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Gojko Adzic06/21/10
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Anatomy of a good acceptance test

The long term benefits of agile acceptance testing come from live documentation – a description of the system functionality which is reliable, easily accessible and much easier to read and understand than the code. In order to be effective as live...

James Sugrue06/21/10
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Enabling Modelling 2.0 With Xtext

With the Eclipse Helios release just around the corner, Xtext will be providing their 1.0 release of their highly successful framework for creating DSLs. I spoke with Sven Efftinge to find out more about this release. DZone:  First, just in case anyone...

Peter Karussell06/21/10
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Liquibase + Hibernate: Easy and Solid Database Migration

As I pointed out earlier liquibase is a stable and nice migration tool for SQL databases in the Java land. The problem I had is that I couldn’t get it working with hibernate while using annotations.

Debasish Ghosh06/21/10
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Scala Implicits : Type Classes Here I Come

I was having some discussion on type classes in Scala with Daniel on Twitter the other day when I suddenly discovered one of my unfinished posts on the same topic. Not that there's anything new that you will get to know from this rant. But these are some of...

Mark Needham06/21/10
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Git/Mercurial: Pushing Regularly

I was reading a recent blog post by Gabriel Schenker where he discusses how his team is making use of Git and about half way through he says the following:

Alex Tkachman06/20/10
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Groovy++ in action: DSL for embedding HttpServer

JDK6 introduced great but probably not too widely known possibility of embedding lightweight http server in to your application. If you are not aware about it as I was here is the link for javadocs of simple and nice API Of course, several great options for...

Rob Williams06/20/10
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Hands-off Delivery of Builds to Targets

I worked on a project a few years ago where the QA team pulled the builds. At first I thought, ok, nice vote of no confidence to the dev team, but then, I thought ‘cool, let‘s see how this goes.‘ It was bliss. Partially, of course, because the QA...

Axel Rauschmayer06/19/10
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Servlet Sessions and Automatic Login: Standard Java EE Might Not Be Enough For You

Java servlet session management works well for basic requirements, but has limits when it comes to advanced features:

Mitch Pronschinske06/18/10
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Does JFX Composer Satisfy the Desire For Better JavaFX Tooling?

The final release of NetBeans 6.9 arrived this week, and with it came the first GA version of JavaFX Composer.  Since the first preview release in December '09, some have speculated whether this plugin, which is similar...

Eric Hagan06/18/10
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Video: Real Life RIA

Using SlideSix.com as an example, this presentation includes demonstrations on how to convert a presentation file to a browser based SWF using Adobe ColdFusion...

Gojko Adzic06/18/10
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Evolution of DDD: CQRS and Event Sourcing

Speaking at the DDD exchange conference today, Greg Young said that doing doing domain driven design is impossible with a classic three layer architecture where DTOs are being shared across layers. He then presented CQRS and Event Sourcing, which...

Peter Karussell06/18/10
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Mercurial Will Beam You Into A Heaven of Merging

I never understood why mercurial should be so fantastic and why merging is so much easier with hg compared to subversion. This week changed my point of view.

Cedric Beust06/18/10
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Iterators? They still make these?

The war between procedural and functional programming continues to rage, and the latest skirmish appears in this article, where the author shows two versions that add the contents of a vector.  

Ted Neward06/17/10
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Architectural Katas

By now, the Twitter messages have spread, and the word is out: at Uberconf this year, I did a session ("Pragmatic Architecture"), which I've done at other venues before, but this time we made it into a 180-minute workshop instead of a 90-minute...

James Sugrue06/17/10
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Architexa: Get To Know Your Code Better

A few weeks ago I discussed the Architexa tool which provides rich, interactive graphical views of your code. I tried it out in a preview beta and was quite impressed. From today, it's available to all in a general release, with a special discount for...