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Cedric Beust07/27/10
6 replies

Local Message Bus

Recently, I started wondering how I could improve the TestNG listener architecture. TestNG exposes a lot of different listeners, which users can specify before starting a test run (using either of the command line, ant, Maven, testng.xml or...

Ola Bini07/27/10
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Questioning the reality of Generics

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while, since I keep saying this and people keep getting surprised. Now maybe I’m totally wrong here, and if that’s the case it would be nice to hear some good arguments for that. Here’s my current point...

Mitch Pronschinske07/26/10
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Build a Grails App With Geolocation in 3 Steps

A new Grails Geolocation plugin features support for the HTML5 Geolocation spec.  In just 3 simple steps, this tutorial will show you how to use that plugin to add Geolocation into your own web app.  These 3 steps will essentially allow you to add...

Suresh Murthy07/26/10
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How to Conduct Effective Code Reviews

I have always felt that code reviews are very important in any software project.  More often I happen to see only "superficial" reviews happening.  By superficial, I mean the types where you get review comments like, "You know the...

Mitch Pronschinske07/26/10
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The US Just Legalized Jailbreaking

One of the most significant changes U.S. Copyright Law relating to software was handed down today.  The new rules make it legal to "jailbreak" any vendor's smartphone.  Previously, this action was illegal under the Digital Millennium Copyright...

Mitch Pronschinske07/26/10
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Migrating from Cassandra to MongoDB

I'll start off by saying this article is not intended to be a Cassandra-bashing session, instead it provides an interesting look at one development company's case study to show that Cassandra (although it's fantastic for some) is not for everyone.

Zviki Cohen07/26/10
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Eclipse 3.6 Hidden Treasures

Eclipse 3.6, aka Helios, was released about a month ago. It has become a tradition: this is the time I highlight some of my favorite hidden features in the new release. I focus my article on features which are less obvious, off the beaten path. Features...

Robert Diana07/26/10
2 replies

New Technology Success Depends On Adoptability

Last week, I read a post at High Scalability talking about getting research out of academic environments. There is a lot of technology that starts as academic research, but there is a problem with some research being adopted by other technologists. That...

James Sugrue07/26/10
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Becoming Agile: The One Change

For some of us, taking an Agile approach to software development is easy. But for others, particularly companies who are established in a waterfall based approach to software development, embracing agile can be much more difficult. Anders Ramsay recently...

Wille Faler07/26/10
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There is something rotten in the state of Computer Science education

When I went to university, most of our programming tests and projects where evaluated based on our grasp of various algorithms for sorting, tree traversal, hashing functions and numerous other things, you know, the sort of thing that most high level...

Nick Wiedenbrueck07/26/10
4 replies

Lambdas in Java Preview - Part 5: Apache Wicket

This is the fifth part in a series of blog posts (read the previous part) giving some practical examples of lambdas, how functional programming in Java could look like and how lambdas could affect some of the well known libraries in Java land. This time...

cyrille martraire07/26/10
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Patterns for Using Custom Annotations

If you happen to create your own annotations, for instance to use with Java 6 Pluggable Annotation Processors, here are some patterns that I collected over time. Nothing new, nothing fancy, just putting everything into one place, with some proposed names.

Baptiste Wicht07/26/10
2 replies

Tip: Profile an OSGi application with VisualVM

When you develop applications and you have performance problems, it’s really interesting to see what can cause this problems. And in that case, profilers are the most useful tool. For example, we can use VisualVM, which is packaged by default with the...

Mitch Pronschinske07/25/10
6 replies

What NoSQL Store Should I Use? The Right Tool for Your Use Case

As NoSQL data models continue to prove their worth in high-profile web properties and enterprise settings, developers and architects need a basic framework that helps them organize and differentiate these data stores according to their capabilities so that...

Rod Biresch07/25/10
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Sending outbound SMTP messages through Gmail with Mule ESB

I'm currently working on a Managed File Transfer (MFT) proof-of-concept for a client using Mule ESB Enterprise.  One of the requirements I had to address is the ability to send SMTP email messages when a particular connector failed, i.e.