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Eugen Paraschiv11/09/11
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Securing a RESTful Web Service with Spring Security 3.1, part 3

1. OverviewThis is the third of a series of articles about setting up a secure RESTful Web Service using Spring 3.1 and Spring Security 3.1 with Java based configuration. This article will focus on the security configuration using Spring Security 3.1,...

Mitch Pronschinske11/09/11
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Using Lucene and Cascalog for Fast Text Processing at Scale

This post explains text processing and analytics techniques used at the startup Yieldbot.  Their technology uses open source tools including Cascalog, Lucene, Hadoop, and Clojure's Java Interop.  The following post was authored by Soren Macbeth, a Data...

Peter Pilgrim11/09/11
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ScalaFX A Walk Through

In this video cast, I walk you through downloading ScalaFX and setting up the environment for IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 with Scala Build Tool (SBT) in real-time.    

Mark Needham11/09/11
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Scala: Which implicit conversion is being used?

Last week my colleague Pat created a method which had a parameter which he wanted to make optional so that consumers of the API wouldn’t have to provide it if they didn’t want to. We ended up making the method take in an implicit value such that the...

Lukas Eder11/09/11
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Derby casting madness – the sequel

I have recently blogged about the general bind variable casting madness in SQL: http://lukaseder.wordpress.com/2011/08/31/rdbms-bind-variable-casting-madness/

Mitch Pronschinske11/09/11
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Merging Git Workflow With Puppet Environments

If you're trying to keep your development team from doing accidental pushes of incorrect code, a short tutorial on how to use Git, Puppet, and some other open source utilities should go a long way in helping junior sysadmins or sysadmin developers with this...

Mitch Pronschinske11/08/11
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A Peek at Google’s Production Distributed Systems Tracing Infrastructure

It seems to be the case that if we learn something from the stories about technology and processes that major tech companies use, we might be able to bring some of those best-of-the-best practices back to our neck of the woods.  We're fascinated when we get...

Ben Kepes11/08/11
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Stackato, a Private PaaS for Python, PHP, Java, and more, gets Management and Monitoring

I’ve been really positive about Cloud Foundry, seeing it as doing the sort of things for PaaS that OpenStack does for IaaS. If Cloud Foundry succeeds in its aim, Organizations will have a PaaS solution that they can use where they want, with whichever...

Mitch Pronschinske11/08/11
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Video: Portable Lucene Index Format & Applications

This talk by Andrzej Bialecki (Lucid Imagination) will present a design and implementation of a flexible, version-independent serialization format for Lucene indexes and its applications in index upgrades / downgrades, in distributed document analysis, in...

James Betteley11/08/11
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Coping with Big CI

I recently went to another C.I. meetup to listen to Tom Duckering, a DevOps consultant at Thoughtworks, deliver a talk about managing a scaled-up build/release/CI system. In his talk, Tom discussed Continuous Delivery, common mistakes, best practices,...

Wayne Adams11/07/11
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Haskell From an OO Developer's Perspective, Part 3

Today I'm going to process a set of structured data using Haskell, tainted by years of Smalltalk, C++, Java and C# experience. I've been following the book Real World Haskell, which I chose for a couple of reasons:

Nicolas Frankel11/07/11
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Configuring Maven to use SLF4J

I mainly write articles for two reasons: to understand something that is new to me or to document something I regularly have to explain to others. This article definitely falls in the second category: in order to celebrate the new 1.0.0 version of...

Jakub Holý11/07/11
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Groovy: Use @Canonical to Get Compiler-generated Equals, HashCode and ToString

Groovy makes it extremely easy to create Java beans with getters, setters, equals, hashCode, and toString:@groovy.transform.Canonical class Call { def method def args /* // custom impl. reusing the auto-generated one: String toString() { ...

Martin Thompson11/07/11
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Locks & Condition Variables - Latency Impact

In a previous article on Inter-Thread Latency I showed how it is possible to signal a state change between 2 threads with less than 50ns of latency.  To many developers, writing concurrent code using locks is a scary experience.  Writing concurrent code...

Felix Dahlke11/07/11
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Settling down with ClojureScript

I recently blogged about using ClojureScript for a new internal application at work. After some initial difficulties, I’m finally up to speed with it. I thought it’s about time I shared some more insights.