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Artur Mkrtchyan12/01/11
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Spring MVC and Scribe (the simple OAuth Java lib)

Before Starting this article let's define what's OAuth. OAuth: An open protocol to allow secure API authorization in a simple and standard method from desktop and web applications. Today's most applications don't need to have authentication and...

Arul Kumaran12/01/11
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Why certifications alone are not enough

Certifications are a great personal achievement. But the true value of a certification to a prospective employer is not the certificate you receive, but your ability to apply what you had learned and the steps you take to achieve your certification(s) --...

Roger Hughes12/01/11
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Creating Stubs for Legacy Code - Testing Techniques 6

Any one who reads this blog will probably have realised that at present I’m working on a project that contains a whole bunch of legacy code that’s large, expansive, and written without any tests what so ever. In working with this legacy code, there’s...

Andrew Phillips12/01/11
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Taking Application Release Automation to the Next Level

Whether the driver is Agile, Cloud or DevOps1, or a “plain old” efficiency drive or process improvement initiative, forward-thinking organisations are currently looking for ways to improve their application release processes through automation. In an...

Dustin Marx12/01/11
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Compressing JPG Images with Groovy

I recently had need to reduce the size of a large number of JPG images. I did not want to do this one at a time in a graphics manipulation tool, so scripting seemed like the obvious choice. These days, Groovy is my generally my preferred tool for scripting...

Peter Lawrey12/01/11
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Low Latency Slides

Last weekend was LJC Open Conference #4, and like many people I got a lot out of it. My talk was up first which meant I could relax for the rest of the day. Here are the slides Note: the message size was 16 longs or 128 bytes. This makes a difference at...

Trisha Gee12/01/11
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London Java Community Open Conference

Saturday was, hopefully, my last conference of the year.  My lucky readers should start to see some posts which are not simply me gushing about another opportunity to hang out with awesome people and learn about interesting "stuff".

Kris Buytaert11/30/11
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Converting KVM to VirtualBox

I have had most of my test environment, aka puppetmasters, test mysql setups etc running in KVM for the past couple of years .. (yes I`m still using a lot of Xen in production environments, but we've also been using KVM for a while already ..

Mitch Pronschinske11/30/11
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How DataSift is Datamining 120K Tweets Per Second

Attention architectural gurus!  Get ready to learn about how one company puts together its amazing datamining architecture, and hopefully you'll also walk away with some ideas of your own after reading Todd Hoff's new post on High Scalability.  His post...

Mitch Pronschinske11/30/11
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Building an Application upon Riak - Part 1

For the past few months some of my colleagues and I have been developing an application with Riak as the primary persistent data store.  This has been a very interesting journey from beginning to now.  I wanted to take a few minute and write a quick...

Sean Hull11/30/11
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How to Hire a DevOps Person

First things first. This is not meant to be a beef against developers. But let’s not ignore the elephant in the living room that is the divide between brilliant code writers and the risk averse operations team.

Buddhika Chamith11/30/11
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Some Cassandra Gotchas

Here are some points to keep in mind when working with Cassandra.

Jim Bird11/30/11
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Iterationless Development – the latest New New Thing

Thanks to the Lean Startup movement, Iterationless Development and Continuous Deployment have become the New New Thing in software development methods. Apparently this has gone so far that “there are venture firms in Silicon Valley that won’t even fund...

Wille Faler11/30/11
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Making Text Mining Accessible to Any Developer & Non-Expert

On the back of what I wrote the other week about machine intelligence, I think another important step is democratizing use of machine learning & intelligence software: making it accessible to people and companies that don’t have a PhD or deep pockets...

Hubert Klein Ikkink11/30/11
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Grails Goodness: Access Action and Controller Name in GSP

In our GSP views we can see the name of the action and controller that resulted in the view. We can use this for example to show or hide certain information based on the values for the action and controller name. Grails injects the variables actionName and...