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Bozhidar Bozhanov01/24/12
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The "Clean Software" Approach To Life

This is going to be an odd publication, that falls more into the “life tips” or “self help” category, than into “programming”. But bear with me.

Juhani Lehtimaki01/24/12
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Hands on Open Source Android UI Libraries

In a previous post I listed some free UI libraries. In this one I'll take a look at example applications.

Peter Lawrey01/24/12
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Java Thread Affinity supports groups of threads.

The Java Thread Affinity Library version 1.3, supports assigning groups of threads together by Socket, Core, or a custom strategy.  

David Padbury01/24/12
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JavaScript Modules

One of the first challenges developers new to JavaScript who are building large applications will have to face is how to go about organizing their code. Most start by embedding hundreds of lines of code between a <script> tag which works but quickly...

Mark Miller01/23/12
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SolrCloud is Coming (and looking to mix in even more ‘NoSQL’)

The second phase of SolrCloud has been in full swing for a couple of months now and it looks like we are going to be able to commit this work to trunk very soon! In Phase1 we built on top of Solr’s distributed search capabilities and added cluster state,...

Chris Smith01/23/12
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Code as Craft - Moving Fast at Scale

Key members of the Etsy engineering team, along with special surprise guests, offer a series of small rapid talks providing a fast-paced and intensive...

Andreas Haufler01/23/12
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Modular Java Apps - A Microkernel Approach

Software Engineering is all about reuse. We programmers therefore love to split applications up into smaller components so that each of them can be reused or extended in an independent manner.

Mitch Pronschinske01/23/12
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Solr and Lucene Reference Guide updated for v3.5

The free Solr Reference Guide published by Lucid Imagination has been updated to 3.5 - the current release version of Solr and Lucene. The changes weren't major, but here are the key changes:

Willie Wheeler01/23/12
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Closed loops - the secret to collecting configuration management data

Hi all, Willie here. In my last post, How NOT to collect configuration management data, I gave a quick rundown of some losing CM data approaches that I and others have attempted in the past. Most of these approaches were variants of asking people for...

Mitch Pronschinske01/23/12
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Sh*t Project Managers Say

Just a few things you may hear from your everyday project manager...

Lofi Dewanto01/23/12
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Why "Polyglot Programming" or "Do It Yourself Programming Languages" or "Language Oriented Programming" sucks?

Last year we saw the launch of a new Web programming language Dart - Structured Web Programming from Google. A very interesting approach to support web application development. Not so long after Go, Groovy, Ruby, Scala, << Name your DSL here >>;...

Pari Charb01/23/12
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Nicolas Frankel01/23/12
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Should you change your design for testing purposes?

As Dependency Injection frameworks go, the standard is currently CDI. When switching from Spring, one has to consider the following problem: how do you unit test your injected classes? In Spring, DI is achieved through either constructor injection or...

Andrey Karpov01/23/12
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About size_t and ptrdiff_t

Abstract The article will help the readers understand what size_t and ptrdiff_t types are, what they are used for and when they must be used. The article will be interesting for those developers who begin creation of 64-bit applications where use of size_t...

Eric Genesky01/23/12
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The Story of Google Code Search and How it Worked

Although it went out of commission only a few days ago, Google Code Search was once the pet project of a team of Google interns in the Summer of 2006.  In an Official Google Blog entry from October 14, 2011, aptly titled "A fall sweep," Google...