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James Carr01/21/12
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Blog Rolling with MongoDB, Node.js and Coffeescript

This morning I woke up with a lingering thought on my mind that was left over from recent conversations. In the technical community we often get so invested in our work that rather than talk about the simple building blocks that build our success we talk...

Chris Smith01/21/12
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Powered by Lucene: IBM Content Analytics with Enterprise Research

See and hear how IBM applies Lucence into their commercial software offerings. Hear about experience in development and advantages of this...

Eugen Paraschiv01/20/12
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The Persistence Layer with Spring Data JPA

This is the forth of a series of articles about Persistence with Spring. This article will focus on the configuration and implementation of the persistence layer with Spring 3.1, JPA and Spring Data.

Swizec Teller01/20/12
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DZone Top Article of 2011: Programmers are f***ing lazy

With the possible exception of philosophers, programmers are the laziest bunch of people I know. It seems like everyone else I speak to has some sort of labor intensive profession. Think about it, biologists do all those experiments … giving a drug to...

Chris Smith01/20/12
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New Opportunities for Connected Data

Ian Robinson, the Director of Customer Success for Neo Technologies, the commercial backer of Neo4j, presented on the changing properties of the data...

Eric Genesky01/20/12
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Cassandra 101 for System Admins

Although many tutorials focus on development with Cassandra, this presentation by Nathan Milford concerns Cassandra for SysAdmins.Nathan Milford...

Patrick Debois01/20/12
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Monitoring Wonderland Survey - Visualization

The final installment of Patrick Dubois' Monitoring Wonderland series, which shows you many options for visualizing all the data you've been collecting from his previous tutorials.  Here is part 1 if you missed the beginning of the series.  A picture...

Victor Tsoukanov01/20/12
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Using a Virtual Drive in a Project with Multiple Branches

 How many branches does your project have? I am working on a mature project with many branches supported simultaneously, and it is always headache for me when I am trying to fix some bugs that affect many versions of our project.To fix a bug in some...

Jörg Winterstein01/20/12
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Looking Back – My Recent Nine Months as an Indie Developer

Some of you might remember how I started my indie-career earlier this year. With the new year ahead I guess its time for a little retrospect / post mortem / whatever. At the end of this post I will inform you about the money I made so far. I will try to do...

Martin Fowler01/20/12
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Aggregate Oriented Database

One of the first topics to spring to mind as we worked on NosqlDistilled was that NoSQL databases use different data models than the relational model. Most sources I've looked at mention at least four groups of data model: key-value, document, ...

Mark Needham01/20/12
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Learning Android: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space with android-maven-plugin

I’ve been trying to adapt my Android application to fit into the structure of the RobolectricSample so that I can add some tests around my code but I was running into a problem when trying to deploy the application. To deploy the application you need to run...

Sebastián Open01/20/12
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Divide and conquer: Play framework modules

It’s usually the case that you start developing an application and go on fulfilling requirements. When your application grows bigger you start to realize the convenience of separating it into different components. Moreover, when you develop your second or...

Peter Lawrey01/20/12
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Generic class names to avoid

Java (Oracle Java update 2) has many classes with the same generic name. To avoid further confusion, I suggest avoiding these names if you can. Most repeated The following class names are repeated, 19 Handler, 16 Messages, 13 Util, ...

Peter Karussell01/20/12
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Ugly but most efficient setSize for ArrayList

private static final Field sizeField; static { try { sizeField = ArrayList.class.getDeclaredField("size"); sizeField.setAccessible(true); } catch (Exception ex) { throw new RuntimeException(ex); } } //...