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Peter Lawrey09/04/11
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Java can be significantly faster than C

Whether you use Java or C is not always as important as the algorithm you use. Being smarter can make more difference. You might not see this as a fair test of Java vs C, but in the real world human factors are matter. There is no point saying C is faster...

Steven Lott09/03/11
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The Users Just Want "Search" -- What's So Hard?

Great article on "Search" from back in '08 in Forbes. "Why Google Isn't Enough", by Dan Woods. He's talking about "Enterprise Search": why in-house Google-style search is really hard and often unsatisfying. Here's the cool...

Anton Arhipov09/03/11
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GeeCON 2011: Java Bytecode For Discriminating Developers

In May this year I had a pleasure to talk at an awesome conference in Krakow - GeeCON. Here's the video taken at the talk and the slides are below.

Adam Warski09/02/11
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Modules, modules, modules …

I think everybody will agree that writing modular applications and modularity in general is a good thing. But how does support for modularity look like, both from the Java and Scala languages and various Java/Scala frameworks? There’s a lot of different...

James Sugrue09/02/11
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The Importance Of Software Craftsmanship

Celebrating it's first year in operation, the London Software Craftsmanship Community is a great example of how developers are taking their work seriously, and showing that our industry is maturing at a healthy pace. I met with Sandro Mancuso, co-founder of...

Howard Lewis Ship09/02/11
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How They See Us, How We See Them

Stumbled across this great graphic on GlobalNerdy Blog. direct link to the image.  

Peter Lawrey09/01/11
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MethodHandle performance in Java 7

A new feature in Java 7 provides a MethodHandle which "is a typed, directly executable reference to an underlying method, constructor, field, or similar low-level operation, with optional transformations of arguments or return values" This...

Bozhidar Bozhanov09/01/11
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Google App Engine and Maven

I created a small project that I wanted to host somewhere for free. Amazon free tier or Google App Engine? I already have experience with AWS, so I decided to try GAE. It is completely different, of course. And it didn’t start quite well, with some...

Kapil Viren Ahuja09/01/11
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Publishing Projects Using Maven

Most of us use Maven for building our projects and preparing a JAR or a WAR or an EAR to be deployed on server. However, during the development life-cycle we do not realize that Maven can be used for a much higher purpose – “Create a project site to...

Jay Fields09/01/11
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Life After Pair Programming

When I first joined DRW I noticed that the vast majority of developers were not pair-programming. I was surprised that a company that employed so many smart people would just simply disregard a practice that I considered to be so obviously beneficial.

Alexey Ragozin09/01/11
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Search Oracle Coherence grid with Lucene

Traditionally full text search engines such as Apache Lucene/Solr are implemented as infrastructure separate from core application. Such "search as a black box" approach allows painless integration with a whole variety of application on variety of...

Arul Kumaran09/01/11
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Comparing Ordinary Resume versus Outstanding Resume

Ineffective resumes result in prolonged job searches, and very often, lower salary offers. It can also negatively impact your self confidence. When people get a poor response to an application, they think that they are the problem, but fail to think that...

Max Katz09/01/11
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Android Tutorial: Building Hello World App in Tiggr

This tutorial uses Tiggr, a Web-based Mobile Apps Builder. If you don’t have an account, sign up for one. It’s fast and easy. Creating New Project Enter a new project name: AndroidHelloWorld