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Axel Rauschmayer05/23/11
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Web Gaming Technologies: Angry Birds' Cross-compiled Java Versus Native JavaScript

After it became clear that Angry Birds was basically a true webapp with only a little Flash to overcome the limitations of web-based audio [1], more information came to light regarding the technology it is based on [2].

Nicolas Frankel05/23/11
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New declarative security features in Servlet 3.0

Servlet 3.0 is not only about the replacement of the web.xml deployment descriptor by annotations. In this article, we’ll see what improvement it makes in the realm of security. In Servlet 2.5 (and before that), declarative security was about the...

Ant Kutschera05/23/11
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Java Non-blocking Servers, and What I Expect node.js to do if it is to Become Mature

node.js is getting a lot of attention at the moment. It's goal is to provide an easy way to build scalable network programs, e.g. build web servers. It's different, in two ways. First of all, it brings Javacript to the server. But more importantly, it's...

Andrew Phillips05/23/11
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Deployment is the new build (part 2)

Earlier this year, I was invited to present a talk at Devopsdays Boston about deployment as the new build: how deployments are carried out now, how they will need to adapt in a more virtualized, on-demand application landscape and what fundamental...

Sandeep Bhandari05/22/11
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REST Web Service Interview Questions

Here I am putting 20 REST questions. Please read some tutorial on REST before taking up these questions. Simply mugging up the answers will not give you the confidence for interview.Some questions may not be applicable to eveyone. For example if you have...

Brian Swartzfager05/22/11
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ColdFusion Builder 2: Improving the Coding Experience

As a user of the first release of Adobe ColdFusion Builder, an Eclipse-based IDE for doing ColdFusion development, I was quick to download the beta version of Builder 2 when it was released in early March on the Adobe Labs website. After having used it...

Sandeep Bhandari05/21/11
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30 SQL PL/SQL Questions

Here are a mix of SQL and PL/SQL questions. These can be treated as SQL and PL/SQL interview questions or a Database FAQ.Many of them may be specific to Oracle database. Please  drop comment if you are unable to get an answer to any of them.Also please note...

Michael Mccandless05/21/11
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Using Finite State Transducers in Lucene

FSTs are finite-state machines that map a term (byte sequence) to an arbitrary output. They also look cool:

Sagar H Ganatra05/21/11
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Forget the mouse, keyboard shortcuts are here - ColdFusion Builder

ColdFuison Builder 2.0 is all about productivity, it has introduced a lot of keyboard shortcuts, about 42 of them. Shortcuts have been provided for inserting text, invoking wizards, shortcuts for all new editor features and shortcuts for Extensions. Want...

Daniel Ackerson05/21/11
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Prerequisites for Continuous Deployment

Although we’ve skirted around the edges of Continuous Deployment on this blog, we haven’t really gone into any details. The main reason for this is simply that neither Matthias nor myself have ever continuously deployed to our production environments....

Mark Needham05/20/11
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XP 2011: How complex is software?

The last session I attended at XP 2011 was a workshop run by John Mcfadyen where he introduced us to Dave Snowden’s Cynefin model, which is a model used to describe problems, situations and systems.

Sandeep Bhandari05/20/11
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Specifying XML Tag Attributes with CXF Rest Web Services

CXF comes with a reference implementation of JSR-311which is the specification for Restful web services also known as JAX-RS.We can generate XML output using Rest web services using CXF framework. Please note that CXF is a framework which is being...

Mitch Pronschinske05/20/11
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Using Solr/Lucene for High-Performance Comparative Metagenomics

JCVI Metagenomics Reports (METAREP) is an open source web application designed to help scientists analyze and compare annotated metagenomics data sets. It utilizes Solr/Lucene to quickly query large data collections. The web logic is implemented using the...

John Whish05/20/11
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ColdBox Event Chaining

This is probably common knowledge to seasoned ColdBox developers, but I wasn't sure how event chaining worked with runEvent, so I did a simple test. First off you may wonder why I'd want to run multiple events from one http call, well, I have several...

Jim Moscater05/20/11
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Deploying MongoDB on OpenShift Flex

OpenShift, a free, open source PaaS from Red Hat, allows you to use a MongoDB cartridge to simply deploy and manage applications with a MongoDB backend.     Nosh Petigara, Director of Product Strategy at 10gen (the company that sponsors and...