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John Esposito12/01/11
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How DZone Users Are Using HTML5

Over 2200 of you responded to our SurveyMonkey on how you are actually using various new web standards (sometimes all classed under the generic heading 'HTML5').Before anything else: thanks for your responses! We'll certainly take them into account as we...

Steve Rogalsky12/01/11
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An alternative to bug tracking tools

One of my pet peeves is working in and with bug tracking tools. I am well aware of some of the arguments for the importance of these tools and I am not trying to address those here. Instead, I'll show you an example of an alternative that I have found...

Mitch Pronschinske12/01/11
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A Look at the NoSQL Landscape

Take a look at the current landscape of NoSQL stores and figure out why you might need NoSQL in this recent podcast where Bruce Elgort talks with Mark Myers from the London Developer Co-op.  Here's a shortlist of the things they will discuss:

Alex Tkachman12/01/11
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Build in the Cloud: Jelastic + Maven

Good news for Java developers! Now you can build applications in Jelastic cloud instead of building them locally and uploading WAR archives. What are my benefits you may ask?

Anders Karlsson12/01/11
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NoSQL for us RDBMS folks - MongoDB 101

As you probably know, I have been doing RDBMS work for many years, some 25+ years by now. At Recorded Future I am the database architect, and although an RDBMS is used extensively, MySQL in this case, we are looking at options, and are currently doing more...

Dawn Cannan12/01/11
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How *NOT* to win the hearts of developers, part 2

So, this next one, for me, points out something that I felt was a difficulty in being a tester with development experience.  See part one here.I don't believe I handled it the best way, but hope that I can use it as an example and teach, perhaps, better...

Pablo Pareja Tobes12/01/11
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Bio4j Go Tools

UPDATE: This post is from March 2011 so if you are interested in this tool please check all the features and functionality that have been added from that time till now listed here:

Rochmat Santoso12/01/11
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Quartz Library Migration After Many Years

Weeks ago, the company I'm working at announced that the management decided to upgrade our Spring library we are using from Spring 1.x to Spring 3.0.6. And the task for me was upgrading the Quartz framework from version 1.3.x to 2.1.

Artur Mkrtchyan12/01/11
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Spring MVC and Scribe (the simple OAuth Java lib)

Before Starting this article let's define what's OAuth. OAuth: An open protocol to allow secure API authorization in a simple and standard method from desktop and web applications. Today's most applications don't need to have authentication and...

Arul Kumaran12/01/11
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Why certifications alone are not enough

Certifications are a great personal achievement. But the true value of a certification to a prospective employer is not the certificate you receive, but your ability to apply what you had learned and the steps you take to achieve your certification(s) --...

Roger Hughes12/01/11
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Creating Stubs for Legacy Code - Testing Techniques 6

Any one who reads this blog will probably have realised that at present I’m working on a project that contains a whole bunch of legacy code that’s large, expansive, and written without any tests what so ever. In working with this legacy code, there’s...

Andrew Phillips12/01/11
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Taking Application Release Automation to the Next Level

Whether the driver is Agile, Cloud or DevOps1, or a “plain old” efficiency drive or process improvement initiative, forward-thinking organisations are currently looking for ways to improve their application release processes through automation. In an...

Dustin Marx12/01/11
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Compressing JPG Images with Groovy

I recently had need to reduce the size of a large number of JPG images. I did not want to do this one at a time in a graphics manipulation tool, so scripting seemed like the obvious choice. These days, Groovy is my generally my preferred tool for scripting...

Peter Lawrey12/01/11
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Low Latency Slides

Last weekend was LJC Open Conference #4, and like many people I got a lot out of it. My talk was up first which meant I could relax for the rest of the day. Here are the slides Note: the message size was 16 longs or 128 bytes. This makes a difference at...

Trisha Gee12/01/11
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London Java Community Open Conference

Saturday was, hopefully, my last conference of the year.  My lucky readers should start to see some posts which are not simply me gushing about another opportunity to hang out with awesome people and learn about interesting "stuff".