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Tomasz Nurkiewicz10/31/11
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Spring pitfalls: proxying

Being a Spring framework user and enthusiast for many years I came across several misunderstandings and problems with this stack. Also there are places where abstractions leak terribly and to effectively and safely take advantage of all the features...

Roger Hughes10/31/11
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Autowiring Property Values into Spring Beans

Most people know that you can use @Autowired to tell Spring to inject one object into another when it loads your application context. A lesser known nugget of information is that you can also use the @Value annotation to inject values from a property file...

John Esposito10/31/11
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Poll: Has Git won the version control wars?

Your clicks tell us that Git is gittin' popular here at DZone. Grab our FREE Git Cheat Sheet! Get FREE PDF Okay, the learning curve is a bit steep -- Think Like (a) Git led our link charts lately, and our Git...

John Esposito10/31/11
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HTML5 < time > element: gone!

The <time> element is now gone from HTML5.After a four-month discussion, W3C decided on Saturday to drop <time> because timestamps can be entered under <data>, a generic HTML5 tag designed to mark machine-readable information.Ian 'Hixie'...

John Esposito10/31/11
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Ask DZ: What Book Do You Think Every Programmer Should Read?

Do you ever think about all the great books for programmers, and then form your opinion on the one book that every programmer should read?  Maybe a traditionalist will pick Donald Knuth's The Art of Computer Programming. Or maybe Fred Brooks' The Mythical...

Marek Rogoziński10/31/11
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Another Lucene Eurocon is History

Another Lucene Eurocon is a history. That was a very intense two days, where the basic problem was: which of the three lectures go to. Sometimes the choice was very difficult, the only hope is that this year all the presentations were recorded and will...

Jakub Holý10/31/11
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JSF: Beware the Difference Between Build-Time and Render-Time Tags in Facelets

This is to remind me that I should never ever forget the cruical difference between build-time-only tags (i.e. having tag handlers only) and render-time tags that have corresponding components. The problem is that their lifespan is different and thus...

Sandro Mancuso10/30/11
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Mentorship in Software Craftsmanship - part 3

Once the relationship between mentor and mentee is established, it is fair to say that they will be in a journey together. Every software craftsman is on a personal journey towards mastery. They are all walking the long road. Both mentor and mentees will...

Taha Siddiqi10/30/11
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Integrating Bootstrap JS with Tapestry5

Adding Bootstrap JS Twispy to your template is very easy

Andrew Salvadore10/30/11
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Understanding Git - Good references

Grab our FREE Git Cheat Sheet! Get FREE PDF

Peter Lawrey10/30/11
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Serialization using ByteBuffer and recycled objects

I have always been of the view that using recycled objects is faster for serialization. So I wrote a test based on Thrift Protobuf Compare to see where it does well or poorly. The benchmark suggest that serialization/deserialization is fast with ByteBuffer...

Christopher Bennage10/30/11
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What is Functional Programming? Part 2, Currying

In my last post, I provided a list of concepts that I found to be characteristic of functional languages. We’ve talked bout the first three so far.  

Christopher Bennage10/30/11
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What is Functional Programming? Part 3, Recursion

In the first post in this series, I provided a list of concepts that I found to be characteristic of functional languages. We’ve talked bout the first four so far.  

Mitch Pronschinske10/30/11
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Jenkins Bootstrapper for the EC2 Cloud

Is setting up Jenkins on a fresh server a tedious process for you?  Wes Winham thinks so.  Thats why he's built a bootstrapping tool that gets Jenkins servers quickly forked and set up in the cloud.  Right now the tool supports Jenkins on Ubuntu 10.04 on...

Christopher Bennage10/30/11
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What is Functional Programming? Part 5, Bindings

N.B. this is unrelated to the concept of bindings in Silverlight and WPF.  One of my aha moments in learning F# occurred while I was reading Real World Functional Programming. Specifically, it was when the meaning of the let keyword really clicked....