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Juhani Lehtimaki11/28/11
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A Cautionary Example of Bad Design

Sometimes it is good to look at cautionary tales of design to avoid doing the same mistakes others have made. I always try to avoid being to hars on small developers' creations as it is understandable that people doing their hobby projects or building apps...

Jens Schauder11/28/11
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The Three Ways to Work with Code

Obviously you read code more often than you write it. Nothing new here. This fact is brought up often when the need for clean code is discussed. Or when the merits of different programming languages are weighed. I think this two fold distinction is not...

Roger Hughes11/28/11
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Unit Testing Using Mocks - Testing Techniques 5

My last blog was the fourth in a series of blogs on approaches to testing code, demonstrating how to create a unit test that isolates the object under test using a stub object. Today’s blog looks at what is sometimes regarded as an opposing technique:...

Jakub Holý11/28/11
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Where to Get Sample Java Webapps

I was unsuccessfuly looking for some decent, neither too simple nor to complex Java web application for Iterate hackaton “War of Web Frameworks”. I want to record the demo apps and options I’ve found in the case I’ll need it ever again. Tips are...

Peter Lawrey11/28/11
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Stupid performance trick in Java

ByteBuffer has a compact() method which is useful for re-using a buffer if it is not full consumed. However, in the likely case it is consumed, it can perform surprising badly.  while (in.read(buf) >= 0 || buf.position != 0) { buf.flip(); ...

Chris Hostetter11/28/11
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Solr Powered ISFDB – Part #11: Using DisMax

This is Part 11 in a series of 11 (so far) articles by Chris Hostetter in 2011 on Indexing and Searching the ISFDB.org data using Solr. When we left off last time, we had used a domain specific biasing function to improve the order of our results so popular...

Dustin Marx11/28/11
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The Thankful Software Developer

Neil McAllister's Fatal Exception blog post What I'm thankful for as a developer is timely given the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in the United States. In that post,

Mitch Pronschinske11/27/11
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DevOps Ignite Talks

DevOps: Design to Implementation in Big EnterpriseWe Can’t Hug Out Way to Success: The Need for a DevOps Definition of People, Process, and Tools Talking ITIL for Agile Folks (Learning Standard Change) The Good, the Bad & the Embarrassing: How Ops...

Chris Hostetter11/27/11
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Solr Powered ISFDB – Part #10: Tweaking Relevancy

This is Part 10 in a series of 11 (so far) articles by Chris Hostetter in 2011 on Indexing and Searching the ISFDB.org data using Solr. Circumstances have conspired to keep my away from this series longer then I had intended, So today I want to jump right in...

Alex Ruiz11/27/11
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Upgraded to Xtext 2.1: first impressions

During this past weekend I upgraded protobuf-dt to the new and shiny Xtext 2.1.1. I didn’t have a real need for the upgrade, the protocol buffer editor has been working well with version 2.0. It was mostly curiosity.

Martin Thompson11/27/11
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Biased Locking, OSR, and Benchmarking Fun

After my last post on Java Lock Implementations, I got a lot of good feedback about my results and micro-benchmark design approach.  As a result I now understand JVM warmup, On Stack Replacement (OSR) and Biased Locking somewhat better than before. ...

Mitch Pronschinske11/26/11
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Dev+Ops+Org - How we are including (almost) everyone

Abstract John Clapham and Paul Swartout: The presentation will give an insight into how the whole of Nokia Entertainment has embraced DevOps: The Journey: Start-up mentality to Corporate and back again A short history on how Nokia Entertainment came to be...

Chris Hostetter11/26/11
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Solr Powered ISFDB – Part #9: Autocomplete

This is Part 9 in a series of 11 (so far) articles by Chris Hostetter in 2011 on Indexing and Searching the ISFDB.org data using Solr. When we left last time, I had upgraded the version of Solr I was using from 1.4.1, to the newly released 3.1. Today I...

David Pell11/26/11
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MontySolr: A Search Solution for Python Lovers With the Speed of Native Java

The folks at CERN wanted a better way to search High Energy Physics fulltext paper repositories and bibliographical databases that produce result set numbers in the multi-millions.  INSPIRE, the that merges the sources' query results, though, is written in...

Jakub Holý11/26/11
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What Changes When You Deploy More Frequently and Why You Should Do It

This post is inspired by Kent Beck’s excellent talk at JavaZone 2011 titled Software G Forces: The Effects of Acceleration where he describes how the development process, practices and partly the whole organization change and/or have to change as you go...