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Tom O'connor01/02/12
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Desktops as Servers

Personally, I hate the idea of using a desktop as a server in a production environment.  I'm going to define the term "production environment" first. If you've got an environment, any environment where the service provided is relied on by...

Dustin Marx01/02/12
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Guava Presents Java Throwable Stack Trace as Single String

Tip #5 of my blog post Ten Tips for Using Java Stack Traces demonstrates two example of using Java code to extract a Throwable's (implying Error or Exception) stack trace into a single

Nikhil Mungel01/02/12
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Restricted Bash

While working on deploying a web-application recently, I needed to transfer a 'build artifact' (fancy name for a .tgz) from a Continuous Integration server to an RPM repository server. We already have an existing RPM repository server that uses Apache, and...

Kris Buytaert01/01/12
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Installing Vagrant, on Ubuntu Natty

(Warning some Ubuntu ranting ahead) apt-get install virtualbox-ose apt-get install rubygems gem install vagrantThat's what I assumed it would take me to install vagrant on a spare Ubuntu (Natty) laptop. Well it's not. after that I was greeted...

Avi Yehuda01/01/12
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Use Clover to generate code coverage reports of your integration/automation tests

Clover is a great tool for generating code coverage reports from your unit tests. It can be executed as a plugin in Eclipse, Maven or Ant. However, not everyone knows that it can also be used to collect coverage data of integration tests. This post explains...

Brian O' Neill01/01/12
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Pig / Cassandra: binary operator expected

If you are trying to run Pig on Cassandra and you encounter: "binary operator expected"You are most likely running pig_cassandra against the latest release of Pig, which has two jar files in it one with hadoop and one without hadoop. Your...

Mike Ensor01/01/12
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Unit Testing Named Queues: Spring 3+maven2+Google App Engine

Problem, you have a task that you know can take more than 30 seconds to complete, what do you do?  What if this task needs to be triggered every day at a specific time?  Google provides several mechanisms to to solve just this problem, queues and...

Mitch Pronschinske12/31/11
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Just the Job: Employing Solr for Recruitment Search

Charlie Hull, a search expert and engineer at Flax Serach, presents an interesting and useful case study in search.  Using this case study on a major European...

Dustin Marx12/31/11
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Guava Preconditions Class

Anyone who's written much Java has probably written methods that begin with conditionals that verify either the provided parameters or the state of the object being acted upon before proceeding with the remainder of the method's implementation. These can...

Aaron Nichols12/31/11
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Meet a Sysadmin for lunch instead of Google

I’m doing some work in EC2 and wanted to get a sense for what other folks were doing and what issues they’ve run into. I know that personally, I don’t really research the state of anything until I’m dealing with it day to day. I also know that...

Pablo Pareja Tobes12/31/11
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Using Bio4j + Neo4j Graph-algo component for finding protein-protein interaction paths

Hi all ! Today I managed to find some time to check out the Graph-algo component from Neo4j and after playing with it plus Bio4j a bit, I have to say it seems pretty cool. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, here you have the description you...

Mitch Pronschinske12/31/11
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Major Solr 4 Highlights

In this talk, Lucene/Solr committer Mark Miller will discuss some of the new features and advancements that users can look forward to in Solr 4. The list...

Gunnar Hillert12/31/11
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Java Print Service Frustrations

This is probably not the most exciting "toy" to play with for the holidays, but I wanted to explore some use-cases that involve printing through Java back-end services. Basically, in an enterprise environment you may run into requirements, where...

Alex Staveley12/31/11
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JAXB, SAX, DOM Performance

 This post investigates the performance of unmarshalling an XML document to Java objects using a number of different approaches. The XML document is very simple. It contains a collection of Person entities. 

Alex Staveley12/30/11
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What are the differences between JAXB 1.0 and JAXB 2.0

What are the differences between JAXB 1.0 and JAXB 2.0?