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Sam Farmer06/09/11
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How to use ORM and onSessionEnd()

At 16applications I use ORM extensively. Recently I wanted to track when users sessions timed out which the onSessionEnd function in Application.cfc is perfect for. onSessionEnd is interesting in that its not part of a standard ColdFusion request process...

Joachim Hofer06/09/11
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Detecting the Copy/Paste Antipattern from within SBT

I’m in the middle of porting the build process of a few (Java) projects from old and complicated Ant to SBT, trying to fill a few gaps in SBT tooling, especially those that concern those of us sentenced to Java. I’ve already done FindBugs integration...

Nirmal Sasidharan06/09/11
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Extending EMF ItemProviders using Google Guice – I

EMF ItemProvider is the most important middleman in EMF framework providing all of the interfaces needed for model objects to be viewed or edited. They adapt EMF objects by providing the following: 1. Content and label providers which enables model objects...

Michael Remijan06/09/11
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Secure SSL EJB Communication with GlassFish

The purpose of this article is to document how to establish secure SSL communication between a GlassFish EJB server and a GlassFish WEB server using keystore certificates with GlassFish 3.0.1.

Robert Diana06/09/11
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Musings On The Cloud, Platforms And Developers

The other day Apple made a bunch of announcements and the technology blogs were in a frenzy. There were some interesting bits of information, though much of the announcements talked about things to be released in the fall. I wanted to focus specifically...

Dominic Haigh06/09/11
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Why Product Activation for Java Software is Becoming Widespread

Software vendors have used license management for many years. Older approaches, such as key-file-based licensing or dongles, do have a number of drawbacks for the vendor and their users. Product activation solves many of these problems, so is gaining broad...

Ashod Nakashian06/08/11
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Why Code Readability Matters

Lately my colleagues have been commenting on my relentless notes on code styling in our internal code-reviews. Evidently I’ve been paying more and more attention to what could rightly be called cosmetics. Sure there are bad conventions and, well, better...

Rafał Kuć06/08/11
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Lucene and Solr 3.2

On 03 June 2011 Lucene and Solr commiters published a new, stable version of Lucene library and Solr search engine – both numbered 3.2. You should not expect revolution in terms of new functionalities, but there are few changes worth the look. Changes:

Mitch Pronschinske06/08/11
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Video: Model Driven Management with Puppet

The sysadmins at Puppet Labs are less interested in the latest marketing buzzwords and more interested in the practical day-to-day issues.  In this video...

Sagar H Ganatra06/08/11
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Server Monitoring in CF 9.0.1 - Multi Server monitor changes

Multi server monitor enables you to monitor multiple ColdFusion instances and at any point one can check the load on the added instance. If your remote server is running on the jetty (please refer to my previous post here) i.e. when the remote machine...

James Sugrue06/08/11
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Oracle v Google: What Oracle Wants As Compensation

10 months ago, Oracle filed a lawsuit against Google based on Android's use of Java. A filing on behalf of Google shows just what they're up against with Oracle. So what are Oracle demanding as compensation? Not only are they looking for a licencing deal...

Felipe Oliveira06/08/11
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Dependency Injection with Play Framework and Google Guice

Guice is a lightweight dependency injection framework developed by Google and it's a good alternative if you are looking for DI on your Play Framework-based application. Keep in mind that the framework is lightweight but you still need to evaluate your...

Rob Williams06/08/11
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A Few Minor Musings on Languages

Cedric had a tweet last week about how Scala is poised to take over the world, just not this year. It was a link to another dude. It is here I bit and found, through his post, that I really did not know that much about Scala. I had heard it was a functional ...

Steven Lott06/08/11
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Multithreading -- Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

Read this: "How to explain why multi-threading is difficult". We need to talk. This is not that difficult.

Loiane Groner06/07/11
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JAXB Custom Binding – Java.util.Date / Spring 3 Serialization

JaxB can handle Java.util.Date serialization, but it expects the following format: “yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss“. What if you need to format the date object in another format?