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Peter Lawrey08/07/11
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Comparing Collections speeds

The speed of different collections tends to depend on their usage pattern however it can be useful to have an idea of their relative performance.

Mitch Pronschinske08/07/11
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Solr/Lucene Leader Grant Ingersoll Promoted to 'Chief Scientist' at Lucid Imagination

Grant Ingersoll, who is a major leader in the Apache Lucene, Mahout, and Solr communities and a friend of DZone (see our most recent interview), was bestowed with the title of 'Chief Scientist' at Lucid Imagination—a commercial Solr solutions provider that...

Mats Lindh08/07/11
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Modifying a Lucene Snowball Stemmer

This post is written for advanced users. If you do not know what SVN (Subversion) is or if you’re not ready to get your hands dirty, there might be something more interesting to read on Wikipedia. As usual. This is an introduction to how to get a Lucene...

Paul Stack08/07/11
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Considerations when choosing hardware for CI

This post is the second post in a series on how CI will help a development team. The first post talks about the benefits that CI will bring to the team. (CI = continuous integration)

Lukas Eder08/07/11
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The power of REF CURSOR types and why we shouldn't avoid them any longer in Java

Many RDBMS have started implementing support for some sort of CURSOR, REF CURSOR or ARRAY/TABLE types.

Peter Lawrey08/06/11
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Reading/writing GC-less memory

How you access data can make a difference to the speed. Whether you use manual loop unrolling or let the JIT do it for you can also make a difference to performance. I have included C++ and Java tests doing the same thing for comparison.

James Betteley08/06/11
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8 Principles of Continuous Delivery

 Dave Farley co-authored “Continuous Delivery”, an excellent book in the Martin Fowler signature series, which goes into great detail about the evolution of Continuous Integration, and how to achieve continuous delivery (or continuous deployment)...

Rafał Kuć08/06/11
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Solr 1.4: Local Params

Several months ago, during one of the projects I have tried to construct a query with optimal faceting. The problem was that we need filters (fq) in the query but in the same time we need a faceting that was not filtered. To some point it was not possible...

Juhani Lehtimaki08/06/11
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5 tips for converting iOS UI to Android

Making your app look like it belongs into an Android phone Many companies are converting their iOS apps to Android nowadays. However, simple one-to-one conversion of the UI might cause problems to the potential users. 

Ted Neward08/06/11
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Of communities, companies, and bugs (Or, “Dr Dobbs Journal is a slut!”)

Andrew Binstock (Editor-in-Chief at DDJ) has taken a shot at Oracle’s Java7 release, and I found myself feeling a need to respond. In his article, Andrew notes that

Martin Fowler08/06/11
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Martin Fowler on Software Patents

I think almost everyone I know in the software development field has a deep hatred for patents and the way they've been used in our field.

Peter Lawrey08/06/11
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Comparing Java 7 Async NIO with NIO.

SDP (Sockets Direct Protocol) in Java 7 promises better integration with InfiniBand. This comes with a new Socket classes AsynchronousSocketChannel and AsynchronousServerSocketChannel. Is there any advantage in using these libraries if you don't have...

Ant Kutschera08/05/11
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Eclipse e4 - from Client to Server and back again with MVC

I recently participated in a course where we learned about Eclipse e4 development. It was all very interesting, especially the reliance on declarative services from OSGi. I decided to have a think about how to build a skeletal application which makes...

Rob Williams08/05/11
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The Problem with Kanban

Since moving from more of a Scrum-dominant Agile variant to a Lean one, things have been a lot better. Mind you, one of the biggest problems with the Scrum approach was we were first using XPlanner, which was not sufficiently feature complete, then went to...

Sai Geetha M N08/05/11
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TabLayout or Tabbed View in Android

This tutorial is about developing a TabLayout  / tabs which is one of the very important ways of providing the UI in Android.  The default Contacts application uses this layout.