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Cody Powell02/13/12
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8 Questions To Identify A Lame Programming Job

For those of you looking for any programming job under the sun, consider Codypo's industry wisdom. If you answer YES to more than one or two of these questions, wait a little longer for a better offer.

Yonik Seeley02/13/12
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Advanced Filter Caching in Solr

Advanced Filter Caching is a relatively new feature in Solr. Get a hands-on tutorial by none other than the creator of Solr, Yonik Seeley.

Jakub Holý02/13/12
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Using Java Compiler Tree API to Extract Generics Types

I was looking for some way to extract information about types of elements in Java collections/maps using generics (List, Map) so that the users of the Static JSF Expression Validator wouldn’t need to declare the type of the elements manually. One possible way to get this information is to process the source codes with the Sun Compiler Tree API, available since JDK 6.

Roger Hughes02/13/12
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Spring 3 MVC Exception Handlers

The majority of the Spring 3 error handling sample code that I’ve come across only ever seems to give the simplest overview of its usage, yet how we handle errors is, some would say, more important than how the normal code works. This was borne out the other day when I came across a simple ‘GOTCHA’ in a Spring 2 error handler that brought a whole website down and almost killed the server, but more on that later.

Peter Lawrey02/13/12
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High performance libraries in Java

There is an increasing number of libraries which are described as high performance and have benchmarks to back that claim up. Here is a selection that I am aware of.

Tim O'brien02/13/12
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Nexus: Don’t dive in until you know how to swim

When you adopt a new development tool how much time do you set aside to understand it? Do you just download a new tool like Maven, rip open the archive, install it, and just start clicking around? Or, do you read articles and books first? As we prepare to release Nexus 2.0, I’m curious about how current Nexus users adopted the tool. Leave a comment and let us know how you adopted and learned the tool, and if you had either positive or negative experiences.

Kief Morris02/13/12
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The Automated Server Management Lifecycle

I first used automated installation by PXE-booting physical rack servers in 2002, following the advice I found on the then-current infrastructures.org site, and in later years applied the same concepts with virtualized servers and then IaaS cloud instances.

Dustin Marx02/12/12
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JavaFX 2 Animation: Path Transitions

One of the flashiest aspects of JavaFX 2 is its animation support. The insightful Creating Transitions and Timeline Animation in JavaFX covers using both Transitions and Timelines in JavaFX 2. In this blog post, I adapt an example provided in that tutorial to specifically demonstrate Path Transitions.

Amit Saha02/12/12
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Exploring App Inventor

I have been exploring App Inventor since a month starting with writing an article for Linux Journal. During this time, App Inventor has been shut down by Google, and handed over to MIT to carry on the development of the software. This transition phase has been quite interesting personally. From just being a consumer of the service, I have had the opportunity to play around with hosting the service – i.e. running an AI service on Google App Engine, which anyone can use.

Chris Westin02/11/12
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What is Amazon EBS for?

Chris Westin suggests that Amazon's Elastic Block Store was developed for Amazon's internal needs because it was released at the same time as EC2. Now see how you can take advantage of this system.

Kristoffer Sjögren02/11/12
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I am proud to announce my open-source project tools4j-config; a project that will try to address configuration concerns in Java once and for all.

Mark Needham02/11/12
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Scala: Converting a scala collection to java.util.List

I’ve been playing around a little with Goose – a library for extracting the main body of text from web pages – and I thought I’d try converting some of the code to be more scala-esque in style.

Nirav Assar02/11/12
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That's Not Agile!

If you work with a bunch of agile minded developers, you often hear the phrase "That's not Agile!" It's quite humorous to hear, because it comes up all the time.

Mitch Pronschinske02/11/12
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Lucene 3.6, 4.x Get New Feature: Query Time Joining

A very handy new feature called 'query time joining' is coming to Lucene sooner than anticipated. While it was confirmed last month that it would be in Lucene 4.0, the most recent news from Apache indicates that it will be included sooner than expected in Lucene 3.6.

Chris Smith02/10/12
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Resin: We Were Fast Before NginX

Netcraft released its February 2012 Web Server Survey, and Caucho's Resin Application Server has made incredible strides in the last year, gaining 4.2 million hostnames and accounting for 0.77% of the current market share.