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Matthias Marschall12/08/11
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DevOps is NOT a Job Description

The DevOps hype produces some strange effects. Not only do tool vendors try to jump on the DevOps band wagon by declaring their products “DevOps inside” or listing DevOps as a feature, but companies start to look for a “DevOp” in their job ads....

Ruslan Synytsky12/08/11
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Evolution of Java PaaS toward standards and developer control

You’ve created the next amazing blockbuster Java application and now need to find a server to run it, looking for a service which would be cost-effective, elastic, compatible with your application and tools, and not trying to lock you in.

Alex Staveley12/08/11
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Ant vs. Maven: An Entertaining Look at the Arguments

There are many ways to organise build systems for Java projects. The two most predominant are probably still Ant and Maven.  Debates between the two tend to go around in circles with the balance now swinging towards maven - since IDE support has got...

Mitch Pronschinske12/08/11
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Understanding & Visualising Solr 'explain' Information

This talk and presentation by Rafal Kuc, a DZone MVB, is about how to use, understand and visualize Solr 'explain' information—essential output from Solr...

Dustin Marx12/08/11
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Recent Community Conversation on Scala

For several years now, I've thought about investing more time and effort into learning and trying out Scala. However, there always seems to be something else that I run across that moves ahead in the queue of things I want to examine more closely. With ...

Alex Staveley12/08/11
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Musing on mis-usings: 'Powerful use, Damaging misuse'

There's an old phrase attributed to the former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli which states there are three types of lies: "lies, damn lies and statistics".  The insinuation here is that statistics are so easy to make up they are...

Andrzej Krzywda12/08/11
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Continuous integration - some tips

A continuous integration server is a must for every non-basic project. Here are some of my tips for working with CI servers. NotificationsIRC, email, campfire - use what fits best for you. Ideally, the notification should come with some info about the code...

Peter Lawrey12/08/11
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Java puzzle System.exit and locks

When you call System.exit() it will stop the execution of the thread at that point and not call any finally blocks. private static final Object lock = new Object(); public static void main(String...

Roger Hughes12/08/11
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Why You Should Write Unit Tests - Testing Techniques 8

I’ve had lots of reaction to my recent blog on ‘What you Should Test’, some agreeing with me for varying reasons and others thinking that I’m totally dangerous for suggesting that certain classes may not need unit tests. Having dealt with What to...

Prashant Deva12/08/11
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Java Bytecode manipulation : Tools of the trade

Since the Chronon recorder uses bytecode instrumentation to record your java applications, I thought I would list some of the tools we use to help us with it: ASM framework

Mitch Pronschinske12/07/11
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Windows Store: More Flexible than Apple, and a 80/20 Revenue Split Over $25K

Microsoft just gained a major competitive edge for its Windows Phone and upcoming Windows 8 platform.  I'm guessing that Google and Apple will now have to think about adopting similar changes that were announced today for Microsoft's upcoming "Windows...

Mitch Pronschinske12/07/11
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NoSQL Support in Lift

Nearly every developer is familiar with SQL. It has been the reliable provider of data persistence for many years, both prior to mass adoption of the Internet right up to the current day. The continued growth of the Internet means that applications have to...

Mitch Pronschinske12/07/11
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Neo4j Labs: Heroku, Neo4j and Google Spreadsheet in 10min. Flat.

Hi all, Last Friday, we were all labbing again - the best day of the week. I didn't have much time so I decided to try to produce a screencast that would measure the time required to go from nothing to flash using some of our tools.

Mitch Pronschinske12/07/11
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MongoDB On Windows Azure

A new preview release of the MongoDB controller for Azure is available. This release includes support for replica sets, and over the coming months, we’ll be adding support for MongoDB’s sharding facilities. We’ll also be working to more tightly...

Wille Faler12/07/11
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The Big Picture: True Machine Intelligence & Predictive Power

At the beginning of last week, I launched GreedAndFearIndex - a SaaS platform that automatically reads thousands of financial news articles daily to deduce what companies are in the news and whether financial sentiment is positive or negative. It’s an...