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Peter Lawrey07/28/11
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Java: How much memory do different arrays consume

Arrays can be large and consume a significant amount of memory. It can me worth choosing the most memory efficient array/collection. Comparing array sizesHow much space does a `new int[1024]` take compared with an `new Integer[1024]`?

Dinuka Arseculeratne07/28/11
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The story of the ArrayList imposter

Each and everyone of us, undoubtedly has had used Array lists in our lives as programmers. This story is about an imposter who lives among us, unnoticed, undetected until WHAM you are presented with a bug that makes no sense. Let me give you an example to...

Venkatt Guhesan07/28/11
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Java Tools for Source Code Optimization and Analysis

Below is a list of some tools that can help you examine your Java source code for potential problems: 1. PMD from http://pmd.sourceforge.net/ License: PMD is licensed under a “BSD-style” license PMD scans Java source code and looks for potential problems...

Mitch Pronschinske07/28/11
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Key Emails Could be the Evidence Oracle Needs to Kill Google's Android Defense

Google may be in hot water with their judge in the Android lawsuit pre-trial hearings.  Judge William Alsup was recently informed of several emails written by Google engineers occurring between 2005 and 2010.  One of these emails from 2005 by Andy Rubin,...

Matthias Marschall07/28/11
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DevOps Q&A with Kevin Parker

This is an interview with Kevin Parker (@kevinparkerusa) about DevOps

Benjamin Mitchell07/28/11
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How can I push the software development team to go faster?

A common challenge I’ve heard from Development Managers or Product Owners is “how do I push my software development team to go faster?” Here are ideas on how to approach this topic and have more productive conversations.

Rafał Kuć07/28/11
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Hierarchical faceting – Pivot facets in trunk

In a large number of implementations which I took part in, sooner or later, the question arise – what can we do to get faceting as a tree structure. Of course there some tricks for that, however, their use was to modify the data and appropriate...

Mark Needham07/28/11
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A crude way of telling if a remote machine is a VM

We were doing a bit of profiling of a data importing process we’ve been running across various environments and wanted to check whether or not one of the environments was a physical machine or a VM. A bit of googling first led me to the following site...

Gordon Dickens07/28/11
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RESTful MVC Features in Spring 3.0 and 3.1

Below is a feature summary you must know to use Spring’s MVC RESTful Web Services. This article will show the features available, but not discuss pros & cons, use-cases or sell you on the benefits of REST.

Jakub Holý07/28/11
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Having Database Tests Ready in 10 Minutes with DbUnit Express

DbUnit Express is my wrapper around DbUnit that intends to make it extremely easy to set up a test of a code that interacts with a database. It is preconfigured to use an embedded Derby database (a.k.a. JavaDB, part of SDK) and uses convention over...

Markus Eisele07/28/11
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Priorities, Java, Community and Oracle - Cracking the Code

OSCON 2011 is going on at the moment. One of the conferences I would have loved to visit. This did not work out this year, but today I stumbled upon a video of Steven G. Harris Java Keynote there. The title is a theme we had back in the days of the beginning...

Peter Lawrey07/28/11
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How fast are Java sockets

How long a request/response takes and the rate requests can be performed in a Java application depends on a number of factors. The network, the network adapter, Java Socket and TCP layer, and what your application does. Usually the last factor is your...

Marek Rogoziński07/27/11
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Data Import Handler – How to import data from SQL databases (part 2)

In the first part we were able to index the information contained in the database. In the second part we will try to extend the functionality by adding incremental imports.

Chas Emerick07/26/11
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Minifying CSS with Clojure

A recent project had me looking into minifying CSS.  This is unfamiliar territory for me since I’ve rarely cared much about the size of website assets.  In the beginning of the project, minifying the Javascript that was floating around was more of a...

Sandro Mancuso07/26/11
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Beyond the manifesto: The Software Craftsmanship Attitude

Being an aspiring software craftsman goes way beyond than just saying it. I'll quote my own definition of software craftsmanship from my previous post.