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Taha Siddiqi10/03/11
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Tapestry 5.3+ New Features : Part 2

AjaxResponseRender This is one of the most useful feature of Tapestry 5.3. There is already a concept of Zone in Tapestry for Ajax but now it is complimented by AjaxResponseRenderer. This fills a lot of gaps at least for people coming from Wicket. It is a bit...

Jens Schauder10/03/11
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How to write your own Matchers with ScalaTest

I just love the assertion syntax of ScalaTest. It’s easy to read and easy to write and looks like this: 23 should be >= (12) Even if you know nothing about ScalaTest it should be easy to understand whats this assertion is about. But what when your...

John Ferguson Smart10/03/11
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Using Spring dependencies in your acceptance tests with Thucydides

If you are running your acceptance tests against an embedded web server (for example, using Jetty), it can occasionally be useful to access the service layers directly for fixture or infrastructure-related code. For example, you may have a scenario where a...

Patrick Debois10/03/11
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Libvirt Support for Fog

Historically we set out to use Vagrant on the developers laptop. Soon, the complexity of our setup had outgrown the developers laptop and required another solution. As the target platform was based on Amazon EC2, it made sense to create developers...

Emmanuel Espina10/03/11
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Multivalued geolocation fields in Solr

Today we’ll see a small workaround that can be used to accomplish a very common use case regarding geographic search. The example use case is the following The client is located in Buenos Aires and wants a purple tie He enters the query “purple tie” in...

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Developing WebServices using JDK6/JAX-WS is simple. Is it true?

In many articles and blogs we can see how to develop WebServices using JDK6's JAX-WS in-built support in just 5 minutes.We can simply write a POJO and annotate it with @WebService, publish it with Endpoint.publish(...) and you can see the generated wsdl by...

Rob Williams10/03/11
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More Holes in Our Persistence Models

What is science? The practice of making up a fake world, filling it up with only data that the Scientist approves, in pursuit of publishing a fairy tale about what happened when the scientist‘s hypothesis was tested against his sanitized surrogates. We...

Wayne Adams10/03/11
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Extending JVisualVM - More on Getting Started

I'm not sure when this happened, but at some point the JDK-included VisualVM utility became extensible. This is really great news for me. Writing a profiler is a lot of work (although admittedly very interesting and fun). VisualVM has become such a...

Nicolas Frankel10/03/11
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No, those are not ingredients for a new fruit salad recipe. These are just the components I used in one of my pet project: it’ss a Swing application in which I wanted to try out CDI. I ended up with Weld SE, which is the CDI RI from JBoss.

Ryan Sukale10/02/11
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Reference Types In Java - Part 1

Lately, I have been learning a thing or two about the JVM internals. And one of the most interesting things that I came to know about was, the existence of different types of references in Java. To go about it, there are actually 4 kinds of reference...

David Green10/01/11
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Growing hairy software, guided by tests

Software grows organically. One line at a time, one change at a time. These changes soon add up. In an ideal world, they add up to a coherent architecture with an intention revealing design. But sometimes software just grows hairy – full of little...

Peter Lawrey10/01/11
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Recycling objects to improve performance

In a previous article I stated that the reason the deserialisation of objects was faster was due to using recycled objects. This is potentially surprising for two reasons, 1) the belief that creating objects is so fast these days, it doesn't matter or is...

Jens Schauder10/01/11
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Don't try to be Complete

When people present some topic, many try to cover the topic very thoroughly. Don’t do that. Except your trying to kill your audience be letting them sleep until they starve to death. A presentation shouldn’t try to explain an idea completely. The aim...

Mark Needham10/01/11
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Canonical Identifiers

Duncan and I had an interesting problem recently where we had to make it possible to search within an ‘item’ to find possible sub items that exist inside it. The URI for the item was something like this: /items/234 Let’s say Item 234 contains the...

Adam Warski10/01/11
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Envers bundled with JBoss AS 7.0.2!

Using Envers is now even easier! Since version 7.0.2, Envers comes bundled with JBoss Application Server.