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Peter Lawrey09/19/11
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Is making Boost more like Java a good idea?

I was reading a question StackOverflow about What is Boost missing? and I was wondering how many of these features are available in Java already and whether making boost more like Java is good idea.  

Rob Williams09/19/11
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Another Hole in Hibernate/JPA

The automatic schema update in Hibernate is great. I remember what a nightmare it was to have to constantly tinker with the structure of the domain model, only to then have to then turn around and dither with the database schema before getting the code...

Bozhidar Bozhanov09/19/11
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The Logging Mess

Every application needs logging. And right now there are a lot of options on what exactly to use for logging in Java. The most famous frameworks are: log4j, logback, commons-logging, slf4j, java.util.logging. And there are a lot more – every now and then...

Markus Eisele09/19/11
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Response GZIP Compression with GlassFish in Production

A lot has been written about this and this basically should be common knowledge, but talking to different people out there and looking at the efforts Google takes to improve page speed it seems to me that the topic is worth a second and current look. The...

Damaris Coll09/19/11
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Graph Databases use case: Bibliographic exploration

Bibliographic exploration is an interesting use case for Graph Databases. Bibliographic exploration rises after the need to query huge bibliographic resources to obtain relevant information for researchers. There are many questions that researchers try to...

Israel Gat09/19/11
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Should You Ship This Code Before Reducing Technical Debt?!

Technical debt is usually perceived as a measure of expediency.

Nicolas Frankel09/18/11
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Better Maven integration leads to unforeseen consequences (bugs)

This week, I was faced with what seemed an near-insuperable problem. I was called by one of my dev: as soon as he upgraded his Eclipse (or more precisely, our own already-configured Eclipse), he couldn’t deploy to Tomcat through WTP. Here are the steps I...

Martin Thompson09/18/11
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Adventures with AtomicLong

Sequencing events between threads is a common operation for many multi-threaded algorithms.  These sequences could be used for assigning identity to orders, trades, transactions, messages, events, etc.  Within the Disruptor we use a monotonic sequence...

Jens Schauder09/18/11
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Honor Your Legacy Code

Many of us groan when they have to deal with legacy code. Especially those among us who fancy themselves to be craftsmen or clean coders often complain about long convoluted classes and methods, no tests and a tangle of dependencies. I wrote before that...

Martijn Verburg09/18/11
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The OpenJDK as the default Java on Linux

Recently I’ve received a bunch of private correspondence from people confused/worried over the change in the default Java packaging for Linux. For many Linux distributions, the official Sun/Oracle version of Java has been packaged up as the default Java...

Markus Eisele09/18/11
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The Heroes of Java: Charles Oliver Nutter

The second part in my recent interview series: "The Heroes of Java". Charles Oliver Nutter

Grant Ingersoll09/18/11
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Estimating Memory and Storage for Lucene/Solr

Many times, clients ask us to help them estimate memory usage or disk space usage or to share benchmarks as they build out there search system.

Niklas Schlimm09/17/11
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Your web applications work - by sheer coincidence!

This blog describes a solution to a typical concurrency problem in a web application environment, and it illustrates that you - in all likelihood - cannot be sure that your application is thread-safe. It just works - by sheer coincidence.

Jakub Holý09/17/11
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Practical Introduction into Code Injection with AspectJ, Javassist, and Java Proxy

The ability to inject pieces of code into compiled classes and methods, either statically or at runtime, may be of immense help. This applies especially to troubleshooting problems in third-party libraries without source codes or in an environment where it...

Peter Lawrey09/16/11
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Memory alignment in C, C++ and Java

You might assume that reducing the size of a struct or class saves the same amount of memory.    However due to memory alignment in memory allocators it can make no difference, or perhaps more difference than you might expect.    This is because the...