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Mark Needham06/17/11
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Fedora: Recovering from the IntelliJ ‘Ctrl-Alt-F7′

We’re using Fedora on our local developer work stations and some of the default key bindings of the operating system seem to conflict with ones provided by IntelliJ IDEA. One particular amusing one is ‘Ctrl-Alt-F7′ which you use in IntelliJ to see the...

Senthil Kumar06/17/11
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Windows Phone API mapping tool for Android Developers

It was the iPhone to Windows Phone 7 API Mapping tool that Microsoft released few months back and its now the Android Developers' turn. Microsoft has released the Windows Phone API mapping tool for developers that can help the developers to leverage their...

Andrew Phillips06/17/11
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Deployment is the new build (part 3)

Earlier this year, I was invited to present a talk at Devopsdays Boston about deployment as the new build: how deployments are carried out now, how they will need to adapt in a more virtualized, on-demand application landscape and what fundamental...

Rafał Kuć06/17/11
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Solr 3.1: FastVectorHighlighting

One of the many new features that Lucene and Solr 3.1 brings is FastVectorHighlighting - as the change notes say nothing less than the improved functionality of highlighting. Currently the highlighting mechanism is not too fast, sometimes it could kill...

James Sugrue06/17/11
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Oracle v Google: Looking Expensive for Google, Trial To Kick Off in November

It looks like Oracle are really going after Google in their lawsuit over Android's use of Java, seeking damages "in the billions of dollars". Barring any settlements between the two, the trial is expected to begin in November. A disclosure was...

Veera Sundar06/17/11
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Git Tutorial – My Git work flow

As I promised on my previous article on Getting started with Git, here is how I use Git in my day to day activities. Rather than explaining with a real project that I’m working (which I can’t share!), I’m taking the ‘Hello World’ approach. What...

Rob Williams06/17/11
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A Quick Look at Spring Batch

If you‘ve looked at one Spring project, you‘ve seen them all. They have a huge document on how to use Batch, but as you slog through it, it‘s the usual Spring ‘architecture,‘ which is basically super vanilla, painfully procedural, and based on...

Baptiste Wicht06/17/11
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Introduce variables on EDDI

The version 0.1.1 of EDDI is now available.This new version introduce the feature to put variable on the code. You can now write things like that :a = "Variable a"; b = "Variable b"; Print(a); Print(b);And you can also reassign value to a...

Rafał Kuć06/16/11
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Solr and Tika integration (part 1 – basics)

Indexing the so-called “rich documents”, ie files like pdf, doc, rtf, and so on (or binary files) always required some additional work on the developer side, at least to get the contents of the file and prepare it in a format understood by the...

Axel Rauschmayer06/16/11
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Erich Gamma (Eclipse) joins Microsoft to work on JavaScript tools

If you have ever read the “Gang of Four” book on design patterns [1] or worked with the Eclipse Java IDE (and platform) then you are probably familiar with the name Erich Gamma who was deeply involved in both. Recent news was that Gamma had left IBM and...

Baptiste Wicht06/16/11
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Git Tip : Restore a deleted tag

A little tip that can be very useful, how to restore a deleted Git tag.If you juste deleted a tag by error, you can easily restore it following these steps. First, usegit fsck --unreachable | grep tagthen, you will see the unreachable tag. If you have several...

Markus Eisele06/16/11
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Dynamically registering WebFilter with Java EE 6

Yeah. Security. I start loving this stuff. I have a nice little application running with Java EE 6. And if you are following my posts lately, you know, that it has little more security requirements than usual and therefore we definitely have some custom...

Robert Diana06/16/11
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The Rise Of The API, The Future Of The Web

Last month, Twitter and Facebook made some moves to hide RSS feeds and put focus more on their APIs. There was the typical ranting that followed the news, some in favor of RSS and others not. Now that the conversation and controversy of RSS being killed...