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Victor Savkin08/04/11
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Time Management

It looks like everybody in IT is a time management geek of some sort. It’s hard to find a programmer who has never heard of Pomodoro, GTD, GettingResults. For instance, Scott Hanselman did a show about this topic a few months ago. What I found...

Patrick Debois08/04/11
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Translating Code Smells in Server Smells

At xpdays Benelux 2009, I attended an interesting session called 'Developing a Sense of Smells' by Kevin RutherFord and Lindsay McEwan.

Jakub Holý08/04/11
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Experiencing JSF 1.2: Good but Needs a Framework

I’ve got an opportunity to experiment with JSF 1.2 while preparing a lecture about DbUnit Express and test webapp for JSF EL Validator. Same as JSF 1.1, it’s much easier to use than the low level, too HTTP-ish servlets but still it is not flexible...

Jay Fields08/03/11
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Clojure: memfn

The other day I stumbled upon Clojure's memfn macro.

Niklas Schlimm08/03/11
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JSR-299 CDI Decorators for Spring beans

 This blog is about my new Spring-CDI modules effort. It's pupose is to make useful CDI patterns like decorators or interceptors available to a Spring application. I do believe that the explicit pattern implementation in CDI is very useful. It makes it...

Taha Siddiqi08/03/11
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Tapestry Mixins & ClassTransformations

Tapestry‘s Class Transformation can save you a lot of time and can show you clearly why it is better than inheritance most of the time. This blog has many examples of it. I just finished a new one. Here is the scenario. I want a label to have a title...

Andrew Phillips08/03/11
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Release Automation: The Missing Step in Release Management

Across all industries, the services delivered by business applications have become an essential part of an enterprise's customer offering. Bringing new features to market quickly is thus a critical factor in determining a company's success. In this post...

Peter Lawrey08/03/11
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C++ or Java, which is faster for high frequency trading?

There are conflicting views as to what is the best solution for high frequency trading. Part of the problem is that what is high frequency trading varies more than you might expect, another part is what is meant by faster.

Rafał Kuć08/03/11
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Solr Index – delete or update?

From time to time, in working with Solr there is a common problem – when do you update the Solr index structure. There are various reasons for these changes – the new functional requirements, optimization, or anything else – it is not important....

Paul Stack08/03/11
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Choosing the Correct CI Tool

This is the 3rd post in a series ‘How to get started with CI’ Previously, we talked about choosing the correct infrastructure for your CI system. We will now talk about CI tools themselves. There are lots of CI tools out there. Many more than I know...

James Sugrue08/03/11
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Google+ Beats Apple iCloud for Developers Attention

According to Appcelerator's latest developer survey, Google+ will have more impact on mobile growth than any other recent technology announcement, including Apple's iCloud. Throughout the report, it's clear that Google+ has caught the imagination of software...

Andrew Phillips08/03/11
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Integration testing CloudBees’ RUN@cloud

As part of the preparations for the recent 1.0.0 release of jclouds, I was tidying up the existing Tweetstore demo application as well as porting it to CloudBees’ Tomcat-based RUN@cloud platform.

Johan Vos08/02/11
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My opinion about JavaFX 2.0

It's been a few weeks since Oracle announced the plans with JavaFX. The JavaFX 2010-2011 roadmap is described at the JavaFX website. As I expected, there were many discussions and opinions in the blogosphere after the announcement. I took some time to read...

Markus Eisele08/02/11
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Java Champions at JavaOne vs. ACEs at OpenWorld 2011 - 15:45

Have you seen the otn post from end of July? 163 Oracle ACE Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2011. That's a huge number. Compared to the 358 ACEs and ACE Directors out there, this makes a total of 45% of the overall ACEs speaking at "their" number...

Jens Schauder08/02/11
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Getting Started with Testing

In a recent article I described how important I consider the practice of Testing, especially in the form of TDD. Erik made a real good comment on that article: “Start learning how to test today” Do you have any good resources?