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Constantin Alin12/15/11
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Display Static Google Maps in a Java Desktop Application

Displaying static Google Maps in a Java desktop application sounds complicated, since iGoogle Maps provide a JavaScript API that can be exploited from web pages based on a Google key per host. Besides this API, Google Maps also provides a URL based API for...

Marko Rodriguez12/14/11
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Global vs. Local Graph Ranking

Graph ranking algorithms are all about mapping a complex graphical structure to a numeric vector. For a given algorithm, a single numeric value in the resultant vector corresponds to the score of a particular vertex in the graph. In code, the previous...

Jim Bird12/14/11
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Diminishing Returns in software development and maintenance

Everyone knows from reading The Mythical Man Month that as you add more people to a software development project you will see diminishing marginal returns.

Micheal Shallop12/14/11
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MongoDB, Geospatial Indexing, and Advanced Queries….

I’ve been working to build, and re-build, a geospatial table for work.  There’s been a lot of challenges in this project for me as this is the first time that I’ve had to architect db designs incorporating mongodb with mySQL.

Jakub Holý12/14/11
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Quiz: What’s the Best Test Method Name?

Which of the following names of test methods do you think to be the best?

Abhay Bakshi12/14/11
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6th Annual IndicThreads Conference on Java

Attending a conference (probably as renowned and as recognized as the Java conference by IndicThreads) adds to your muscle – Period.  By the way, I have picked up from the same thread -- same tone and similar spirit -- from March 2011.  IndicThreads held...

John Cook12/14/11
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New Programmer's Survival Manual - For CS Grads Looking to Become Professional Devs

A computer science degree doesn’t prepare you to be a programmer. Here’s an excerpt from a blog post I wrote comparing computer scientists and programmers:

Peter Lawrey12/14/11
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Java Interview Question; Anagram of a Palindrome

In many interview questions, what they are looking for is a simple solution to an apparently complex problem. Unfortunately, the solutions are usually obvious if you know the solution, but very hard to come up with in an interview situation. ;)  

Markus Eisele12/14/11
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Installing and Using the NEW WebLogic 12 Maven Plug-In for Deployment

You might know, what the WebLogic Maven Plug-In is available since WLS This nice little plug-in has been revised and updated with the recent WebLogic 12c release. What changed?

Juhani Lehtimaki12/14/11
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Quick UI Tip - Avoid Popups

Does anyone still remember when Internet advertising was in it's most annoying. That was when browsers hadn't yet have evolved to protect their users from over eager and intrusive advertisers and web page editors. The most obnoxious form of ads was the...

Andy Gibson12/14/11
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More Time Saved By Unit Tests

So I’ve been meaning to make a fix in one of my projects for a while, and I haven’t touched the code in over a year, so of course I have to go back and really get back up to speed with the code. The change was for the Datavalve project and it was to...

Alex Staveley12/14/11
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Problems debugging Java after ANT compile

Ok, this one is pretty easy but worth posting. I lost a few hours because of it and I don't want the same to happen to you! Suppose you want to be able to pass a switch into an ANT target which performs a javac to tell it to include debug information or...

Rob Williams12/14/11
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First Look: FindBugs 2.0

I have used FindBugs for years. Unfortunately, I have never really gotten into a kind of daily habit of using it. I thought of it again when Xcode 4 dropped and I started using its 'Analyze,' which, frankly, is what an analysis tool should be. No surprise...

Matt Insler12/13/11
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MongoDB Java DAO Generator – GuiceyData

One of the best things about MongoDB is the lack of an enforced schema for collections. This flexibility gives developers a lot of power in how they work with their data. Embedding records and arrays inside other records allows both a complexity and...

Patrick Debois12/13/11
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Devops from a Sysadmin Perspective

This year LISA (Large Installation System Administration) 2011 Conference has a theme on "devops". The LISA crowd has been practicing automation for a long time, and many of them just look at devops as something they have always been doing.