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Jay Fields03/25/11
6 replies

Readable Clojure Without a Java Equivalent?

I've recently joined a new team and we've been doing a bit of Clojure. If you've never done Lisp (and I hadn't before I found Clojure) it's natural to ask the quesetion: Will programming in Lisp, especially Prefix Notation, ever feel natural? The question...

Cedric Beust03/25/11
2 replies

Never Get Lost In Eclipse Again

Whether you are an Eclipse veteran or beginner, there will be times when you want to access a certain functionality but you can’t remember exactly where to find it. This is where Control-3 (or ⌘-3 on Mac) comes in handy. For example, if I want to modify...

Marco Tedone03/25/11
4 replies

Hudson vs Jenkins CI?

After recent disagreements between Oracle from one side and Hudson creators and open community on the other, the latter decided that Hudson was to be forked and become Jenkins CI. More details can be found here and here.

Mitch Pronschinske03/24/11
8 replies

Video: Will the Mobile Wars Become a 3-Horse Race?

The last few years have been a dogfight between Apple's iPhone and Google's Android phones, and its been hard for any other mobile platforms to seem relevant...

Steve Good03/24/11
5 replies

8 Minute Grails Contact Manager

On Friday I gave an Intro to Grails preso in which I built a contact manager application.  The presentation was 90 minutes long.  To demonstrate how much of that time was actually spent coding I whipped up this video where I build the same app but in 8...

Constantin Alin03/24/11
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How to integrate JavaScript and JSF

JSF and JavaScript can combine forces to develop powerful applications. For example, let's see how we can use JavaScript code with h:commandLink and h:commandButton to obtain a confirmation before getting into action.Getting ready

Vineet Manohar03/24/11
14 replies

Java 7: New Feature – Automatically Close Files and Resources in try-catch-finally

Try with resources is a new feature in Java 7 which lets us write more elegant code by automatically closing resources like FileInputStream at the end of the try-block. Old Try Catch Finally Dealing with resources like InputStreams is painful when it comes to...

Mark Needham03/23/11
1 replies

Local port forwarding

A colleague and I ran into an interesting problem today which we wanted to use local port forwarding to solve. In our environment.rb file we have a Solr instance url defined like so:

Mitch Pronschinske03/23/11
9 replies

Reinhold Already Talking About Java 9

Java 9.  That's not a mistake.  In John Duimovich and Mark Reinhold's "Java Renaissance" keynote today at EclipseCon 2011 they talked about Java 7, which finally has a release date (July 28, 2011), Java 8, which will bring modularity that is...

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JSON processing using Jackson Java JSON Processor

JSON(Javascript Object Notation) is becoming a more popular data exchange format. While developing Web applications using Javascript frameworks like YUI, ExtJS, DOJO etc we can use either XML or JSON to exchange the data between the client and server. ...

Mick Knutson03/23/11
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Invalid keystore format and ‘keytool genkey’ issues during Jar signing

I have been working on creating keystores and signing jars today, and have run into some interesting findings, and some interesting but obscure errors during this process. I have the following maven plugin that I wanted to use to sign my jar with my...

Constantin Alin03/23/11
1 replies

How to use hbm2cfgxml to generate Hibernate JPA configuration file

Hibernate Tools are used as the basis for both Ant tasks and Eclipse plugins, both available from tools.hibernate.org. In this post, you can see a complete Ant script that uses the <hbm2cfgxml> (Hibernate Configuration File) exporter to generate a...

Loiane Groner03/23/11
3 replies

IBatis (MyBatis): Working with Dynamic Queries (SQL)

This tutorial will walk you through how to setup iBatis (MyBatis) in a simple Java project and will present how to work with dynamic queries (SQL).

Nick Maiorano03/22/11
1 replies

Keeping it Real in a Surreal World

With tsunamis, melting nuclear power plants and Mayan prophecies aligning perfectly, the surreal is becoming real these days. Meanwhile, back in Javaland, I’m still sorting out the real from the surreal as I digest the 2011 edition of the server side Java...

James Sugrue03/22/11
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Better Context for Code Reviews With Architexa

Architexa is continuing it's valuable developer tool offering, this time helping developers to understand new features that are added to the codebase. You'll be familiar with Architexa's diagram-from-code features already. Now they are providing a code review...