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Daniel Ackerson09/01/11
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Your Code is NOT Somebody Else’s Problem

Imagine an ant working at the top of a mountain. Next to it, there’s a sluice of melt water running and, at that moment, the ant removes a tiny particle from the rock face. A few hundred molecules of water quickly seize upon the shortcut, and gravity...

Mats Lindh09/01/11
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Avoiding HTTP 500 Error while Clustering Solr with mod_jk

We’ve extended our previously single Solr-node to a few nodes in a cluster. This allows us to run queries against one node while updating or configuring another, distributing the load across several servers (although we’re not there yet load wise) and...

Trisha Gee09/01/11
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Disruptor 2.0 - All Change Please

Martin recently announced version 2.0 of the Disruptor - basically there have been so many changes since we first open-sourced it that it's time to mark that officially.  His post goes over all the changes, the aim of this article is to attempt to...

Peter Lawrey08/31/11
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Added Memory Mapped support to HugeCollections

The Huge collections library is designed to support large collections on data in memory efficiently without GC impact. It does this using heap less memory and generated code for efficiency. One of the benefits of this approach is memory mapped files can...

Anton Arhipov08/31/11
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What’s Cool In IntelliJIDEA. Part III: External Tools

Although there is almost any kind of functionality available in IntelliJIDEA, either as a base functionality or via plugins, there's still a fraction of probability involved that you might want to do something that goes beyond the power of the IDE. For such...

Kapil Viren Ahuja08/31/11
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NTLM Authentication in Java

In one of my previous lives, I used to work in Microsoft and there this word – NTLM (NT Lan Manager) was something that came to us whenever we used to work on applications. Microsoft OS have always provided us with an inbuilt security systems that can be...

Ashwin Rayaprolu08/31/11
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Spring Integration Webapp( JPA/Hibernate | Webservices (JAX-WS|Apache CXF) | JQuery | EJB3 | Maven | Jboss | Annoatations)

Spring is one of the best Framework’s around in J2EE field which has made integration to various Framework pretty easy. This article is in series of articles which teach about spring integration in details. All source code is checked into svn which can be...

Dave Farley08/31/11
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Hypothesis based development

I think that the reason that agile development works is because it is the application of the scientific method to software development. A fundamental aspect of that is the importance of forming a hypothesis before you start so that you can understand the...

Rafał Kuć08/31/11
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Solr Optimization – document cache

A few months ago (here) we looked at filterCache. I’ve decided to update the optimization topic and take a look at the documentCache. What it contains ? So let’s start with information about the data that documentCache holds. documentCache contains...

Alex Curylo08/31/11
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Building Android Apps - a Guide for iOS Developers

So since yesterday we talked about execrable user interface design, that’s a natural leadin to talking today about … porting to Android! We kid, we kid. No, wait, no we actually don’t. Let us take a look at the app under discussion:

Ashwin Rayaprolu08/30/11
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jsoup HTMLParser and Parsing Dzone Links using CSS Selectors in Java

I was working on a task to parse some of Amazon web-services. There are lots of ways to parse it Using DOM/SAX/Stax .  All of them require some amount of coding. I wanted a quick fix and i finally landed on to JSoup an opensource HTML Parser ( Other html...

Dmitriy Setrakyan08/30/11
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How about Distributed Queues?

Did you ever wish you could take a data structure you are familiar with and distribute it over grid? For example, why not take java.util.concurrent.BlockingDeque and add something to it on one node and poll it from another node? Or why not have a distributed...

Mark Needham08/30/11
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The read-only database

The last couple of applications I’ve worked on have had almost completely read only databases where we had to populate the database in an offline process and then provide various ways for users to access the data. This creates an interesting situation with...

Martin Thompson08/30/11
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False Sharing

Memory is stored within the cache system in units know as cache lines.  Cache lines are a power of 2 of contiguous bytes which are typically 32-256 in size.  The most common cache line size is 64 bytes.   False sharing is a term which applies when threads...

Kapil Viren Ahuja08/30/11
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TestNG or JUnit

For many years now, I have always found myself going back to TestNG whenever it comes to doing Unit Testing with Java Code. Everytime, I picked up TestNG, people have asked me why do I go over to TestNG especially with JUnit is provided by the default...