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Matthew Turland08/11/11
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Android Emulator Can’t Find AVD

I ran into a small gotcha recently when creating a new Android project in Eclipse. The first time I went to run it on an AVD, I received an error in the console output: [2011-08-09 19:14:46 - Emulator] emulator: ERROR: unknown virtual device name:...

James Sugrue08/11/11
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An Introduction to Vaadin

Out of all Java web frameworks, Vaadin appears to be one of the more popular choices for developers focused on designing nice interfaces. I wanted to find out more about Vaadin, so I spoke with Henri Muurimaa. Henri has been a professional developer, software...

Peter Lawrey08/11/11
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Collections Library for millions of elements

If you want to efficiently store large collections of data in memory. This library can dramatically reduce Full GC times and reduce memory consumption as well. When you have a data type which can be represented by an interface and you want a List for this...

Ola Bini08/11/11
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Injecting loggers using Spring

On my current project we are using Spring MVC and we try to use autowiring as much as possible. I personally strongly prefer constructor injection, since this gives me the luxury of working with final fields. I also like being able to inject all things a...

Cedric Beust08/11/11
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I like PHP

There, I said it. I know it’s fashionable to mock PHP for its antiquated syntax and semantic quirks, but I just like it. Here is why.   PHP is like C This is really the main point of this post, and it’s a realization so simple that I’m surprised...

Gareth Rushgrove08/11/11
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Site For Vagrant Base Boxes

A brief conversation with Matt Keating on Twitter finally pushed me over the edge and I’ve built a site I’d been meaning to do for a while.

Robert Nyman08/11/11
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On the IQ of IE users and the spirit of the web

Last week there was a lot of news going around the claim that IE users had lower IQ than users of other web browsers. As soon as I heard the story I felt bad about peoples’ conclusions, and after it was announced to be fake, it confirmed it even more.

Wojciech Kudla08/11/11
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Java Threads on Steroids

If you're much into concurrency, then you must have stumbled upon the disruptor concurrency framework engineered and open-sourced by LMAX.

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Mock Table utility for CRUD operations

While learning a new technology we may need a database table to store the data. But creating a database, setting up jdbc connection and writing crud operation may be cumbersome. So I thought it would be good to have some mock utility to represent a table...

Krishna Kumar08/10/11
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The Allure of PHP

Hush, Cédric Beust just admitted he likes PHP. He cites the following reasons:

Martin Thompson08/10/11
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Inter Thread Latency

Message rates between threads are fundamentally determined by the latency of memory exchange between CPU cores.   The minimum unit of transfer will be a cache line exchanged via shared caches or socket interconnects.  In a previous article I explained...

Scott Lewis08/10/11
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Restlet for OSGi Remote Services

The ECF project released a new version of it's implementation of the OSGi 4.2 Remote Services Admin (RSA) standard.

Peter Lawrey08/10/11
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Tuning buffer sizes

When the typical read/write size is small, using a buffer can make a significant improvement in performance. However when reading/writing large amounts of data, additional buffered doesn't help and can add a small amount of overhead. Additionally, it can...

Mark Needham08/10/11
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Scala, WebDriver and the Page Object Pattern

We’re using WebDriver on my project to automate our functional tests and as a result are using the Page Object pattern to encapsulate each page of the application in our tests. We’ve been trying to work out how to effectively reuse code since some of the...