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Mark Mooibroek05/02/11
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Android development 101: Preparing your windows environment

This is the first tutorial on Android development! In this tutorial I want to start with setting up the environment for starting with developing in Android. Because the environment setup will require alot of steps I decided to divide it in 2 posts.What do...

Brian Gracely05/02/11
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An Interesting Set of Coincidences - Amazon, Cloud Foundry, and Doom Predictions

I'm not a big believer in conspiracy theories, but it is sort of fun and ironic when certain coincidences all line up around the same time. For example:

sandeep 05/02/11
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How to enforce coding guide lines using CFML Code Formatter

It’s common when working in a team to have specific coding standards or coding style. What’s difficult is to adhere to these coding standards and to enforce these within a team. CFML code formatter in ColdFusion Builder 2 is just the right tool to help...

Felipe Oliveira05/02/11
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Ajax with Play! Framework and Sammy.js

I was asked to write a demo application using the always great Play! Framework that would have some AJAX capabilities. So in one sleepless night I wrote an application that would talk to GitHub's API with some client code I wrote, expose the POJOs with a...

Steven Lott05/01/11
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Language, Tools, Chickens, Eggs, Java and Python

Too much of programming is intimately tied up with the tools to support the development of the software.Example 1. I was told -- with absolute and fierce conviction -- that VB may suck as a language, but Visual Studio more than makes up for the obvious ...

Axel Rauschmayer05/01/11
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Creating new programming languages is becoming easier ... and harder

In December 2010, Brendan Eich talked about Mozilla’s new programming language called Rust (that focuses on safety and concurrency, to replace C++ as Mozilla’s implementation language). He mentions that creating new languages is still important,...

Sandeep Bhandari05/01/11
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Understanding Front Controller Design Pattern

The front controller design pattern means that all requests that come for a resource in an application will be handled by a single handler and then dispatched to the appropriate handler for that type of request. The front controller may use other helpers to...

Eric Pugh05/01/11
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Top Three Drivers of Solr Adoption

We’ve been talking to our customers to understand why they are adopting Solr. Is it because it’s a great product from the Apache Software Foundation? Is it because Lucene has a cute naming story? Is it because of Solr’s compelling feature set, ease...

Felipe Oliveira05/01/11
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WebSockets in Action with Play! Framework 1.2!

WebSockets is a game-changing technology, available on newer browsers (Chrome 4, Safari 5, Firefox 4, etc), that allows bi-directional, full-duplex communication between the client (Web Browser) and the server (Web Server) over TCP. Actually the client...

Kin Lane05/01/11
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What Really Caused the Amazon Web Services Outage?

Amazon released a summary of the Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS service disruption in the US East Region today. These so caled “stuck” volumes and stuck EC2 instances, well those were mine.

Ben Forta05/01/11
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ColdFusion Builder 2 Express Edition

When we release ColdFusion Builder 2, we'll also be releasing a free lightweight version of the tool called ColdFusion Express. Here is the description as per the the engineering manager:When you start ColdFusion Builder, you are prompted to enter the...

Michael Schnell05/01/11
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Large software projects and icons - It depends on the style!

Have you come across similar conversations in the context of large software projects?

Martin Fowler04/30/11
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Yesterday I was poking around a code base, looking at the domain model part of the code. When exploring a code base, I like to take notes to help me remember what I'm learning. For some code bases, in particular domain models, I find it handy to sketch...

Andy Gibson04/30/11
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Using Composition in Object Modeling

Using composition over inheritance is a common design pattern that is often discussed in terms of designing business logic components. However, composition can solve a number of problems in domain object modeling that are created by relying on inheritance...