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Taha Siddiqi05/27/11
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Tapestry IOC aware JSR-303 Custom Validators

In JSR-303, adding a custom field validator is a two step process.

Matt Raible05/27/11
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Java Web Application Security - Part III: Apache Shiro Login Demo

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a tutorial on how to implement security with Spring Security. The week prior, I wrote a similar tutorial for Java EE 6. This week, I'd like to show you how to implement the same features using Apache Shiro.

Sagar H Ganatra05/27/11
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Tag replace - Actions in ColdFusion Builder

Tag search is that one powerful feature in ColdFusion Builder 2.0 which allows you to search for tags that match some criteria. Also, there are various actions that the user can perform once the tag is found. Actions such as

Lynda Moulton05/27/11
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Federated Search: Setting User Expectations

In the past few months, it is rare that I am briefed on an enterprise search product without a claim to provide "federated search." Having worked with the original ANSI standard, Z39.50, and on one of the many review committees for it back in the...

Mitch Pronschinske05/27/11
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Project Management in 60 Seconds (Humor)

Project Management in a software company.  As told through the hit video game - "The Sims"

Sai Geetha M N05/27/11
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ListView of Data from SQLiteDatabase - Android

This is a next level tutorial where I am mixing two concepts – The ListView concept that is explicitly explained in the ListView Tutorial and the SQLiteDB concept in into own tutorial.

Sam Farmer05/27/11
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Using structures/maps instead of arrays in ORM

By default an ORM relationship is an array. Using a structure (map for non-ColdFusion programmers) is very easy and provides nice options. Lets start with a simple relationship between of users and addresses.

Jason Hull05/27/11
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Scott Stults Discusses Value of Solr Certification Exam

OSC’s Scott Stults and Michael Herndon are currently at Lucene Revolution and Scott was interviewed by CMSWire about the value of getting a Solr certification.

James Sugrue05/27/11
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Rebooted: JavaFX 2.0 Beta Released

Oracle released the beta SDK for JavaFX 2.0 yesterday, following up on the announcement from last years JavaOne that JavaFX was to be rebooted. The major differencein the new version is that it provides Java APIs for JavaFX, allowing you to use JavaFX from...

Axel Rauschmayer05/27/11
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Google Wallet: pay with your Android phone (a summary)

Google Wallet is a new product that enables you to pay with your Android cell phone. The steps for paying at a merchant, as outlined by Google, are: Find one of symbols shown at (1). Tap your phone on the reader (2).

Taha Siddiqi05/26/11
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Integrating Tapestry with Gravatar

Integration with Gravatar‘s avatar is all about embedding an img tag into your page. To create a gravatar image link, the steps involved are :

Rob Williams05/26/11
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Merging a Number of Git Projects Into One

The question of why and how git is so flexible is a really interesting one. Is it a consequence of its having been around for so long? Or that it was forged, as it were, at the hands of people who were doing real, large projects (e.g. Linux)? I have argued...

Felix Dahlke05/26/11
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Test-driven development in the shipyard

As regular readers might recall, I began to use test-driven development for my private projects a couple of months ago. At my new job, I finally get the chance to use it on larger codebases, and there is one particularly useful technique I learned so far:...

Liran Zelkha05/26/11
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Can Prepared Statements Improve Your Scalability?

Everybody knows that using prepared statements for your database access greatly improves latency times. My point, in this blog post, is that it can also improve your database scalability. How? Just read on.

Ben Kepes05/26/11
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VMware Getting Seriously SaaSy. And PaaSy. And IaaSy. Dang, They Do the Entire Stack Now

The announcements are coming thick and fast for VMware – once pigeonholed as a provider of core infrastructure tools, they’ve rapidly been building a portfolio hat sees them offer tools at all levels of the stack. Let’s recap on the news of...