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Andrzej Krzywda01/12/12
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Small, deployable commits

We've had an interesting discussion at our stand-up today. The discussion was triggered by Jan Filipowski post on "early commiting in TDD". The main questions are:

Lukas Eder01/12/12
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A neater way to use reflection in Java

Reflection in Java really feels awkward. The java.lang.reflect API is very powerful and complete, and in that sense also very verbose. Unlike in most scripting languages, there is no convenient way to access methods and fields dynamically using reflection....

John Ferguson Smart01/12/12
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Faster Web Tests with Parallel Batches in Thucydides

Web tests are as a rule much slower than other types of tests, but they can be sped up significantly by running them in parallel. However, this is often harder to implement than it sounds. The latest version of Thucydides (version 0.6.0) comes with support...

Juhani Lehtimaki01/12/12
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Android UI Pattern - Expand in Context

This is a very simple pattern that is not very widely used yet but I believe it will be

Mitch Pronschinske01/11/12
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DZone's Bringing You More Python Awesomeness

Calling all Pythonistas (Pythonistos?) and Djangonauts! Did you know that Python is ranked 3rd behind Java and JavaScript as the programming language that DZone audience members would want to know if they could only pick 3?

Abby Fichtner01/11/12
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Kanban is the New Scrum

Maybe it’s all the time I spend with startups, but while I strongly value Scrum’s ideas behind self-organizing teams & continual feedback – I can’t help but feel Kanban represents the next level of agility, giving us more flexibility and...

Mihai Dinca - P...01/11/12
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Tuning Your Java VM

Every java application needs some tuning to meet your requirements.  Java VM has a lot of command line options, the most used of which are :-Xms<n>[g|m|k]  -> The initial and minimum size of the Java heap-Xmx<n>[g|m|k]  -> The maximum...

Rafał Kuć01/11/12
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Solr 4.0: Realtime GET

The next functionality I decided to look at, from the upcoming Solr 4.0, is the so called “Realtime Get”. It allows you to see the data even though it was not yet added to the index, thus before the commit operation being sent to Solr. Let’s see how...

Jens Schauder01/11/12
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The second D in TDD

Some proponents of TDD say, that TDD forces you to find a good design. Some even translate TDD to Test Driven Design. I don’t agree. Mostly. Lets start with the small part where I do agree. Since TDD forces you to write test first, it forces you to think...

Dustin Marx01/11/12
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(Pure Java) JavaFX 2.0 Menus

In recent posts on JavaFX, I have focused on using JavaFX 2.0's new Java APIs without use of the JavaFX 1.x's JavaFXScript and without use of JavaFX 2.0's new FXML.

Attila-mihaly Balazs01/11/12
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Debugging the JVM

In some (rare) cases you might find yourself in the situation that you managed to crash the JVM itself. I most recently managed this by setting the name of a ThreadGroup to null. In these cases it is useful to debug the JVM itself so that the crash can be...

kent tong01/11/12
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Implementing an async servlet in Scala with less than 10 lines of code

What is async servlet and why use it? An async servlet can tell the container that it will handle a request later, so that the current thread is not tied up and can be used for another request. Why is it useful? For example, if the request is going to do...

Bozhidar Bozhanov01/11/12
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Why I Like The Verbosity of Java

Java is too verbose, they say. You can find comparisons of Hello World programs that take 2 lines in ruby and 10 lines in Java, and in order to read a file you need 20 lines in Java and just 1 in php.

Patrick Debois01/11/12
7 replies

DZone Top Article of 2011: 8 Ways to Share Your Git Repository

This blogpost provides a summary of different ways to share a git repository. Depending on your needs you can opt for different solutions.

Chris Smith01/10/12
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Squeezing Python into an Android with a Single APK

While the use of Python on Android has been made possible for some time now through SL4A, the Python for Android project has set out to make things even easier.  SL4A allows you to edit scripts and execute interactive interpreters directly on an Android...