flash Builder 4.5, Flash and Flex now have support for building mobile applications that target Android and, with an update coming out on 6/20, also iPhone...

Ankur Kumar08/12/11
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Oracle Coherence Best Practices for Session Management (Replication) in Clustered Application Servers Environment

Oracle Coherence is a in-memory data grid product, which is also being used commonly for Session Replication across cluster of application server nodes. It supports wide variety of application servers like WebLogic, WebSphere, Tomcat, JBoss, etc....

Aurelien Broszn...08/12/11
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Ehcache 2.5 goes beta! (explanation included)

The new release of Ehcache has gone beta less than 2 weeks ago, and there are many cool things packed in there, I wanted to talk a bit about it. If you’re using Ehcache as a memory cache or as a cache for Hibernate, you’ll find some useful information...