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Jakub Holý10/19/11
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Intro: Java Webapp Monitoring with Hyperic HQ + How to Alert on Too Many Errors in Logs

This post describes how to set up the Java-based open source monitoring tool Hyperic HQ to monitor application server error logs and send a single warning e-mail when there are more of them than a threshold.

Singaram Subramanian10/19/11
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How to retrieve/extract metadata information from audio files using Java and Apache Tika API?

I guess, I’m writing this post after a long time. This time, I’m writing about Apache Tika API that a friend of mine and I tried out to extract/retrieve metadata information from audio files supported by it – .mp3, .aiff, .au, .midi, .wav. To make it...

John Dobie10/19/11
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Separating Maven Unit & Integration Tests

In this example I will show how you can perform a standard Maven build whilst keeping your unit and integration tests in separate packages. Other techniques specify using either a naming convention or a separate module to do this. This example allows true...

Roger Hughes10/19/11
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Using PowerMock to Mock Constructors

In my opinion, one of the main benefits of dependency injection is that you can inject mock and/or stub objects into your code in order to improve testability, increase test coverage and write better and more meaningful tests. There are those times,...

Mitch Pronschinske10/19/11
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5 Steps for Continuous Deployment

Peter Blair recently blogged about his thoughts on setting up a CI (he suggests Jenkins) in tandem with a continuous deployment system.  Here was his checklist:1. Developer commits to git/master2. CI pulls from git/master2.1 CI runs all regression tests...

Mitch Pronschinske10/19/11
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Java 7 and Lucene Bug Saga Still Ongoing

Oracle released update for Java 7 yesterday but Uwe Schindler, who made some waves during the July release saying that people should not update to Java 7, is still not convinced that all the problems with the previous version have been fixed.  What he...

Mitch Pronschinske10/19/11
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W3C Allows Corporate Sponsors. Good Idea or Bad Idea?

The World Wide Web Consortium said earlier this year that they'd start inviting corporations to buy sponsorship packages that promote the company and associate its brand and offerings alongside the W3C's mission.  The money will be used to "W3C will use...

Sai Geetha M N10/19/11
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SQLite DB Usage Example for Android

This tutorial will give you a working example to get you started with using SQLite as a storage method for Android applications.  This is part 12 in Sai Geetha's Android Developer Tutorials series.There are 4 ways of storing data on the android platform:

Steven Lott10/19/11
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Why is the Bar Set so Low for Enterprise Applications?

It occurs to me that much of "Big IT" creates a well-oiled organization that makes broken software seem acceptable. The breakage is wrapped in layers of finely-tuned process. Consider a typical Enterprise Application.  There's a help desk,...

John Dobie10/19/11
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Maven Integration Testing And Spring Restful Services

Introduction My original blog showed how to seperate maven unit and integration tests using a very simple example. http://johndobie.blogspot.com/2011/06/seperating-maven-unit-integration-tests.html Since then a lot of people asked me for a more realistic...

Roger Hughes10/18/11
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Top Trumps in God Objects

If we were playing the children’s game Top Trumps with Java interface definitions I think that I’d win every time. That’s because I’ve just found an interface, which is part of a prestigious company’s public API with with 167 methods. Trump that!...

Jakub Holý10/18/11
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Aggregating Error Logs to Send a Warning Email When Too Many of Them – Log4j, Stat4j, SMTPAppender

Our development team wanted to get notified as soon as something goes wrong in our production system, a critical Java web application serving thousands of customers daily. The idea was to let it send us an email when there are too many errors, indicating...

Peter Pilgrim10/18/11
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Install JavaFX Runtime Into Local Maven Repository

In order to get JavaFX 2.0 to work with a Maven Repository, requires some fudge factor. Because one cannot simply redistribute JavaFX Library, you have to install the libraries manually into a local Maven repository. This is my MSDOS command script to do...

Chas Emerick10/18/11
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À la carte configuration in Clojure APIs

There are two dominant configuration patterns in Clojure libraries. The first is where configuration is provided explicitly via the first argument; here, in Rummage, accessing Amazon’s SimpleDB:

Loiane Groner10/18/11
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[Screencast] Spket: Setting up Eclipse IDE for Ext JS 4 development

This screencast will walk you through how to set up Eclipse IDE for Ext JS 4 development with Spekt Eclipse plugin. It demonstrates how to enable the autocomplete feature on Eclipse or Aptana