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Giorgio Sironi01/26/12
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Unit testing when Value Objects get in the way

Tests developed during TDD can be classified into several levels, depending on the size of the object graph they need to work with. End-to-end tests span the whole application graph, while unit tests usually target a single public class at a time.

Michael Mainguy01/26/12
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All software is a commodity

If you have the right people.... I was looking at a small company's recent 10-Q filing and was struck that 1/2 of their total assets were in their proprietary software.

Dustin Marx01/26/12
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Focus on JavaFX 2 FXML with NetBeans IDE 7.1

In October 2011, I used the post Hello JavaFX 2.0: Introduction by NetBeans IDE 7.1 beta to look at using NetBeans IDE 7.1 beta to build a simple Hello, World style of JavaFX 2.0 application.

Debasish Ghosh01/26/12
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Event Sourcing, Akka FSMs and functional domain models

I blogged on Event Sourcing and functional domain models earlier. In this post I would like to share more of my thoughts on the same subject and how with a higher level of abstraction you can make your domain aggregate boundary more resilient and...

Mark Needham01/26/12
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Application footprint

I recently came across Carl Erickson’s ‘small teams are dramatically more efficient than large teams‘ blog post which reminded me of something which my colleague Ashok suggested as a useful way for determining team size – the application footprint.

Jens Schauder01/26/12
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The Right Amount of Up-Front Design?

Maybe its just because I’m following Simon Brown on twitter, but I saw a phrase like “just the right amount up-front design” often enough to make me think. Am I doing the right amount of up-front design? I never before thought about this question in my...

Mitch Pronschinske01/25/12
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Neo4j in the Cloud: Neo4j 1.6 GA Release

DynamoDB certainly isn't the only NoSQL store in the cloud.  Neo4j's recent release of version 1.6 now has a public beta for hosting your graph databases in Heroku's cloud.  Other new features in this release include wider support for the Cypher graph...

Juhani Lehtimaki01/25/12
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Best Design Tools for Android

Which are the best tools for designing for Android? I have my favorites but I'd really love to hear about tools you use and your experiences with them. Please leave a comment! To kick of the conversation I'll present my favorite design tools. Both of...

Tony Russell-rose01/25/12
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A Taxonomy of Enterprise Search and Discovery

It's time to brush up on your understanding of various search scenarious in the human-information seeking process.  This this paper from EuroHCIR 2011 should provide some excellent research to think about.  It’s also available in pdf form from the HCIR...

Mark Needham01/25/12
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Developer Machine Automation: Dependencies

As I mentioned in a post last week we’ve been automating the setup of our developer machines with puppet over the last week and one thing that we’ve learnt is that you need to be careful about how you define dependencies. The aim is to get your scripts...

Michael Mainguy01/25/12
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Should I use MongoDB, CouchDB, or Redis?

In the current nosql fervor, there is an important distinction that seems to get missed repeatedly. There are two (OK three) really important factors that these tools use to distinguish themselves and many people completely miss the point.

Gunnar Hillert01/25/12
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Sonar and Gradle Multi-Module Projects

I love Sonar. It is a wonderful way to collect some metrics for your Java projects - hassle-free and wrapped in a sweet-looking UI.  For Maven-based projects Sonar literally works out of the box. Just start up your Sonar instance (assuming you are using...

Jens Schauder01/25/12
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Tips for Testing Database Code

Almost everybody understands that source code belongs in version control. Many people understand we need to test our code. Quite a few do that automatically. But everything seems to change when it comes to databases. A lot of stuff in and around databases...