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Mitch Pronschinske07/08/10
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Virgo Blazes with 5x Startup Performance Boost

The second milestone of Virgo 2.1 is heating up the speed of Spring's former dm Server.  The Eclipse Virgo project now includes a complete 'getting started guide' and has reduced the startup time by as much as 5x on some systems.  With the speedier startups...

James Sugrue07/08/10
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Effective Teamworking With Eclipse: Change Sets

The last two days I have been looking at various ways that Eclipse assists developers when working with version control systems. First, we talked about highlighting local changes, then we discussed how to automatically synchronize with the version control...

Cameron Laird07/08/10
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How to repair a full Unix directory

A reader wrote me this week that his bash scripts were complaining "out of memory"; what should he do? It didn't take long to get him moving again.

Muhammad Khojaye07/08/10
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Find Java Bugs with FindBugs

This post is regarding a static analysis tool that finds defects in Java programs. Static analysis tools can find real bugs and real issues in the code. We can effectively incorporate static analysis into our software development process.

Ankur Kumar07/08/10
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Enterprise Architecture: Why is it Important?

The Enterprise Architecture practice has been there for decades but in last few years it is regaining popularity as it is one of the key initiatives driven by CxOs. So, why is it important for an Enterprise?  Here are some of the key rationale: 1....

Giorgio Sironi07/08/10
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How to be a worse programmer

Lots of tips collections come up on DZone about how to become a better programmer. But no one ever told us how to become a worse one. What would make our colleagues and everyone who read our code violent? What can question their assumption and introduce...

Mitch Pronschinske07/08/10
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GWOS Gets Revamped Java Monitoring

GroundWork Open Source (GWOS) has finished hammering out its 6.2 release of its enterprise network monitoring and management software.  Today, their flagship product, the GroundWork Monitor Enterprise 6.2 is available.  The new capabilities of this release...

Jay Fields07/08/10
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High Level Testing with a High Level Language

In the early days of my project we made the decision to high-level test our Java application with Clojure*. One and a half years later, we're still following that path. It seemed worthwhile to document the progress so far.My current preferred style of testing...

Mitch Pronschinske07/07/10
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Teiid 7.0: Simpler and Faster

JBoss' Teiid project has had a long, nine month journey to shed its skin, and now the 7.0 release is finally here with a redesigned architecture and less legacy code (MetaMatrix).  Teiid 7 also integrates seamlessly with JBoss App Server, JBoss...

Eric Hagan07/07/10
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Video: Agile Testing and SeleNesse

Tools like FitNesse allows test automation to happen quickly and broadly.  However, many companies can't support it in their infrastructure.  Dawn Cannan got...

James Sugrue07/07/10
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Effective Teamworking With Eclipse: Autosync With Version Control

Over the course of your workday, you should find yourself synchronizing with your version control system frequently. After all, you need to see when somebody's made a change, and the sooner you know, the sooner you can integrate that change locally before...

Steven Lott07/07/10
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The Users Just Want "Search" -- What's So Hard?

Great article on "Search" from back in '08 in Forbes. "Why Google Isn't Enough", by Dan Woods. He's talking about "Enterprise Search": why in-house Google-style search is really hard and often unsatisfying. Here's the cool...

Manuel Jordan07/07/10
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Experience: JasperServer Enterprise Edition

I have been given a one-year commercial license by the Jaspersoft to test their JasperServer Enterprise Edition version This software is very valuable for use in a company that might need to handle large amounts of data. From the data one can create...

Baptiste Wicht07/07/10
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Integrate Play Framework in IntelliJ Idea

Now that I have created a Play Framework first application, it’s time to integrate it in IntelliJ Idea. This is made really easy because Play provides a command to create the Iml module file for the project. You can use the command play idealize app_name to...

Alex Ruiz07/07/10
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Great Candidate == Great (Technical Skills + Personality + Attitude)

In my previous job, I spent a considerable amount of time interviewing candidates. After years of interviewing candidates, I finally realized that a candidate’s personality and attitude are as important as her technical skills. Even though I’m going to...