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Max Katz09/14/11
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How To Build a Mobile App in 5 Minutes

In this video you can see how to build a Twitter search mobile app in just about 5 minutes using Tiggr. It’s that fast. I think these videos being short are pretty helpful, so I will be adding more soon. From...

Jelle Victoor09/14/11
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Java EE6 in the Cloud – Getting started with Red Hat Openshift

For a while now I’ve been looking into ‘the cloud’. Looking into its features, what it can do, why we should switch to ‘ the cloud’, going to talks, talking to people like @maartenballiauw, who is a cloud specialist at RealDolmen. I’ve already...

Jakub Holý09/14/11
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DRY: Use JUnit @Rule Instead of Repeating Setup/@Before in Each Test

I was for a long time unhappy that DbUnit Express users have to create a @Before method in each test just to get the test database initialized.

Mark Needham09/14/11
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Pair Programming: The disadvantages of 100% pairing

I’ve written a lot of blog posts in the past about pair programming and the advantages that I’ve seen from using this technique but lately I find myself increasingly frustrated at the need to pair 100% of the time which happens on most teams I work on.

Patrick Debois09/14/11
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Why Vagrant is Cool (Video)

I make it no secret. I simply love vagrant. Why?

Bill Bejeck09/14/11
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Binary Search Tree – Programming Praxis solution

Earlier this year I was influenced by two things that got me to re-think what I work on in my free time. The first was this podcast from Software Engineering Radio with “Uncle Bob” Bob Martin on software craftsmanship. The second was a blog on the...

James Sugrue09/14/11
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Chronon 2.0: Pushing the Boundaries of Logging

Since Chronon Systems unveiled their time travelling debugger concept, I've been inspired by the innovations that the team are bringing to Java developers everywhere. The latest offering from Chronon will make you rethink logging, and could have a huge...

Axel Rauschmayer09/14/11
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Google’s Alex Russell on JavaScript versus Dart

Its good to see that not everyone at Google thinks that JavaScript “not viable in the long term” [1]. Quoting the highlights of a blog post by Alex Russell [via @MunichJS]: There’s very little public information yet about Dart (nee, Dash), and as...

Bozhidar Bozhanov09/13/11
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How to Map Dates with Hibernate – Use joda-time

This is always a question – how to map temporal data in our hibernate entities – whether to use java.util.Date, java.util.Calendar or simply long. The correct answer is: neither of these. Use joda-time – the de-facto Java datetime API. Using it...

Markus Eisele09/13/11
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Software Version Control Visualization - Gource

I've been playing around with visualizations since some time. You might remember my post about GlassFish City where I did a visualization with CodeCity. I came across another great visualization tool called Gource. It paints an animated tree of your...

Jakub Holý09/13/11
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DbUnit Express 1.3 is Even Easier to Use and Still Better

The DbUnit Express 1.3.0 (a thin wrapper around DbUnit to speed up DB testing) released recently introduces features that make it even easier to write a DB unit test, the most interesting ones are the introduction of EmbeddedDbTesterRule which can...

Ken Rimple09/13/11
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Skipping the PGP Signing Process

If you need to install or deploy the maven artifact of your add-on to an internal repository server, and you don't need to deploy to a public OBR repository such as the RooBot server, you can choose to disable the PGP key signing process. Just comment out...

Jens Schauder09/13/11
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Clean Code is just a Crutch

Last week I was at the completely awesome SoCraTes conference. It was the first meeting of the German Software Craftsmanship Community. Some of the attendees argued that some day in the future there might be a way to measure the quality of software which...

Ayende Rahien09/13/11
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If you don’t have pet projects, I don’t think I want you

I am busy hiring people now, and it got me thinking a lot about the sort of things that I want from my developers. In particular, I was inundated in CVs, and I used the following standard reply to help me narrow things down. Thank you for your CV. Do you...

Mitch Pronschinske09/13/11
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Douglas Crockford Answers DZone's Questions on JavaScript

CoffeeScript, node.js, ECMAScript, and even Google's new Dart usurper language were topics of discussion last week when I had the unique opportunity to meet one of the major luminaries in the world of JavaScript while he was speaking at North Carolina State...