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James Sugrue07/29/10
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Apache Pivot: Is this the Future of Java RIA?

The Apache Software Foundation Blog recently began running a new feature entitled "The ASF Asks", intended to hep raise awareness of some of the Foundation's many projects. A couple of weeks ago, the blog highlighted the Pivot project in an entry...

Mark Needham07/29/10
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Kent Beck's Test Driven Development Screencasts

Following the recommendations of Corey Haines, Michael Guterl, James Martin and

Ola Bini07/29/10
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Life in the Time of Java 7

I’m currently in the process of implementing Seph, and I’ve reached an inflection point. This point is the last responsible moment to choose what I will target with my language. Seph will definitely be a JVM language, but after that there is a range of...

David Green07/29/10
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Testing REST Web Services With JPA and Spring

REST Web Services can be particularly difficult to test, with the need for networking, a web container, multiple threads and transaction management creating extra complexity beyond your standard unit test. In this article I demonstrate patterns designed...

Ian Skerrett07/29/10
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Eclipse SDK 4.0: The Journey of a New Platform

Today is a very exciting and important day for the Eclipse community.  The Eclipse Platform project has released Eclipse SDK 4.0, the next generation of the Eclipse platform.  For technical perspective on the release I point you to Mike Wilson’s...

Mitch Pronschinske07/28/10
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e4: Annual Incubator Release Goes Live

Today's Early Adoption release of Eclipse 4.0 (e4) was almost called a 1.0 release (apparently the 4.0 isn't enough :)  ), but since e4 is still an incubator, they couldn't call it a 1.0 release, even though the release last year was 0.9.  They had to have...

Matt Stine07/28/10
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Feedback is the Key!

I've continually run into the same meme for the past several days, that of the absolute importance of rapid feedback to continuous improvement and sustainable success. Mark Horstman and Michael Auzenne, co-hosts of the popular "Manager Tools"...

Mitch Pronschinske07/28/10
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Poll: The Best Virtualization Platform

Once considered black magic, virtualization is everywhere these days.  It's quickly becoming the norm for building a dynamic, efficient, and refreshable computing infrastructure, along with cloud computing and grid...

Rebecca Murphy07/28/10
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I need to say a few things.

Over the weekend, there was a tweet announcing that Google was going to provide “scholarships” to qualified women to attend JSConf.eu. There was then a tweet by another person calling this “disgusting” and “illegal.” Nicole Sullivan has a...

Steven Lott07/28/10
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NoSQL -- Old Wine, New Bottle

Got an email with links about NoSQL. Links like "Going NoSQL with MongoDB". This -- like many such articles -- includes the phrase "the NoSQL movement" as if there's something new going on. Thank goodness Ted Neward includes quotes...

James Sugrue07/28/10
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Latest Java Update Fixes Eclipse Crash Issue

A lot of Eclipse users had issues with the previous update of the JDK. Java 6 Update 21, caused issues with the memory settings after Oracle changed the vendor name in the executables for java and javaw. The bug describes the issue:

Gurkan Erdogdu07/28/10
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Developing AJAX Web Applications with Defne Framework and Ext JS

Defne is a service oriented web application framework. The main motivation behind Defne is ease of use. Defne allows developers to concentrate on their business logic while it provides all other application requirements such as transaction and security. With...

Nicolas Frankel07/28/10
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Managing POM versions

This article won’t be long but could be a lifesaver. If you use Maven, how many times did you need to manually update POM versions in an entire modules hierarchy? For me, the answer is: “too many”. When you project grows to include many Maven modules,...

Ola Bini07/28/10
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Preannouncing Seph

I’ve been dropping a few hints and mentions the last few weeks, and I thought it was about time that I took some time to preannounce a new project I’m working on. It’s going to be much easier writing my next few blog posts if people already know...

Jay Fields07/28/10
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Clojure: Destructuring

In The Joy of Clojure (TJoC) destructuring is described as a mini-language within Clojure. It's not essential to learn this mini-language; however, as the authors of TJoC point out, destructuring facilitates concise, elegant code.What is destructuring?