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Dustin Marx02/07/12
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JavaFX 2 Presents the Quadratic Formula

I recently needed to check some homework answers related to use of the quadratic formula. After realizing that it was getting tedious to do these by hand, I thought of using my calculator to solve them. However, I realized that I could write a simple application using JavaFX to calculate the results and that approach seemed more interesting than using the calculator. This post demonstrates that simple application and provides the relatively straightforward code required to make it happen.

Alex Staveley02/07/12
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Code reviews in the 21st Century

In the world of software engineering code reviews can end up in pointless engagements of conflict. Developers can bicker over silly little things, offend each other and occasionally catch a bug that probably would have being caught in QA anyway - that conflict free zone around the corner!

Roger Hughes02/07/12
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Autowiring Using @Value and Optional Properties

Last October I wrote a blog entitled Autowiring Property Values into Spring Beans describing how to use Spring’s @Value annotation to inject property values into your beans from both a property file and Java system properties. Last week, I came across this little gotcha whilst helping out on another project....

John Esposito02/06/12
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Poll: Which HTML5 Refcard Would You Like To See Next?

We're planning a series of new Refcardz on cutting-edge web technologies, and we'd love you to help us determine which Refcard to publish next.

Aaron Nichols02/06/12
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Make your process your Rock Star, not individuals

Rather thank trying to find a 'rock star' to come and be your savior, try moving from small groups to collaborative teams and processes, rather than people, that are 'rock star'.

Rafał Kuć02/06/12
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Document language identification

One of the features of the latest Solr version (3.5) is the ability to identify the language of the document during its indexation. In today's entry we will see how Apache Solr works together with Apache Tika to identify the language of the documents.

Veera Sundar02/06/12
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Java.lang.VerifyError: Expecting a stackmap frame at branch target – JDK 7

Right now, when I try to persist an object in Google App Engine, I’m facing the error “Java.lang.VerifyError: Expecting a stackmap frame at branch target“. I’m using JDK 7 and it seems like the problem lies with this JDK.

Julian Exenberger02/06/12
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Documentation that is useful

I was reading this article by Neil Mcallister on his Fatal Exception blog entitled "How to get developers to document their code". Now it begs the question: What documentation is actually useful?

Roger Hughes02/06/12
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Adding Version Information to your JAR’s Manifest

One of the handy things about using Maven is that, by default, the names of the artifacts it creates include the current version number from the POM's version tag. It doesn’t matter what type of artifact it is, whether it’s a JAR, WAR or EAR you generally end up with something like this.

Tim O'brien02/06/12
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A Simple Reminder for Maven/Gradle/Ivy Users: Proxy Central

This post is a reminder to everyone using build tools that rely on Central: take time to proxy Central with a repository manager.

Matt Raible02/06/12
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Refreshing AppFuse's UI with Twitter Bootstrap

The last time AppFuse had an update done to its look and feel was in way back in 2006. I've done a lot of consulting since then, which has included a fair bit of page speed optimization, HTML5 development and integrating smarter CSS. Now Twitter's Bootstrap is all the rage, it seems to make sense to move to that

Tom O'connor02/05/12
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Building updated packages for sun-java6 6u30

Recently, Oracle withdrew the ability for Linux distributions to repackage Java and distribute their own packages. This has been widely regarded as a bad idea, but I'll show you how to re-roll an old sun-java6 deb file.

Joe Miller02/05/12
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How To: Install graylog2 on CentOS 5 with RVM + Passenger

I decided to see if RVM – Ruby Version Manager – would allow me to setup an isolated Ruby environment just for graylog2 and not disturb the other Ruby apps on the machine. I also wanted to setup an isolated instance of Passenger-standalone for graylog2 then configure apache to listen on port 80 and forwarding requests with mod_proxy.

Tony Russell-rose02/05/12
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Informer is dead: long live Informer!

Read several articles by search experts like Charlie Hull and Tyler Tate. A great resource for enterprise search followers.

Juhani Lehtimaki02/05/12
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The Best Default Setting is not to Have a Setting

It is easy to think that letting users change all aspects of an app UI makes the UI better. We've all heard the "if they don't like it they can change it" argument. It is also very easy to come up with theoretical scenarios where users would actually want to change any one aspects of the UI.