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James Sugrue06/24/10
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Eclipse Helios Release Leaves Java Developers Spoilt for Choice

Yesterday's release of Helios shows how Java developers are now truly spoilt for choice when it comes to IDEs. Following on the NetBeans 6.9 release last week, Eclipse 3.6 is the most complete release so far, incorporating 39 projects.

Mark Needham06/24/10
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Leadership and Software Teams: Some Thoughts

Roy Osherove wrote a post about a month ago describing the different maturity levels of software teams and the strategies that he uses when leading each of these which I found quite interesting. He describes the following states of maturity for a team:

Max Katz06/24/10
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The "Mobilization" of Enterprise Applications with Exadel Flamingo

Mobile technologies have taken markets by storm. Every day we hear news about new smartphones and gadgets, new features, operating systems, vendor alliances, and various mega-wars. The coming generation of smartphones promises a pack of new features, which...

Mitch Pronschinske06/24/10
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Tasktop Pro 1.7 Arrives with Helios

DZone recently spoke with Mylyn founder Mik Kirsten, who told us that today, while the Eclipse platform gets a whole bunch of updates (including updates for Mylyn) he'd be announcing a new version of Tasktop Pro and Tasktop Enterprise.  The new Tasktop Pro...

Mitch Pronschinske06/23/10
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Git in Eclipse

With today's release of Helios (Eclipse 3.6), the developers of EGit and JGit have finalized (a week early) version 0.8.4 for the Eclipse platform update.  The incubating Git support in Eclipse was ranked #2 among new 3.6 platform additions by developer Ian...

Eric Hagan06/23/10
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Video: Three Open Source Projects

Shawn Hartsock currently works on PNG-J, which is a pure Java re-implementation of the PNG libraries.  He is also working on a QR plugin for Grails, which is...

Ian Skerrett06/23/10
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Helios: The Train Has Arrived

The Eclipse Helios release is now available for download.  Each year I am amazed how the Eclipse community is release on such a predictable schedule.  Congratulations to all that help make it happen.

Eric Hagan06/23/10
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Video: Domain object "mangling" in Grails

In the Grails community, they're trying to figure out how to merge current view technologies (e.g. jQuery, jQueryUI, Google Widgets) with the Grails...

Julian Simpson06/23/10
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Should you move to Maven 2?

I’ve seen many a company try to migrate from Ant to Maven with varied success.  There is a change in mindset that has to come about when making the transition.  Here are some of the highlights.

James Sugrue06/23/10
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Design Patterns Uncovered: Series Overview

Last week we completed the last of the 23 part design pattern series. This article brings all of those patterns together for your reference.

Damasia Maneiro06/23/10
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Using db4o in an Android application

db4o is an object database, ie. forget about mapping of tables in a relational model. If you're a developer that translates into savings in time invested in your application and volume of code. db4o's great potential is that you can reuse your (plain,...

Peter Karussell06/23/10
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Heaven of Mergurial

The previous post about merging with named branches in mercurial was reposted at dzone. Daniel Neugebauer commented there that he wouldn’t use the named branch feature for every small issue instead he suggested to do the merging directly within the...

Greg Wilkins06/23/10
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Cometd-2 Throughput vs Latency

With the imminent release of cometd-2.0.0, it's time to publish some of our own lies, damned lies and benchmarks.

Geertjan Wielenga06/23/10
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Interview: Kirk Pepperdine, Performance, and the Dominating Consumer

Whenever performance guru Kirk Pepperdine (kodewerk.com) delivers a presentation, he leans heavily on the term "dominating consumer". Most recently he did so in Prague, to the Czech JUG. I met up with him afterwards and quizzed him about the term,...

Mitch Pronschinske06/22/10
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Helios Adds New Fire to Eclipse

It's that time again!  The annual updating of numerous Eclipse platform projects and the classic IDE that made it ubiquitous.  Eclipse 3.6 "Helios" is more than just a new IDE release, this year it consists of 39 Eclipse projects from SOA tooling,...