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Ant Kutschera06/23/11
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Tomcat, WebSockets, HTML5, jWebSockets, JSR-340, JSON and more

On my recent excursion into non-blocking servers I came across Comet, server push technologies and then Web Sockets. I was late arriving at the Comet party, but I think I have arrived at the Web Sockets party just in time. The final standard is still...

Jakub Holý06/23/11
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Validating JSF EL Expressions in JSF Pages with static-jsfexpression-validator

Update: Version 0.9.3 with new group/artifactId released on 7/25 including native support for JSF 1.2 (reflected below in the pom snippet). Update: Version 0.9.4 with function tolerance for JSF 1.2 released on 7/28 (it doesn't check functions are OK but...

Mark Needham06/23/11
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Scala: val, lazy val and def

We have a variety of val, lazy val and def definitions across our code base but have been led to believe that idiomatic Scala would have us using lazy val as frequently as possible. As far as I understand so far this is what the different things do:

James Ward06/22/11
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Getting Started with Node.js on The Cloud

In my new job at salesforce.com I’m incredibly exited about getting into Heroku, a Platform as a Service provider / Cloud Application Platform. In a future blog post I’ll provide more details on what Heroku is and how it works. But if you are like...

James Sugrue06/22/11
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Eclipse Indigo Release Train Now Available: 46 Million Lines of Code Across 62 Projects

For the eight successive year, the latest iteration of the Eclipse release train, Indigo, is now available for developers everywhere. And once again, the Eclipse community have shown that it is possible to coordinate software to be released on time. The scale...

Rafał Andrzejewski06/22/11
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“Car sale application” – Unicode Collation, sorting text in a language-sensitive way (part 4)

In the third part of our ”Car sale” application related posts we added some location data and the information about the city that is related to every car. Shortly afterwards we added the possibility to sort using the city field by simply modifying the...

Gareth Rushgrove06/22/11
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Devops - More Than Marketing - Talk By James Turnbull

I’ve just found my notes from James Turnbull’s talk at FOSDEM. I found the talk excellent, and I’m already part of the choir. But much of the audience I’d guess have only come across the devops term in passing, or worse had it pushed at them as...

Fabrizio Giudici06/22/11
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A Cleaner MVC Inspired by Continuation-Passing Style

With this article I'm starting a series derived from how I'm designing blueBill Mobile, an Android application, but in addition to technology-related topics (not only Android) I'll talk a lot about general design strategies. A relevant effort...

John Whish06/22/11
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View ORM queries in page debugging

One of the things that I really love about Coldfusion 9 is the hibernate integration (ORM). The only thing that irriates me about using the ORM features is that the generated SQL is hidden away from you the developer. You can set up your ColdFusion...

James Sugrue06/22/11
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Eclipse Indigo Highlights: Five Reasons to Check Out ECF

The Eclipse Communication Framework has been a steady participant in the Eclipse release trains, continuously adding to its impressive list of features. This year’s inclusion of ECF 3.5 in the Indigo release train is no exception. In this article, I'll take...

Ole Bulbuk06/22/11
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Extremely Decoupled Architecture for Web Applications (EDAWA); Part 1: Vertical Decoupling

Ever see a company going out of business because it couldn't afford a complete redesign of a big application? Ever wanted to switch a large application to a new technology stack in short, well defined steps? Ever struggled understanding or changing an...

Matt Raible06/22/11
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Java Web Application Security - Part V: Penetrating with Zed Attack Proxy

Web Application Security is an important part of developing applications. As developers, I think we often forget this, or simply ignore it. In my career, I've learned a lot about web application security. However, I only recently learned and became...

Mike Christianson06/22/11
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Eclipse Syntax Highlighting With Color Themes

I don't mind working with code or structured text files in a plain-text editor like Textpad, but my ability to read and comprehend increases with an editor that performs syntax highlighting. By default, Eclipse does a pretty good job of syntax highlighting...

Jelle Victoor06/21/11
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Java EE6 Events, a lightweight alternative to JMS

A few weeks ago I attended a bejug meeting about Java EE 6, Building next generation enterprise applications. Having read much about it, I did not expect to see much shocking hidden features. But there was one part of the demo I really found impressive. ...

Dror Helper06/21/11
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Testing right by testing the right thing

Before answering questions about unit testing I usually tend to ask some questions to get the broader picture – especially if the question sound sstrange. Such a question was asked by a teammate – he wanted to know if he could replace the behavior of...