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Jason Hull01/30/12
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Indexing Chinese in Solr

Recently, we had a project where we helped a client index a corpus of Chinese language documents in Solr. We have asked Dan Funk, a committer to Project Blacklight to provide a guest blog post for us on the details of how to approach indexing Chinese,...

Evgeny Goldin01/30/12
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Configuration Management can be done by anyone. Or can it?

Configuration Management was always my passion. Somehow, I have always had this thing for builds. I don’t know why, it just happens to be that way. Over the last 10 years I have accepted various development positions, but very few were actually related...

Swizec Teller01/30/12
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Heroku, MongoDB, node.js – a problem

A couple facts about three cool technologies

Robin Bramley01/30/12
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Grails & Hudson / Jenkins: Monitoring Build Status

There are a number of ways you can monitor the progress of your Grails build: using the Hudson / Jenkins web app; or leveraging the API: from your IDE, bespoke API clients or even your enterprise monitoring client. We’ll look at all of them here and...

Veera Sundar01/30/12
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The Rise of the Front End Developers

In any web development company, there exists two different worlds; well there are more, but we’ll just focus on - front end (designers) & back end (developers) The Front end guys are responsible for making something that is visible to the end users...

Nicolas Frankel01/30/12
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Adapters in JAXB

Java XML Binding (aka JAXB) is part of many applications since it provides a convenient API to marshall/unmarshall Java to/from XML. Like so many area, the devil is in the detail, like when one has to unmarshall a JAXB-incompatible class. Such classes come...

Craig Flichel01/30/12
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Why you shouldn't use Quartz Scheduler

If you need to schedule jobs in Java, it is fairly common in the industry to use Quartz directly or via Spring integration.

Jakub Holý01/30/12
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How to Create Maintainable Acceptance Tests

This post summarizes what I’ve learned from various sources about making acceptance or black-box tests maintainable. This topic is of great interest to me because I believe in the benefits that acceptance tests can bring (such as living documentation) ...

Tim O'brien01/30/12
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Releases Are Forever?

Releases are forever, right? Once you’ve pushed an artifact to a hosted release repository it is etched in stone, and changing it is a bad practice. That’s what we’ve been saying since we launched Nexus, but there are situations that call for old...

Mick Knutson01/30/12
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Mapping Mongodb ISODate to Spring Roo Entity

I have been inserting log4j entries into a mongodb database and each entry has been given an ISODate timestamp: "timestamp" : ISODate("2012-01-17T22:30:19.839Z") To create a mapping for this, I had to manually add the timestamp as Spring...

Lukas Eder01/30/12
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Java 8 will have some support for unsigned integers

This seemed to be good news at first. An announcement by Oracle’s Joe Darcy claiming that Java will finally have *some* support for unsigned integers:

Dror Helper01/29/12
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Top DZone Article of 2011: The 7 Levels of Continuous Integration

I’ve noticed that when other developers talk about “continuous integration” they do not always mean the same thing. The following is an outline of the seven stages of continuous integration based solely on my own experience:

Peter Karussell01/29/12
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Assignment Algorithms to improve Perfomance of Automated Timetabling

Over the last two days I’ve read the old Java code of a board game. Although the game still compiles and works (it even works on a Zaurus device) the code itself is horrible: no unit tests, thread issues, a lot of static usages and mixed...

Jens Schauder01/29/12
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Fixing the Singleton

When you ask people who know almost, but not completely nothing about patterns, about software design patterns, they probably bring up the singleton pattern. It’s extremely easy: Just make sure you have one single instance of a class. If you ask more...

Troy Hunt01/29/12
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13 Keys to Continuous Delivery

I've summarized some key takeaways from a ThoughtWorks quarterly update on Continuous Delivery that I attended some months ago. This took the form of a panel discussion with Martin Fowler, Evan Bottcher and Neal Ford.