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Wayne Adams11/16/11
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More on Haskell/FP function organization; lazy evaluation

After my last post scrolled off the bottom of the page, I realized I missed a couple of opportunities: one related to some additional code optimization, and one related to the topic of lazy (or nonstrict) evaluation.

Jakub Holý11/16/11
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Tips And Resources For Creating DSLs in Groovy

Paul King had a very good presentation (last year’s slides) at JavaZone about why to use Domain-Specific Languages and how to create internal DSLs in Groovy. I’d like to list here few tips that he has mentioned but before we get to that, why would you...

Niklas Schlimm11/16/11
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Characteristics of successful developers

Many blogs exist about personal (soft) characteristics of successful developers. Here is a short listing of some interesting links: 50 characteristics of a great software developer Top 10 Traits of a Rockstar Software Engineer

Jens Schauder11/16/11
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The Boiling Frog

I hope everybody among my readers is familiar with the concept of technical debt: If you do a quick hack to implement a feature it might be faster to implement in the short run, but you have to pay interest for the technical debt in the form of higher...

Wayne Adams11/16/11
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Monitoring classloading in JDI

For the last few weeks, I have been building a Java process monitoring tool based on the Java Debug Interface. Although I've done much of this work before, it has been a few years, and so now I'm retracing my steps. As I remember the details and...

Mitch Pronschinske11/15/11
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NoSQL Zone - The Sequel to SQL

Isn't it about time you had a place where you could go to get fresh news and articles focused solely on NoSQL technology everyday?Other sites may cover just one facet, or write one post every 3 weeks, but DZone's new NoSQL Zone has its hand on the pulse of...

David Pell11/15/11
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New MongoDB Alerts and Advisories Page Surfaces

Jira, the service for submitting bug reports and feature requests related to MongoDB, has been around for most of the project's lifespan.  But so that interested parties can quickly access information on the issues deemed most critical, the team has just...

Emmanuel Espina11/15/11
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Performance of Google’s V8 Javascript engine in Solr

The use of scripting languages to add new functionality to systems is something that I’ve always found very helpful. You don’t have to download the source code of the system, if it has “scriptable” parts you can add simple functionality in minutes...

Lynda Moulton11/15/11
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Why is it so Hard to "Get" Semantics Inside the Enterprise?

Semantic Software Technologies: Landscape of High Value Applications for the Enterprise was published just over a year ago. Since then the marketplace has been increasingly active; new products emerge and discussion about what semantics might mean for the...

Lukas Eder11/15/11
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Overload API methods with care

Overloading methods is a strong concept in API design, especially when your API is a fluent API or DSL (Domain Specific Language). This is the case for jOOQ, where you often want to use the exact same method name for various means of interaction with the...

Roger Hughes11/15/11
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Software is Art

I perhaps shouldn’t mention this, but one of my colleagues sent around an email pointing to a very cool video made, I suspect, by a competitor, and saying how good it was. At about a minute or two in, they showed some code and bragged at about their...

Niklas Schlimm11/15/11
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Java EE 6 and the snowball effect

Java EE application servers increase their feature sets (APIs and administration features) whilst business applications get smaller and smaller. This introduces a new issue: if you need a single feature of a new application server version you'll get a...

Markus Eisele11/15/11
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The Heroes of Java: Michael Hüttermann

The sixth part in my Java interview series: "The Heroes of Java". Michael Hüttermann

Ant Kutschera11/15/11
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A really simple but powerful rule engine

I have the requirement to use a rule engine. I want something light weight and fairly simple, yet powerful. While there are products out there which are super good, I don't want something with the big learning overhead. And, I fancied writing my...

Axel Rauschmayer11/15/11
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GWT and Dart

GWT’s Bruce Johnson writes about GWT’s future, in light of the recent introduction of Dart. Quote: