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Matthias Marschall10/11/11
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Dev and Ops Cooperation

John Allspaw and Paul Hammond did a great presentation at Velocity 2009 about the tools and culture at Flickr, which enable them to do 10+ deploys per day. My favorite quote is: Ops’ job is NOT to keep the site stable and fast [but] Ops’ job is it to...

Wayne Adams10/10/11
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Generating a minable event stream with JDI

Say you've got a good-sized chunk of code, in production, that doesn't always act as expected but it does so often enough that everyone's willing to keep using it (including your customers). You have a lot on your to-do list, and you keep busy enough just...

Jakub Holý10/10/11
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Tools for Renaming the Package of a Dependency with Maven

If you need to rename the Java package of a 3rd party library, e.g. to include it directly in your project while avoiding possible conflicts, you can use one of the following Maven plugins (and they may be more) in the package lifecycle phase:

Rob Williams10/10/11
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Using Logback with Weld

The Weld stuff all comes with the jboss logging stuff woven into it. And the fun part is, that of course, since the logging is not part of a standard, you have to bring in another dependency (solder) to make it work. Then there's more fun. It declares...

Roger Hughes10/10/11
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Installing the EGit component in Eclipse

The ever increasing popularity of Git seems to know no bounds, which is not bad for something that’s named after a British English insult that’s only slightly more venomous than “idiot”1. Being popular, there is an eclipse plug in available and this...

Sandro Mancuso10/10/11
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Mentoring in Software Craftsmanship - part 2

In part one I gave a bit of background history and also described the roles and responsibilities of mentors and mentees according to the Software Craftsmanship principles. In this second post I'll be convering a few other areas related to the...

Wai Ho10/10/11
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JavaFX: Where's the Application Framework?

Reading JavaOne summaries, I completely agree with this paragraph here:

Axel Rauschmayer10/10/11
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Google's "Dart" Revealed

Today, it has finally happened: At the GOTO conference, Google has officially presented its new programming language, Dart. This post gives an overview of Dart and provides a few comments on how it fits into the current programming language landscape.  

Aleksa Vukotic10/10/11
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Mapping associations with CouchDB, Scala and Lift

After a successful start with CouchDB and Lift (see my previous post), I started to implement a richer domain model for Couch persistence, including associations. In this post I will share the approaches that I tried and some pitfalls and ideas I...

Gareth Rushgrove10/10/11
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Why Developers Should Care About System Packages

First a bit of background. I’m a software developer (lately in Ruby and a tiny bit of Java, previously in Python, C# and PHP; yes I got around a bit), but have spent enough time looking after production hardware (mainly debian, solaris and recently a bit...

Lynda Moulton10/10/11
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Why Isn't Enterprise Search "Mission Critcial"?

Why isn't "search" the logical end-point in any content and information management activity. If we don't care about being able to find valued and valuable information, why bother with any of the myriad technologies employed to capture, organize,...

Maximiliano Firtman10/10/11
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Presenting Mobile HTML5 compatibility tables

September 2011 was a busy month for the mobile web space. While we are still waiting for iOS5, Android Ice cream sandwich, new mobile browsers appeared in the ecosystem: Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Phone 7.5, Firefox 7 for Android and the upcoming...

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Spring and Quartz Integration Using Custom Annotation @QuartzJob

We know Spring has support for integrating with Quartz framework.But as of now Spring supports only static xml declarative approach only.If you want to see how to integrate Spring+Quartz you can refer:...

Ian Skerrett10/10/11
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JavaOne Recap: Vision, Execution and Community

JavaOne is finished and I am leaving with a positive feeling about the conference and the Java community.   During the closing keynote, one of the community panelist made the point that Oracle presented Vision and Execution at JavaOne.   I would also add...

Tim O'brien10/10/11
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Will You Know When a Security Flaw is Found in a Production App?

After developing enterprise applications for a number of years, I’ve noticed one common thread.   An application’s open source dependencies tend to stabilize over time.  An application with stable  dependencies requires less ongoing support, but it...